We need to abolish gender

Gender, the idea of it, needs to be abolished. Before you get up in arms, I’m not some sort of pinko-communist leftist. As I’m sure you know, a main way to exert control is to control the words within a discussion. You can’t lose a debate if you’ve picked what can and can’t be said, and what every word means.

This is how the Jews and leftists use the term ‘Gender’. The term itself was popularized by a Sexologist(a truly jewish science if there ever was one) by the name of Dr. John Money in the 50’s and 60’s.

He theorized that  ‘Gender’, rather than ‘sex’, is what decides what you are. Meaning of course, that if you were born a man and you feel like a woman, you are a woman. Dr. John Money, wanting to prove his theory, conducted the David Reimer experiment.

The David Reimer experiment started before David was even cognizant of what was going on. During a circumcision operation at the time of his birth, the surgeons accidentally mutilated his penis. Dr. Money, seeing an opportunity, had David’s misguided parents agree to have David become Money’s guinea pig. 

He had David go through sexual reassignment surgery, and then had him raised as a girl. David and his brother went to regular checkups with Dr. Money. At these checkups, Dr. Money would have the brothers engage in softcore over-the-pants sex. Dr. Money would have the brother hump his “sister” to reinforce him as a female. He also had the brothers engage in “genital inspections” on each other . 

Dr. Money had pictures he kept of these engagements and more. These experiments were considered a “success” in proving gender theory. ‘Proving’ that gender is just as valid as what you biologically are. 

Both test subjects killed themselves. David’s brother Brian purposely overdosed on antidepressants, and David blew his brains out with a sawed off shotgun. Both brothers considered these tests to be a failure, and horribly traumatic. 

Proponents of “Gender Theory” claim that while Dr. John Money may have gone a bit too far, his experiment was in fact a success. He’s still celebrated to this day as a “pioneer”.  These kikes, of course, only briefly touch upon the brothers’ suicides. They don’t even have the respect to tell us what Brian and David thought of the sick treatment that they were subjected to. Here’s what David had to say:

“You’re always going to see people who are going to say ‘well the David Reimer case could have been successful’. I’m living proof and if you’re not going to take my word as gospel then who else are you going to listen to? Who else is there? I lived through it. Is it going to take somebody to wind up killing themselves to get people to listen?”

-David Reimer

All of this gender talk is for only one end goal. To exercise control. When you control the language then you control the debate and when you control the debate then you yourself can remain in power. It’s Jewish garbage through and through and it needs to end. We need to abolish gender, stop using the term all together. When we refer to men and women then we refer to it by sex and only sex. Not gender. Ridding our vocabulary of Jewish terminology stops these kikes from controlling the debate. They can’t control our words. It is but another step in resistance to this occupation of our people that we must engage in. Not only that, but in the Reimer Brothers’ memory and out of respect, we must not engage in an sick Jewish experiment that ruined their lives and ruined the lives of others.  

Hail Victory!