Why Do We Call Ourselves American Futurists?

A question we’ve often got since the website launched is: “What is an American Futurist and what is that symbol you guys are using?”. We shall answer both questions. 

“What is an American Futurist?”

An American Futurist is an American follower of the ideas of the Italian Futurist F.T. Marinetti and his idea of Futurism. When we speak of Futurism, we do not speak of the Jewish Scientism concept of jerking off to Star Trek and idealizing silly sci-fi concepts. Futurism is Fascism based on Anti-Tradition; or, to put it better, anti-modern Jew-influenced traditions. 

We need to destroy the current Liberal-Jewish order and its ‘traditions’, and replace them with our own. In Marinetti’s time, he constantly advocated for the Italian state to be destroyed and for its traditions to be destroyed in favor of a new Italy. He was a major part of Mussolini’s government and was a co-author of the Italian Fascist Manifesto. He eventually resigned from the Fascist government after differences emerged between him and Mussolini, namely over Mussolini and the others’ continued adherence to old, failed ideas. He believed that all that was good about Italian history, and all that was good about modern Italian ideas needed to be synthesized into one organic new idea for Italy. He called the Italian Fascists “Cultural Necrophiliacs”.

Marinetti wanted to change every aspect of Italian society, even writing cookbooks on changing Italian foods to a Futurist perspective. Besides that, even before he took power and was a member of Mussolini’s Government, he wrote plays, music, movies and created artwork, all based on futurism. Futurism itself became a very important art movement. 

We believe that seeing Marinetti’s ideas through an American lens is the only way forward. Instead of using the old methods of trying to carbon copy the NSDAP here, or trying to mix American Republicanism and its Liberal ‘values’ with Fascism, we need a new and better way. That way, is Futurism. To remove what was bad from the old ways, and synthesize it with what is good about the new ways.

In order to win against our enemy, we need to always be on top of things, and consistently be original when it comes to creativity and innovation. To be stuck in the past, is to be stuck in failure, and to doom yourself to failure.

As for the symbol itself that blankets this website, that is the Hook and Hammer symbol. The wolf’s hook represents white values and a traditional symbol for whites. The hammer represents our willingness to destroy the old rotten society in order to build a new one, as the hammer itself both builds and destroys. Designed by Timothy Turtle with inspiration from the Italian Fascist Paramilitary known as the Terza Posizione. It has been redesigned to be more simple in the use for The American Futurist. It’s a powerful image, and one that adequately represents our goals and ideals.

To the future and to victory!

Hail Victory!

Heil Hitler!