Two Can Play At This Game!

A topic that should be addressed as an example of the system’s double standards and the dangers of ignoring them is the Atomwaffen Division arrests of last February. 

For those who don’t know, several members of the now defunct Atomwaffen Division allegedly mailed threatening posters to journalists and others who had been relentlessly harassing them. Some so-called journalists even went to AWD members homes and stalked them. In response, a few members allegedly mailed posters stating that, for lack of a better term, “two can play at that game”. 

I can understand the anger behind getting doxxed and harassed by freaks. If they did end up doing those actions, it would be unwise but understandable. Double standards exist, and AWD members of all people should know that the system will not follow its own rules. 

Antifa, Journalists and the ADL/SPLC can do these things because they are supporters of the system. They can do what they want without consequence. We’re not so lucky. 

After these posters were allegedly  mailed to these ‘journalists’, the FBI became involved. One could easily point out how absurd it is for the FBI to have a multi-million dollar investigation over posters, but of course they didn’t truly care about the posters. It was an excuse for them to go after enemies of the system. . 

When the FBI arrested these men on February 26th, 2020, there was a nationwide announcement. The FBI agents in charge acted like they had caught Osama Bin Laden with the arrest of Kaleb Cole and his comrades. All over posters in the mail which, if they did truly send them, was simply a response to the endless harassment from the system that they couldn’t take anymore. This was international news for fucks sake. 

While it would be easy to condemn those charged for the alleged mistakes they’ve made, I instead would point to the fact of the system’s double standards and I’d also use this as a warning towards others that, even if the system and their supporters do something and it’s common for them to do it, that doesn’t mean you can do it too. Always be aware of system double standards, and always be aware of traps and not handing the system the chance to throw you into prison. 

It should also be noted that the kike Rep. Max Rose tried using these posters in the mail as an excuse to unjustly declare Atomwaffen Division a “Foreign Terrorist Organization” which could lead to 30 year prison charges for members. The same list that Al-Qaeda and ISIS are on. 

That Jew wanted to put Atomwaffen Division on that list over some posters. In reality these Jews are simply afraid of what Atomwaffen Division symbolized. Change. 

They represented the idea that we aren’t going to play by system rules. We aren’t going to march in the streets pleading for the masses to follow us. There is also the fear that through trial and error with our actions as a movement that we’d end up creating a perfect set of tactics and beliefs, one that could bring us to power.

Until we start accepting that we live under foreign occupation, that we live in a society with contradictions and double standards, we will always be doomed to failure, and to fall for system tricks. 

Please consider supporting the individuals charged unjustly by the system. Their prison addresses are below, but also be aware that anything you say can both be used against you, and also against them. So, bring up NOTHING related to the Atomwaffen Division or the posters. Instead talk about other topics such as books, movies and other hobbies. Better yet, send some money via Western Union or other wire transfer companies that allow money transfers to prisoners.