Savitri Devi – 114th Year Tribute

  “Creation and destruction are one, to the eyes who can see beauty.”

– Savitri Devi

High Priestess of Hitler

Völva of Ragnarök

Who triumphed over the darkness of despair

In proud, burning defiance

Spitting in the face of the Beast

Champion of Nature

Speaker of the Cosmos

Dharma’s Ambassador

Wisdom radiant

Inspired by the Sacred Flame

That generates Bolt and Ray

Hail Savitri Devi

Woman Against Time
Hail the Scale Universal Order Balancing Lightning and Sun

Heil Hitler

Heil Kalki

Sieg Heil

     “The will to live, in order that, one day, even if I never should see the resurrection of Thy great Reich in all its might, I should at least admire the coming scenes of the tremendous Play of Action and Reaction – heavenly nemesis, tardy but unavoidable; – in order [that] I should see our persecutors fight among themselves, and set each other’s towns on fire; and that, remembering the untold suffering and the dismay their planes had once brought Germany night after night, I should then rejoice at the sight: In order that I should at least watch them – the everlasting foes of the Aryan man, the real Killers of Thy people; and all those who now stood on their side, against Thee, against us – weep in their turn, and writhe, and burn, and die to my delight!”

– Savitri Devi ᛉ 30th September 1905 – 22nd October 1982 ᛦ