Eulogy of the Martyrs

May 19, 2020 marks the 3rd Anniversary of Jeremy Himmelman and Andrew Oneschuck giving their lives in defense of their comrades. 

They discovered a plot by a cowardly person who does not deserve to be named, and they were viciously murdered for it. For that, we all owe them an eternal debt, and I owe them a special one, as I was targeted by the very same coward.

Despite the lies and despite the profiteering by the lugenpresse after their deaths, their deeds are immortal. Not many men are bold enough to give their lives for a cause, or for their comrades who share their cause.

We shall also use this opportunity to eulogize Jake. He was a member of the Atomwaffen Division in Texas. He committed suicide in late 2016 as he simply could not live in this despicable world any longer. This man was murdered by the system. He deserves as much respect as our other fallen comrades.

Eulogy by Rusty Shackleford

Out of all of these people I knew Jeremy the best, and the best way to describe him is as an absolute mad man. There wasn’t a dare he wouldn’t take, and there wasn’t a room full of faces he couldn’t light up with laughter. He left behind his girlfriend, and a lot family and friends who cared for him greatly. He was a caring guy also, he loved his girlfriend and would always get very emotional about issues some of his family members had. He was a such a great guy to be around, a hard worker, and a truly committed National Socialist. He probably would have done a lot of great things with his life, and nothing saddens me more than to think what a waste of such a fantastic individual his loss was.

I am probably one of the few people around who was around with Jake. Jake was another very funny guy; I remember prank calling all sorts of places with him and the others and he was always the one to have the most creative ideas. In addition to that, he was very insightful about a lot of things both ideologically and personally, and his loss left large impact on those who knew him.

I did not know Andrew all that well, but he was a very down to earth guy from the conversations I did have with him. He a fellow military and military history enthusiast, and the sorry state of the military is what got him to his beliefs. He was another very committed guy.

There is not a way to describe the sadness that the loss of these three brings me, they were all very amazing people that would have had a great impact on the world around them if their lives were not stolen from us.

Eulogy by Tim Turtle

Out of the three men, I only knew Jeremy. Jake had killed himself several months before I got into contact with anyone on this side and Andrew never really was in contact with many people. Just from Jeremy alone, he was truly a great brother-in-arms. He’d always crack jokes and join in on prank calls but was also a great man to have serious conversations with. 

Personally him and I would have long discussions on matters such as Theology and alike. He was also truly supportive of me as well. He’d give encouragement for projects and ideas I had and always be helpful. This was a time when I never thought very highly of myself in regards to ideas and contributions to give so that helped out greatly. I didn’t know him long but the impact he’s made on my life is immeasurable. 

I remember the day of his and Andrew’s deaths very clearly. It was around 8am or so. I woke up and saw my skype account was called like 20 times. I call back and I basically get a good friend of mine telling me that Devon had murdered Jeremy and Andrew and that Brandon Russell was arrested. I talked for a couple minutes before the call ended and I just broke down. It was even harder because I considered Devon Arthurs a good friend and it surprised me that he’d do such a thing. Later on I learned of Devon’s plans to murder everyone including myself for some plot he wanted to carry out in the name of ISIS. It was surreal to say the least. To learn someone that you considered a great friend wanted to murder you and just murdered 2 other guys with one of them also someone you’ve known well. From what was gathered, Jeremy and Andrew found out and Devon found out that they found out. So he murdered them. Had they not discovered Devon’s plot, I wouldn’t be here today speaking to you and a lot more good men would have died. 

It still feels surreal to me that this event even happened. Imagine going from daily skype prank calls with your friends to having one of your friends murder 2 others in the name of ISIS because they happened to find out he was planning on murdering even more of his friends. It’s something that I tend to struggle with a lot thinking about it.

Another important moment for me was seeing the public’s response to this event. They and the news media celebrated it like it was their birthday or they won the lottery. “Why couldn’t Devon kill more?” cried the public. Constant comments, vlogs and news segments joking about it showed me one thing. These people want you dead in a ditch and they think it’s funny. At that point I completely stopped caring what the “general population” thinks. They can go to hell. All I care for is my brothers and I and those who ideologically agree with me. Everyone else is an outsider. If I’m going to be treated as an outsider by these people, why can’t I return the favor? It’s really that simple. Jeremy and Andrew’s murders were the point of no return for me. It radicalized me for good as did many others.

Hail Victory!

Hail the Martyrs!