Gnosis of Existential Apartheid

As it is,

The countdown of this Earthly cycle, as prophecized by Saint John of the Apocalypse, is coming to a very violent close. What we have said before is no empty platitude nor hand wringing reactionary assertions. SIEGEKULTUR are Prophets. Like those in the Bible, the Prophets that will not be heard, that will be lied about and smeared, and misrepresented by the archons of the Demiurge for the sole purpose of maintaining total enslavement over the souls of humanity.

With every new arrest, and the System underlings rejoicing in it, this is an example of what we have said long ago on how those within Plato’s cave are not being manipulated or duped by any sort of puppet master. These people have willingly and happily locked themselves into their own prisons, threw away their own keys, and thanked the wardens for their imprisonment.

Today’s new scapegoat being “White Nationalism” of course, the ultimate justification for their terror and oppression. The rallying the torch of converting the entirety of the American population into a secret police force, snitching on their fellow family, friends and neighbors for the System’s approval. And you know what? It worked. It has worked. This is nothing new, and just a simple glance at the reaction of the public towards the unjustified confiscation of firearms, or legal loopholes being used to make arrests proves this very point. Everyone cheers on their oppressors like the good lapdogs they are, that is, until they are next on the chopping block. But even then, as the scene goes in 1984, they will still be declaring their love for Big Brother the Systematic Demiurge as they are rotting away. They will smile as they are sentenced to death, given imprisonment for life, or even shot into the coming burial pits.

Brutal reality sets in. That being – this Earth and the material realm in of itself is a prison. The actions of others to prevent this white genocide have fallen on deaf ears, and has ultimately failed. There is no more need for Earthly “Martyrs”. There should be zero desire to be a Martyr. There is nothing that can be done within the System to prevent any of this. It is going to happen. There is no stopping it. Our message here remains clear; at the end of SIEGE James Mason had laid out the plan for “action”. That plan, as it was with our Gnostic forebears and Biblical scripture, TOTAL DETACHMENT. TOTAL DROP OUT.

You have been warned. Idealism is what SIEGEKULTUR in spirit is, however the idealism of the uninitiated can and will be manipulated by the System to neutralize any good efforts on the part of the Elect. The white race has long needed self-redemption, and what can accomplish that can only be the self-initiated drive and push to self-betterment. Individuality is something the System has pushed as a weapon. Weaponizing the idea of the individual by forging a lie that individuality is in essence being as much as a massive degenerate as possible while not caring for who it affects or how it affects you. Do not mistake our message for their fallacy.

Lastly, do not mistake this message for “giving up”. “Black pilled” is the term used these days. Giving up? HAH! The labor involved in being one of the Elect cannot be summed up so crudely like that. If one were to give up, they would not be the Elect, but a cowardly bottom feeder only wishing to spread their pessimism to otherwise healthier individuals. No, we know and have seen life and great accomplishments can and will be made without the System or what it has to offer. The Demiurge has set the roadblocks in place for insuring most whites will not accomplish this. With that said, we advocate for learning independent living. Being familiar with helpful tools for our Elect tribe. Even on the side of technology, as Ted K once asserted, technology is not going away, but rather it is being WEAPONIZED by the enemy against us. We cannot be foolish enough to place ourselves at such a severe disadvantage by dismissing technology, but rather, become familiar with it. Learn to program, learn how these toys of late-stage capitalism works! Use the internet while you STILL CAN to LEARN.

For in the end days of the System, there will be more in prison than there are free men. It can happen to any of us at any moment, so there is no excuse to not be actively marching ever faster towards this. Any pessimism, any nay-saying otherwise must be dismissed at once. This war is DIVINE!

This is what “accelerationism” is. We do not legitimize the Systematic Demiurge via battling it on it’s OWN TURF. The board is rigged, and the System has placed it’s nigger/kike meat-shields out for us to get frustrated enough to shoot and kill as justification for them imprisoning anyone who can see and propagate the Truth. We do not advocate such foolishness. Our accelerationism is the removal of all the knowing, the wise, the talented and the strong from any of the System’s exploitative grasps and forming something completely independent. This is the Invisible War, which can only be fought through SPIRITUAL WARFARE. Leave the System with nothing but their low-grade, low-rent field niggers and kikes! And for those sorry whites who have “deconstructed” their own racial heritage as part of their own Systematic redemption, you are no better! You are forever damned, so begone you thrall! For as the darkness is cast away by radiant majestic lights from the Universal Order beacon, you too shall be swept into purgatory, forever to be in the hands of nigger incompetence while simultaneously apologizing for it till the end of your days!


So be it.