The Atomwaffen Division was founded and maintained by ardent National Socialists. We all understood the kike plan to destroy the Aryan race. It burned in our hearts.

We all came to the same conclusion: this can not last, and it can not continue! Otherwise, the Aryan race would be destroyed for all time. This, we knew that we needed to stop from happening. We needed to reawaken an Aryan race of strength, honor, passion, and greatness, by any means necessary.

In that spirit, we fought. In that spirit, AWD fell. In that spirit, we shall continue to fight. And in that spirit, the NSO will fight today.

We shall finish the work that we started with Atomwaffen. The kikes believe that they have secured the destruction of the Aryan race. They shall be proven wrong. We will attain our rightful place once again.

Hail the Atomwaffen Division!
Hail the National Socialist Order!
and Heil Hitler!