The Noble Savage

With the rise of movements like Black Lives Matter, the topic of tearing down statues of ‘Colonialist Oppressors’ is in the news. I’m often drawn to the writings of the Enlightenment, which is where this insanity started.

One thing that started as a result of the enlightenment, is the phony idea of the ‘noble savage’, originally promulgated by French philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau. The belief that primitive man was somehow purerer. Specifically those not of the European Race. Groups such as Africans or Native Americans. Apparently in their lack of societal advancement they “remained pure”. 

This same thinking can be seen in leftists today. Any white man who made societal advancements is to be destroyed. As seen with the statues of Albert Pike, Ulysses S. Grant, George Washington, Winston Churchill or others, it doesn’t even matter if they were leftists. None of that matters because modern leftists take the concept of the “Noble Savage” to its logical conclusion. If non-white races, specifically those of brown skin are the purest beings on the planet, we can conclude that those of great societal progress, especially that of the white man, are impure and outright evil and must be destroyed.

We see this with plenty of modern day leftists, especially white ones. They outright hate themselves and wish for the death of their race. They clap and celebrate when their non-white butt-buddies (either Jewish or Black) call for the death of whites. They join in on pulling down statues and demanding blacks and other inferiors get higher grades in schools and free money from their governments simply for being an inferior. It’s pure psychosis of the mind. Just as all leftist ideology is. 

As Ted Kaczynski said in his essay ‘Industrial Society and its Future’, Leftism is an ideology of the weak to rebel against the strong. These people hate the superior and they hate the strong. They want a society of, by, and for weaklings because they themselves are weak. That is why they heavily promote inferior races so much. That is why they promote degeneracy. They cannot stand the idea of strength. 

Ted had a great example for this. During the 1960s and 1970s, the Vietnam War was raging. Leftists protested hard against it. Not because they particularly gave two fucks about the Vietnamese People, but because they absolutely hated the idea of a strong United States. They cried, screamed and screeched over it. But, as Kaczynski pointed out expertly, when the Soviet-Afghan War started not long after the Vietnam War ended, where were these “Peace Protests”? The Soviets did far worse during that war than US Troops did in Vietnam. The Soviets slaughtered entire villages and even made mines that look like toys that they’d drop so children would play with them. 

Where were these “Human Rights Advocates?”. They simply didn’t give a damn. The Soviet Union was a society for and by weaklings and fit in line with their ideals. So, it’s okay when the commies do it, but they’ll kick and scream when it’s the US doing it because despite the US being a Liberal Republic and its society not being worth much of a damn, it was largely a society of strong men. At least back in the day.

That is why we see them tear down statues of men such as Churchill or Grant despite those men being more in line with them than us. They absolutely hate them for being strong white men and they want them gone. They are enemies of the “Noble Savage” and must go. These freaks won’t stop until society itself is nothing but “Noble Savages” and we look like Haiti but on a global scale. That’s their “ideal society”. That’s what those freaks want even if they don’t know it. They have pretenses of a “multi-racial socialist revolution!” where everyone is going to be holding hands and singing kumbaya but as we saw in Haiti that’s simply not the case.

Haiti was a French Colony and in fact the wealthiest in the Caribbean.  The whites there made one of the biggest mistakes of their lives. They treated the slaves there as equals, and gave them more and more rights. Until the French Revolution occurred, with the idea of equality and liberation. The black slaves there slaughtered ALL WHITES. They even murdered those of mulatto ethnicity, often in horrid ways. They created a black ethnostate in 1804. As we’ve seen nowadays. The Haitian Blacks eat dirt and live in open sewers. True progress I suppose. Progression to hell.

If we do not stop these leftist freaks, our entire world will be one big Haiti. While that may be a future that they want. That sure as hell isn’t a future that I want. I can also imagine that’s not a future you want either. So what are you going to do to stop it?

For further education I strongly recommend that individuals check out “Where Black Rules White” in the books section of this website where you can get a PDF version of it for free. It details a man by the name of H.H. Prichard being the first white man to visit Haiti in 100 years and what he saw. It’s a very good read. 

I also recommend checking out Dr. William Luther Pierce’s speech on Haiti detailing further on this subject.