Arioperennialism: One Blood, One Truth

 “Today a new faith is stirring: the myth of blood, the faith that along with blood we are defending the divine nature of man as a whole.”

– Alfred Rosenberg

Those who have spent an adequate amount of time within the racial sphere are no doubt familiar with the ongoing debate surrounding religious sects and their relevance to the National Socialist worldview.

“What faith DID Hitler adhere to?”

“Which sect is TRULY compatible with a racial outlook?”

Passionate answers to this repetitive line of questioning poured out from multiple perspectives such as Christianity and Odinism. I too was drawn into these debates upon freshly adopting a racial outlook, but eventually had the good fortune to encounter a perennial approach toward the various cycles of Aryandom throughout history. Thus these petty sectarian feuds became increasingly less significant to me over time.

It is true that this alternative view could be accurately identified as Esoteric Hitlerism by those familiar with it. Through contemplation I have also found the term “Arioperennialism” to be fitting. Summarized, it is the unwavering priority of Aryan blood and eternity over specific sectarian and historical preferences. Individual sects and cycles grow and wither throughout history, products of their own times and places. Conversely, the radiant bloodline and genius of the Aryan has the potential to last forever if we successfully secure, repair and continue to evolve it to higher feats.

With the increasing escalation of this current epoch, the Beast System grows more desperate as racial consciousness and conflict increasingly grows across the world (though often manifested in a humiliating fashion, blatantly lacking a productive adaptation to the now). If there is one strategy that our enemy will never shy away from, it’s the classic yet effective way of dividing and conquering. However it is indisputable that a significant means by which people easily divide themselves within the racial sphere is by allowing petty exchanges over religious sects to prevent them from seeing the bigger picture, thus falling prey to a counter-productive blindness. An effective cure for this reoccurring and seemingly inescapable handicap to our race is an Arioperennialist outlook as a launching point for our own unique paths.

     “The Truth is One.”

– Charles Manson

As previously stated this is indeed synonymous to the Esoteric Hitlerist worldview, so what exactly is the point of this additional label? Isn’t it repetitive? In a way, though it has proven a clarifying necessity in recent times due to attempts at blatant corruption.

Isn’t this piece a contradictory attempt to push Esoteric Hitlerism as its own sect? Not at all, though others have tried.

It was revealed that an online community focused on Esoteric Hitlerism had shown its true colors by not only exuding a whimpering slave morality but by also embracing known collaborator of the enemy media, Brenan Frank Duffy. It should be noted that after extensively allying himself with the kosher lügenpresse, Duffy was enthusiastically promoted to a high rank within this supposedly “Hitlerian” circle.

True “Men Against Time”.

These keyboard intellectuals attempted to ground Esoteric Hitlerism as a concrete sect that was in its core essence to end up no different from a New Age pagan or Judeo-Christian denomination. This escalated to the point where there was even thought being invested into creating an Esoteric Hitlerist Bible! It is a response to this foolishly degenerate attempt to cheapen that which at its core transcends mere sectarianism that I also present this additional, complimentary term.

“Arioperennialism” further clarifies the essence of an underlying panoramic unity of the historic Aryan cycles. Be it Vedic, Roman, Nordic, Christian, etc. the exoteric expression of a specific cycle of our blood may speak out to an individual more so than another of his comrades, but the ungrounded Arioperennialist has the far-sighted clarity and strength of character to shun turning his individual path into a rooted sect that takes priority over the imperative factor of blood. With such a man it’s never a question of short-sighted sectarianism, it is a reality of eternal synthesis.

What’s also worth addressing is the Siege Culture Library. The perennial nature of this reading list has and will always stand as indisputable proof against those who laughably attempt to identify the website or various groups ideologically stemming from it as being “Muslim” or “Satanist” sects. Confirmation bias aside, how is it even possible for one to scroll through this wide spectrum of literature and accuse it of promoting a single sect? This seething desperation among the outspoken detractors is frankly embarrassing. Let the movementarian meme warriors gossip and wail into an indifferent void like teenage girls, it’s all they’re good for.

     “At last, Mythic feeling and conscious perception no longer confront each other as antagonists but as allies. Passionate nationalism is no longer directed toward tribal, dynastic or theological loyalties, but toward that primal substance, the racially based nationhood itself. Here is the message which will one day melt away all dross, eliminate all that is base, and bring into being all that is noble.”

– Alfred Rosenberg

As a foundation to one’s outlook, Arioperennialism will always prove to be an effective means to initiate a grand transcendence of these sectarian feuds. The Beast can only conquer more easily if WE allow division over personal matters such as spirituality. By no means is this a call for large tent movementarianism. This piece only pertains to those with genuine potential for Aryan revolution under the mindset of Universal Order, as opposed to the wide-eyed herd of useless hobbyists (they are welcome to continue squabbling as they’re of no use to us). The Arioperennialist, or the Esoteric Hitlerist who resisted the futile attempt at sectarian dissolution by effeminate online lemmings, stands unyieldingly for the core truth that the transcendent Weltanshauung of the Blood will always take precedence over mere sectarian loyalty.

The flaming sword of the Avenger archetype, the Last One, is a powerful symbol of Arioperennialism while mere manifestations of temporal forces will only amount to the rot which will be swiftly struck and burnt away by it. May we seek and harness the Avatar of the Last One within ourselves.

     “I know that some Man capable of giving our problems a final solution must appear. I have sought such a man. I could nowhere discover him. And that is why I have set myself to do the preparatory work (die Vorarbeit); only the most urgent preparatory work, for I know that I am myself not, the One. And I know also what is missing in me [to be the One]. But the other One still remains aloof, and nobody comes forward, and there is no more time to be lost.”

– Adolf Hitler

The Ninth Avatar has prophesied and prepared the way. Now it is time for the Tenth, the Last One, to rise and avenge.

Hail Kalki!