The Movementarian Menace

Many of you might be new to the term “movementarian” as it is a word I picked up from a colleague of mine with the work on the website, aesthetic and content. The Worldview page, while incomplete, has still been in the process of being a truly completed analysis of what Universal Order is by covering the factors that were glanced over or not elaborated upon within SIEGE. However, questions and concerns of where we stand on certain issues have been rather mundane in nature, which was to be expected when the Movementarian has subjected National Socialism down to a level of “National Socialism in the year of 2017 is akin to Conservatism in the 1950s”.

From our observations, and our outside view of the movement, our finger has stopped being pointed towards the AltRight or the System of Government (Jews, white traitors). There is something much deeper, much more sinister happening (or rather, exists) within white people. Something that can only be the fault of human error if anything, but at the same time something that is very natural but something that no one likes to think about or even admit to.

Yes, this piece is going to cause confusion, piss in everyone’s cheerios. Which is why we state here and now that this piece is only for readers of SIEGE that are in the beginner phase of Universal Order understanding and living. This article is not intended for the average “Movementarian”, and this is certainly not intended for Right Wingers, Classical Fascists, “Fashy goys”, and the list goes on, you all get the picture.

The idea of Universal Order and SIEGE has PROVEN to scare the pants off of these Movement frauds, as they recoil when the name is mentioned, and continue to spread disinformation about it to their lemming supporters. However, I am here to shove it BACK IN THEIR FACE.

In vein of the infamous, yet brilliantly crafted ZERO TOLERANCE article, this is the end all-be all to the “movement” question, and asserting the superiority of the IDEOLOGICAL ROGUE in comparison to the LEMMING COLLECTIVE THAT IS THE PRO-WHITE MOVEMENT.

Part I: The Course

Part II: The Movementarian

Part III: The Final Solution


We are opposed to the movement on ALL LEVELS. As we do not need to pay dues or rally arm and arm with our supposed ‘white brothers and sisters’, whether we are talking about the AltRight or even genuine National Socialists. Something that is missing, has been missing for a long time, is the application of individual self-reliance and self-sufficiency. Too long have Movements relied on numbers rather than the numbers themselves being the one man armies of truth and death.

     In fact, Universal Order is more a concept than the name of any group or organization: universal order as opposed to some kind of localized, specialized, exclusive “order”. When order is truly universal – and only then – it will be right, proper and, most of all, everlasting. This will include National Socialism, of course, and by direct implication, it will provide no place anywhere in the universe for alien “order”.

– The Meaning of Universal Order, SIEGE 9.19

To Universal Order, the world from the human eye is incomplete. Our growth within the Natural World is not something that can be bullshitted through, not something that one can fake via the internet nor even to a Master himself. The human physis is nothing that can be handed to you by a movement charlatan (i.e., leaders), but rather requires self-insight, self-reflection, self-action (the archetype of the Lone Wolf). What is needed for the process is total understanding of the processes that are not detected by the human eye, often cloaked System or Movement mirages. Those charlatans often use “right wing scare tactics” or “conspiracy theories” about Jews and other common enemies to fuel hatred only because it makes them money/feeds their own selfish interests.

In regards to the self, there is the spiritual (internal) and material (external) strife and struggle, the former highly underrated and usually misunderstood. Both exist side by side, both exist and every human being that does not belong to the Lemming Forces can master this. We can break down the self-process into separate phases: The seeker, the beginner, the journeyman, the proficient, and finally the Master. These labels are not important in of themselves, however, but are given just for the purpose of communicating that there are levels of life that you reach by yourself, not a reward, but wisdom and skill obtained from the journey itself.

The seeker, or the aspiring revolutionary, has the willingness to use the key to open the gates. The rejection of the tumult that has been raised by the unenlightened. This is the application of practical processes (internal and external) to, as we say, break free from the System. In dummy terms: The System has a grip on YOU. Not only through wage slavery or mass media brainwash of your peers, but in the way you exist and live. The way you think, even if you are “redpilled” on National Socialism, you will still find yourself behaving in the way that is more detrimental to yourself and beneficial for the System. One example of this is attending rallies and becoming a target so some asshole cop can get that promotion he really needs via your suffering.

     Take care of yourself first, get your own thinking and lifestyle squared away before trying to tackle anyone else’s (or the world’s). Get yourself together before ever attempting to lead others or accepting that kind of responsibility. Otherwise, you could be inviting a hurricane down on your head. Build on a foundation, not several feet off the ground, up in thin air like the majority.

     Make yourself and your lifestyle, your surroundings and even the people closest around you reflect things the way our Idea calls for. Then people will get to know you and, as in the case around here, when they comment on Hitler (or Manson, for that matter) their words will be to the effect, “And I thought Hitler was supposed to be so ‘terrible’.”

– Balance, SIEGE 9.30

This is utilizing (and taking strong advantage of) energies, materials, and your dominance for the purpose of conscious expansion, and when this successfully happens, this will reflect in your character and the life you live. This application is a willed act.

The adept after surpassing the phases of overcoming the conditioning and beginning to master the internal/external forces will discover that certain Fascist figures and the paths that they represent speak louder to them, this has been outlined in The Awakening of a National Socialist the three archetypes have been shown and explained, for reference to what they are and mean, the link has been provided.

How it relates to, and is expanded upon via the application of the Universal Order method, is combining the three into a singular entity. The personality type of the Master, the one who has become the overman through the harsh journey of reality and life. The George Lincoln Rockwells, the James Masons, and so on and so on. The importance of combining the three is that, through the magical course of self empowerment, you journey into the ways of all three archetypes. Any wrong step forward, backward or sideways will have you descending further into the Lemming Forces. The march of Truth is not only an application of your dominance, but a clever, calculated, implemented tactic. The role you play within all three will give perspective and insight and through there you will have fully understood (not just intellectually) internally and externally The Course.

     Get yourself into balance first – that’s a large enough task. The rest will come easier. A people in balance and harmony just aren’t susceptible to things like miscegenation or illnesses of liberalism or democracy. Right now, they’re going in mad search of what’s missing and are going in the opposite extreme of imbalance trying to find it vainly. How the Jews do roar with laughter! Aren’t any of you in the least bit motivated – or capable – of wiping that smirk off the Jews’ face?

     Open your minds.

– Balance, SIEGE 9.30


The nature of the movement is appealing to the submissive and/or conditioning those towards the path of feminine submissiveness. The need for a strong “alpha” male leader is a characteristic shared by human beings, submissive or not. There are those who are the natural-born leaders who command a following throughout people who are extremely independent (i.e., leftists who promote individualism yet follow the party-line of some Jew as their leader). There are those, like Rockwell, who earned that position simply by kicking ass and commanding (not demanding) respect for himself. Everything about the man just projects this, and anyone in their right minds in the 50s-60s would follow him.

However, the times have clearly changed. Indicated by the shift in attitude from the System itself and the pigs that follow suit with the System’s orders. Back in the day, the “Blue Lives Matter” approach was indeed helpful in a number of ways, one prominent one being blacks running rampant on the streets of America and demolishing everything in their path while the white police force was outmatched. As this battle for civil rights (i.e., forced miscegenation) progressed, it became apparent to the NS Movement that the cops, whether they agreed with race mixing/black rights or not, they were still on the payroll of the System and will enforce the orders given from above.

The champions to arise from the ashes of the broken American Nazi Party, Joseph Tommasi and William Luther Pierce had to adapt.

Adapt being the key word here.

In the context of what we are talking about in today’s situation, what constitutes a “great white leader” has certainly changed for the worst. Occasionally, there are those who are themselves “movementarians” but somehow have obtained the status as a leadership personality through empty platitudes and false notions. Typically the type that can talk a big “intellectual” game (no different from today’s politicians). Their followers surround them, and parrot the same line of bullcrap they feed them. When their King is challenged, they recoil and adopt the “bitchy queen” attitude. They are fickle in nature, and their King only remains their king as long as they can satisfy their inner cravings to follow.

This is not just the AltRight, this is everyone who has not yet understood this and taken the step to drop out of it. This means TOTALLY removing yourself from the equation.

Whether the leader himself is genuine or not, the way of Universal Order (or Siege-mindset, whatever you want to call it) means that you are not interested in leading nor being lead by another. He is the master of his reality, his worldview is self-sufficient. Those who resist this, or rather, resist SIEGE mindset, have their inner-Movementarian running their lives.

The Movementarian is blinded by false hope and has his needs satisfied when he engages in the politically incorrect thrill-ride that the movement gives him. Very often these people in their day to day lives are very defective, and because of the stag and meaningless life that living in America gives us, these people have become escapists who really have no interest in doing the things that must be done.

A common phrase you will hear being regurgitated from the mouths of Movementarians is the tired accusation of; “What have YOU done for the cause?” Is there some, if any, merit to this statement? Or perhaps, are they soldiers of the Kali Yuga and we’re actually just the problem that is ultimately keeping the white race stagnant?

Let’s break this down.


Notice how with this statement, there is a large implication of selfish materialism at play. See, there isn’t anyone who keeps a resume sitting by their desk of everything they’ve done for “the cause” just so when they are asked this question on a random thread on the internet they can counter that question with a list of their heroic deeds. The real message that’s being portrayed here is that the idea of doing rallies, passing around flyers, or bothering people on the streets about ‘Cultural Marxism’ serves only to satisfy a deep seeded materialistic need in these people’s lives.

The way they find fulfillment is showing off to their fellow man how ‘tough’ and ‘badass’ they are. This need to be recognized and appreciated plays into the submissive nature of these people that we discussed earlier, and even for those who otherwise would not be engaged in such foolishness, the influx of movementarians within National Socialist circles remain to be a bad influence for those who have not adopted ZERO TOLERANCE for their insolence.

The biggest crowd that you will see this nonsense coming from are the types that have either been doxxed or appeared in the news because of their attendance at a rally.

Rallies are often justified by either as a way to awaken the masses by putting on a strong presentation, or a way of ‘scaring’ or ‘fighting’ the enemy, all the while they fill the pockets of major mass media news outlets and get fools made of them in the eyes of the public. Rallies may also take the form of “conferences” or “meetings”, where a popular speaker will throw some University into panic when one of the students invites them to speak, and people from all over the country will travel just to go hear them say the same god damn bullshit that we’ve known for 50 years already! A better use of your time would be educating yourself about this stuff via youtube or some other method that doesn’t require you to give your money to some Leader or go fight in the name of the lemming forces.

I’m David Duke and I’m going to tell you exactly what you need to do but just don’t ask me to do it!

This is exactly why you will never see any of us associated with Siegeculture attending such foolishness, only because there are far better and effective means of getting the message across. It seems the more self harm (and simultaneous self masturbation) one does to themselves, the better they have served ‘the cause’.

These meetings are just giant money making gatherings, as well as groups fighting over the same membership list. Antifa knows this too.

Something the Movement still has not understood after all of these years is that Antifa is already aware of their tactics. Every time a rally is planned, Antifa is always four steps ahead of them only because of the predictable nature of the Movement. Antifa already knows that if they provoke these people, they will lash out and get arrested, that is exactly what Antifa wants and they are successful at doing it. When some National Socialists / White Nationalists / Alt Righters get together and try to plan a “clean” and “decent” demonstration that will not “alienate the public”, Antifa (and the public) always see right through it.

Just more testament to how these sorts of activities are always failures. At the end of the day, no matter how hard both sides fought, no matter who won the “appeal to the deadweight (err, I mean Normies)” crowd, the Cops always win only because after everyone has gone home, the System has not changed and remains to be the most dominant power structure in the world.

If you throw yourself at the enemy, you’re doing something for the cause, goy.

Pissed off, white man? Join one of our Movements, goy.

Movementarian Psychology

What all of this boils down to is brainwash. Either brainwashed by their own propaganda or from the leading heads. However, this is a unique form of brainwash, as this brainwash in some cases is not intentional. The movement’s leaders will preach lies use scare tactics while pretending to be truthful, while getting these fresh-out-of high school kids to do their bidding at these rallies and protests. This not only endangers the lives of young kids but can potentially screw up their whole future. Why? All because they “needed to do something for the movement?” Well, that right there is the problem.

You do something for a supposed ‘Movement’, but not the white race.

With every rally that is held, I want to ask (and I demand an answer) who exactly WINS the rallies? How does one WIN? And even if you do win, what would you even do AFTER YOU WON?

Every rally, every protest, and every demonstration the winner is always the police. The police set up their barricades while they spend their off hours arresting kids for money (or even for a juicy promotion) all at your expense. All so these white kids can stand on one side of a barricade and shout at niggers or communists for a few hours. The police are still there managing the show.

But lets say, what if Spencer and his gang actually WON a rally? Lets say the police backed off, the communists were chased out of town, and all of the normies were “awoken”. THEN WHAT? These pro-white identitarian advocates would sit there twiddling their thumbs waiting to be collected by the armed forces, then everything would go back to normal and it will be business as usual.

These leaders intentionally lead their followers into danger where at the end of the day nothing gets accomplished.

This has absolutely nothing to do with “Jews” infiltrating the movement either, nor does it have anything to do with some conspiracy against the white race. After all, George Lincoln Rockwell had Jewish ties just because of his father being in show business and he was still one of the greatest Americans to ever live. This situation is basically a result of failed politicians/born losers taking advantage of the pissed off youth while they believe themselves they’re making a difference. And even some got popular by mistake and don’t know how to be leaders or manage a leadership role/position.

Everyone needs to think about this before they give these people their money or show up to their rallies.

The last form of brainwash that we will cover are memes, a specific kind of meme. The type of meme that is born only within the Alt Right/White Nationalist circles. This meme is, the language that these people use. We’ll dissect a few terms individually to put this into perspective.

White Sharia

We do not deny that the state of white women is nowhere near ideal, however this term is interesting only because of the severe amount of butthurt it causes. This has nothing to do with women being butthurt, but the men.

Just try calling these ‘Vandal’ individuals what they are, MGTOW spin-off virgins. You’ll be either informed that it’s just an “anti-feminist” meme, and that you’re taking it too seriously. However, this is not the case. This meme evolved from rejection and sadness from men who are either too awkward or repulsive to be with a woman, let alone get a cheap fuck on a Friday night.

     The U.S. Right is made up of frustrated men, men who are afraid of this or that or the other and seek the company of others who are similarly frustrated and frightened, in order to be able to ease their angst and perhaps work out some of their fantasies. What woman on earth would respond to that?

     The Enemy knows this and delights in the knowledge. Further, because of all this, the home, wife and family of the average Right Winger – Nazi, KKK or whatever – has become the biggest weak point with regard to System attacks: break a man’s home or turn his wife against him and you HAVE him!

– Women, SIEGE 9.21

Fact is, this language and behavior is something the enemy delights in. This has nothing to do with “dividing the white race”, but rather feminizing the male into a submissive whiner who cannot take control of his own destiny, let alone a woman. The language that is used here is reactionary in nature, and has nothing to do with being a real revolutionary, but a simple complainer.

Misery loves company, and that’s what this is. People who cannot get their own women want to see others fail around them, because the very thought of someone out showing them in the game of sex terrifies them. They resent seeing white men and women coming together as families.

Here is where “white rape gangs” come in.

We, and when I say we, I mean myself and everyone reading this (including the Vandal cock-riders) know this is just a meme. Not because it is just a meme, but because none of these twats would be able to pull something like this off anyways due to them being weak. Apparently the idea of mass impregnating white women is supposed to be “good” only because “we gotta get the white birthrate up!”

Only in America…

Let’s say we organized white rape gangs, and impregnated every white woman and successfully brought our replacement rates up, then what? White sharia/MGTOW types typically attack single mothers, and with all the right reasons indeed, since a child requires every component of the family for their upbringing to be closer to perfect. However, a situation like this would only create more single mothers, and since these would be rape-babies, they’d grow up to be even more fucked up than the white rapers and rapees. As a result, more useless people added to the gene pool. Brilliant.

It’s entertaining to watch these people justify their own worthlessness. Someone like Andrew Anglin would actually need a form of sharia law just so he CAN get laid by a decent white woman!

They do not hold the power to simply find/take the woman they want, and make her into a worthwhile wife by being a man and dominating her. I don’t need to make the distinction between niggery type of dominance and what I’m actually trying to say here. Women naturally go for males who have these traits, with lone exceptions, but nature always prevails, and thank for god that. No self respecting man would demand a law that requires them to get laid!

Joseph Tommasi, an actual man of Character.

This is not to excuse how many reprehensible piece of shit women there are out there, because there is indeed a large percentage of them, but let’s not forget one important factor here: EVERYONE is a reprehensible piece of shit! The System has whipped the white race into such a docile state that it’s hard to come by anyone who is even worthwhile. Even those supposed “comrades” would rather turn you into Big Brother if it meant saving their own ass.

And yes, this is just a meme, we understand that only because it simply is because those who spout it off are beta males. Just back them into a corner with this logic though, watch them squeal.

1.0 and 2.0 White Nationalism

For those unaware, “1.0” and “2.0” are terms the AltRight uses to blow smoke up its own ass. Often they refer to the baby-boomer Ku Klux Klan/National Socialist Movement types as “1.0”, meaning an old and outdated form of Right Wingism or White Nationalism, and types like Richard Spencer or groups like Identity Evropa as “2.0” meaning a new, updated, and better alternative.

It’s all the same shit, except in the case of 2.0s, they have reverted backwards the 1.0 approach back to the way that George Lincoln Rockwell broke away from, i.e. the John Birch Society approach.

So obviously, “1.0” is meant to have a negative connotation to it, and “2.0” is supposed to be positive. What we see from these people, however, is subliminally referring to those such as Tom Metzger, George Lincoln Rockwell, William Luther Pierce, and others as “1.0”, while types like Richard Spencer are “2.0”. This is a subliminal way of talking down the successes and accomplishments of these previous NS/racist figures while propping the current AltRight up. Perhaps a tactic to shove National Socialism and racism out the back door?


“New Speak”, an Orwellian nightmare, is exactly what is taking place here. A form of language that is geared towards confusion and denial of reality. A way of speaking that is pushed by Movementarians to sell their line of crap and have it “make sense”. This sort of talk confuses people who otherwise would not be movementarians only because it’s designed to make sense and weaponized by those who wish to sell their party line (or rather, the party line that was sold to them by some “leader”).

It’s all bullshit, and it’s bad for ya.

The Worldview, Movementarian or Eternal?

The Movementarian in all of his wisdom seems to believe that National Socialism was something that began, and ended in the 1920s-1940s. You will often see this when you see the ridiculous shitstorms that take place when people try to debate the differences between NS and Fascism, or even worse, when people begin considering themselves “Strasserists” as an alternative to National Socialism, or “classical Fascists” as a way of saying (I like the aesthetics, but I’m not a naughty racist!)

They cannot get incidences that happened so long ago out of their heads! And behave, as if, your specific “ism” is really that important. I recall speaking with an interesting character who referred to himself as a Totalitarian National Socialist Fascist, a pure indication that the “ism” is far more focused on than what is really important. We get a good chuckle out of Social Justice Warriors when invent new gender identities every week, so why are we doing the same thing, but with politics?

For the same exact reasons, actually.

The warm and fuzzy feeling one gets by being unique or showing off how smart they are is the best and most brief way to describe this. Even National Socialists themselves in some circles will SCOFF at racism, and say it’s wrong! This boils down to again, the selfishness and materialism of Movementarians.

National Socialism the expression of the greater worldview, something much larger than NS itself.

     If I were to be asked what Universal Order is, I’d have to respond in language and terms as familiar and easily understood as possible even though they may not be entirely fitting. For those among my former affiliates, I would say without reservation that it is everything National Socialism is and much, much more. It is geared to the present conditions. It is as dynamic as – maybe more so than – National Socialism because its true leader is alive, a contemporary of all of us. It is uniquely “American” and it is NOW. It has no links whatsoever with Conservatism or the Right Wing (or the Left, for that matter). It largely disarms the Enemy because he doesn’t know what to expect of it or how to deal with it. It has fascination and appeal to YOUTH.

– Universal Order, SIEGE 9.7

It is the workings of the cosmos applied to fit the world of Man. Those who LIVE BY THE WORLDVIEW, there is NO ROOM OR DESIRE for this MEEK BEHAVIOR. No “ism” can compete with or compare to something this powerful! The Worldview itself, or in essence, Mother Nature, SEES THROUGH THE PHONIES AND LIES! Which is why these people NEVER HAVE and NEVER WILL GET ANYWHERE! This is what threatens the Movementarian. The “Man” stepping in, slapping their silly signs (or keyboards) out of their hands, and telling them to get serious. Perhaps this answers the question of why people within the Richard Spencer and Friends crowd will attempt to redefine (or flatout disown) the Worldview in its entirety. The latter even has a term for it as a way of insulting and projecting a negative light onto the truth, we know this term as “Purity Spiraling”, the ultimate excuse for their worthlessness.

Your ideology is worthless if you are not living as an Aryan should.

What it all boils down to

Those who deny SIEGE, those who deny any desire for personal power because they’re too wrapped up in their own ideological bullshit game, those who resist us for exposing their worthlessness, the tides are certainly turning. What we need is a TOTAL break away from the past.

     There have been in the past, and still are today, many men who can be considered as great leaders and “pointers of the way.” So far though they have all been of a single mold and, so far, none of their results have even approached the spectacular, much less the epoch-making, which is after all what is required. We must have a TOTAL break with the past if we are to survive it. This means in very practical terms that we should, we must, take up looking in places OTHER than those to which we’ve become too familiarly accustomed. We must broaden our scope.

– Promise Destroyed; Promised Destruction , SIEGE 8.7

Gone are the days of organizations and movements, gone are the days of rallies and calling yourselves pronoun-like “isms”. Gone are the days of make-believe militias and pretend revolution. Today is now, and the now has become Universal Order. By virtue of those who have removed themselves from the equation, refuse all forms of Movementarianism, dropped the dogma of supposed scam artists that make up the leadership of the Movement, those are the unknown soldiers in the shadows. The ones that our System does fear, the ones who they cannot detect or trace. And most of all, the unknown soldiers won’t even be taking part in these silly publicity stunts and attacks, because there really is no need for it anymore.

At the point of total System collapse, we will be far away from their clutches, and we will out-live them and this decadent population. This is what scares them the most, and this also scares the Movement the most. They have utilized the lingo we discussed earlier as a form of keeping you AWAY from personal empowerment, and wrapped around their fingers.

We’re supposed to not criticize them because of the phrase, “Stop dividing the white race!” Any act of rebellion against corruption within these movement groups is seen as being “divisive” or “punching right”, which in our opinion are terms applied to other whites by leaders for the purpose of damage control. Just try it, go to any Richard Spencer meeting or rally and just try to criticize him, you will be accused of “punching right” and you may even be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of “he does more than you for the movement!”

They are right about one thing though, the fact that we prefer to be divisive. We prefer to demand the best. Someone who identifies only with their race, their religion, their ideology, they are of no use only because they have nothing else outside of what they imagined in their heads. The gene pool itself is not what is great, but rather what is created from it, this is what they do not understand (or at least pretend to understand). Calling yourself a Right Winger, Fascist, or Aryan simply is not enough.

The Final Solution

After we have completely exposed and destroyed the Movementarian, we shall come to a point where we clarify some key points only to remove confusion.

Of course, we said earlier that adaptability is by far one of the most important key components when it comes to survival. Right now, we are merely reacting to the decay that is around us, and adapting to the circumstances that are thrown at us. The Movementarian can never adapt because they insist on failed and outdated tactics. We can look at clusterfucks like “Unite the Right” as a poor man’s Rockwell rally, just with more people.

If the time ever called for organization or some sort of union of white individuals who have came together in blood and spirit to take down an enemy, by god we would have to unite and form an organization for the occasion. We are not saying that it can never be done, but rather what we are saying is that the white race has devolved within the last century, and we must fix that.

And of course, we are not trying to suggest that the AltRight or other Movementarian play pens are secretly run by some shadowy group of Jews or anything like that. A lot of this bullshit simply comes from the fact that, as we said, whites have become untermensch. No amount of infiltration is needed to create this ridiculousness. We did it to ourselves.

This is not something we can do for everyone within the white race, not even the supposed “allies” of ours, but rather, it is a personal experience and devotion that the individual must take.

The fact is this: We are never going to, and can never win, by this right wing/movement approach. If we could, we would have won a very long time ago. Something people tend to not foresee is the government cracking down on a group once it gets too big and too powerful, so Big Brother in response to this squashes them like a bug. This repeat of the past is, as we covered earlier, repeated by leaders who have bad intentions and younger people with every new generation of pro-white advocates who do are not aware/or understand the history of the Movement.

Take into account, Charles Manson’s reaction to James Mason’s NSLF. Manson only had two words for it, “That’s preposterous!” This is very important to understand why.

Big Brother is an out of control monster that has each and every one of us outgunned, and rather than taking on the beast, Manson proposed that we let it die of old age, while we kick back and enjoy our lives in the meantime. All the while, living off the wealth of the land and/or draining the beast ourselves.

He was right.

On another note, it is also worth saying that everyone who writes for the Siegeculture website are American and what this applies to is exclusively Americans whom live in the belly of the beast. We do not speak for Europeans, although we highly suggest Europeans start going the way of UO.

Survival and adaptability is the only way forward. There is no other option.

What we are witnessing today is the complete destruction of Society itself. This is not just exclusive to whites, as all of civilization, everywhere, is going to be suffering the breakdown of America as the snowball accelerates rapidly and grows in size. This situation is not something you can fight, wasting your time on fighting it, and inevitably failing to succeed, will only serve as further justification to the masses to inflate their ever growing police state.

I will say here again, to remove yourself from the chaos is the last way for us to all succeed. This is no longer about restoring this broken, jewish pig sty, nor should you even want to anyways. Civilization, as it has existed has been the root cause to everything we see here around us. We can aim our fingers at the Jews and cast them out all we want, but it will not solve the major issue that the white race has become untermenschen.

This eternal struggle is now spiritual warfare. We are not going to bother with restoring the West or the Constitution because we, the Aryan men and women of this Earth, are on the path towards God by restoring the dignity and the nobility of our blood. We will live as the Masters of this world, not being able to be halted by any obstacle, unable to be stopped by the petty squabbles of the world around us. But rather, we know the truth and live by it in the most uncompromising and ruthless manner.

As things fall, we will continue to see the decay and shamelessly point and laugh at it happening to those unworthy cretins that would not heed the warning, the same white population that would turn us over to Big Brother only because of their lack of TRIBAL LOYALTY and their severe case of MORAL COWARDICE. And we shall dance in their blood as it runs knee deep into the soil, fertilizing our land for life of other sorts to be born anew while our wives cook with the vegetables that were grown from their useless decaying corpses. The demonic smile that we will give our enemies, if the time for hanging is ever upon us, will be forever stained in their conscious as they linger in purgatory for the rest of eternity.