As it is,

Before we begin, let us open with a quote extracted from one of the greatest National Socialists alive today.

     “The sword has been drawn, there is no going back.”

– Brandon Russell

Confusion is and always has been the number one evil that yields only enemy results. We shall silence all misinformation, all movementarian babblings about lackluster mass strategy and/or mass terror. We, the harbingers of truth, stand to be the only source of wisdom as it is. In the name of SIEGE we cast away the darkness, we bring forth what has been attempted but has failed in times past. Indeed, the sword has been drawn. Our culture of truth is what has been established against impossible odds, and may you liberate your own soul by your own means.

Universal Order is as of right now uncharted territory. In this first of several sermons to come, we shall continue where James Mason left off in SIEGE. First, let us discuss SIEGEKULTUR. Not our website, but the very essence of why this was chosen, why this is a declaration of spiritual warfare against the world itself. This has been done before – by most notably Jesus Christ – being the most significant of those who have carried our very same struggle through thick and thin, the one who went to death so that others may know the truth, and liberate themselves from the Systematic Demiurge.

Culture is what is produced via the customs and traditions of a sovereign people who have developed their own ways of life overtime via the accumulated wisdom of past ancestors, eventually culminating in something that works best for the people of said sovereign region. So what is the culture of SIEGE?

In the Bible, the tactical retreat of the twelve tribes of Israel was explained. Israel, once a high society had allowed itself to have its white inhabitants mixed out by foreign tribes that had integrated themselves in. This mixed multitude was given the nationality of “Jews”. Because of the lack of immediate action to halt this replacement, the last of the whites had to retreat to start over. Fast forward to the modern day, the Earth is covered with all races of humanity. There is nowhere else for whites to resettle, and the same old story of lies and manipulation that appeals to the best white instincts has allowed this to take place on a catastrophic scale. However, if you’re reading this message you are already well aware.

Historic trends are important. Whites, the finest of Nature’s creations, are the only ones capable of greatness. Our message applies only to those white individuals who have the eyes to see this. No retreat? Nowhere to run? SIEGE is not a book of tactical retreat, as the method cannot and will not work. No. Our future as the Elect lies within our magical capabilities. For us, we no longer wish to remain slaves to the System. Our “retreat” can only be properly described as removing ourselves from the System’s equation on a practical and spiritual basis, the TOTAL DROP OUT and TOTAL DETACHMENT process. From here, possibilities are limitless. Without the common racket of the inner city, the annoying cacophony of niggers, or the nagging of the MSM, with just ourselves we have created a culture of constant and endless upward mobility, a culture of divine ascension, a culture of being free of all limitations that would otherwise halt our creative endeavors. For this is the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, as our Israelite precursors, we have DONE IT against ALL ODDS.

And so, my Brethren, here is the Judgement:

  1. Life is a beautiful thing only as long as we can make it so. Who’s life? Our life, our world. The total environment that can only come out of our own imaginations and creativity. Things are only as beautiful as we make them. This is the importance of dropping out, DETACHMENT allows for a world free of theirs.
  2. The darkness of their world only seeks to drain ours. Like theirs is a battery being recharged with our own energy. This is the reason behind the MSM/System’s attempt to turn anything of original merit into a mass-consumable mediocre product, whether that be physical or ideological.
  3. The responsibility of one’s power comes from awareness of power and acceptance of power. Not everyone can feast their eyes on the Beacon’s light even as it stares right in front of them. If you have failed to show others The Way, it is not their failure, but your own. As you have spent energy that would have been better off used towards more productive endeavors. The will to power is just what it is, a will to power. This can be amplified or drained accordingly dependent upon who has made a conscious effort towards DETACHMENT and who wishes to remain in the existential slave-pits.
  4. The world seeks to destroy the beauty we create. We must not allow this. We are divine, more divine than anything the Demiurge could ever be. No pessimism, no defeatism, no retreat.
  5. When we are free of all limitations for our upward Heavenly ascension, we are librated from all bindings set forth by the Systematic Demiurge.

With the Systematic Demiurge’s tumult silenced, the darkness has been cast away. The radiant heavenly light of the ARCHITECT blinds the selfish leering Becoming impulses that makes every attempt to insert its way into the life of Being. For we know our truth is something beyond divinity, beyond good and evil, beyond any empty binary platitudes. Abraxas. As the Regal beacon of Universal Order shines it lays the cowards, traitors and impulsive narcissists into the slave pits where they belong to wane to nothingness.

This is the CULTURE of SIEGE. God given knowledge that God has blessed upon us. And the best part? The only requirement is your own self initiation into a much larger world. The ascension to the best we can possibly be in the life we’re given. No membership cards, no courthouse rallies, no monthly dues. No more will SIEGE be distorted by scorching, selfish simpletons. Let us see all the enemies try stop SIEGE with us absent from Plato’s cave.

So shall harmony be with you, for nature’s finest has been mobilized for the exploration of the uncharted territories that lie beyond the SIEGE horizon.

Noble, beloved Aryan Race, graceful and adorned.

     “As for the future, it’s in the capable hands of the Game – I’m glad to say – not ours. But be reassured: the Game is heading towards Life, and we’re all going with it, whatever faith we belong to, or way of life we follow. The Unity is real, whatever the apparancy. I’m here. I’m available. I’m with you. I’m part of you. And I love you all”.

– Robert de Grimston

So be it.