The Prison Essays

“People tend to assume that because a revolution involves a much greater change than reform does, it is more difficult to bring about than reform is. Actually under certain circumstances revolution is much easier than reform. The reason is that a revolutionary movement can inspire an intensity of commitment that a reform movement cannot inspire.”
-“Industrial Society and its Future” – Ted Kaczynski

The only alternative to destroying that which poses a threat to your dreams and aspirations is cowardice. Not only is that the case, but one must ask themself how is it possible to truly LIVE as a member of the natural elite within The System – The System that so greatly despises and attacks the natural elite? It simply isn’t possible, to exist within The System and to be okay and comfortable with that means that you are part of the problem, your mind has been poisoned into submission. Once again, this leaves those with sound mind and spirit with one option, destruction.

—- Brandon Clint Russell
27th February 2020


When I was a child I remember hearing that “all comedy is derived from pain”. I don’t remember exactly where or from whom I heard this, but it stuck with me. At first I didn’t understand it, how could comedy –all the joy and laughter– be derived from pain? It made no sense to me as a child and I wouldn’t again reflect on it until years later. Upon deeper reflection it quickly became apparent to me how this could be. The stand up comedian makes fun of other people, the classic slapstick joker often is physically hurting others, the parody is always a mockery of someone or something else, and it continues on this trend. Comedy is derived from pain. And to put it another way; comedy is always had at someone else’s expense. The tears of excessive laughter and painful sorrow flow from the same ducts. But this brought me to another realization, or rather it provided me with an explanation. Often I wondered what it was about Left-wing/liberal comedians, Christian comedians, and other safe/politically correct comedians etc that made them just so painfully unfunny. What it is is that any “comedian” who champions an egalitarian worldview and injects it into their attempted comedy, will fail at being funny. The reason for this is that to champion such ideas as equality, anti-discrimination, weakness, and all other manner of brain disease that comprise an egalitarian worldview is strictly incompatible with having anything at someone else’s expense, even a laugh. The concept of comedy deriving from pain has problems registering with the egalitarian “comic” because pain in the twisted egalitarian world is something to be done away with, to be shunned from the world along with other futilities that form their foundational thinking (or unthinking). Out of pain greatness rises to the surface, and weakness drowns.

-Brandon Clint Russell
28th April 2020

MAY 2020:

As it is well known, I was arrested on the 21st of May 2017. Two days prior two of some of our best comrades were killed, Jeremy and Andrew. Around this same time a year earlier in 2016 another good comrade fell, Jake. So quite understandably May is always a particularly difficult month for me as I remember all the great memories shared with these comrades of ours. Since coming to prison I decided to get a tattoo under my AWD shield on my right shoulder that says “REMEMBER OUR MARTYRS” followed by their names and with runes on both sides. From what I understand, there are now two more names that must be added to this somber list that will likely inevitably grow in an eternal struggle such as the one we are faced with. But with all that has happened and been achieved since my arrest 3 years ago, I can proudly say that none of them have died in vain. When, during that fateful weekend back in late May 2017, it was absolutely clear that I was going to be captured and imprisoned by The System, imprisonment did not worry or scare me much for I knew as a true revolutionary that prison or death is inevitable. What scared me was the frightful possibility that things might fall apart and allow for our fallen comrades deaths to have been in vain — for all we had worked towards for years to come to naught. Thankfully that certainly was not the case. We’ve achieved things that could only be dreamt of in the beginning. We’ve left our mark on history. I find much comfort in the fact that our fallen comrades would not be let down. To forget them at any point would be of such a great unspeakable dishonour. Instead we shall take the iron of the spilt blood of our fallen comrades to forge swords to smite our enemies with. We shall not despair, but grow stronger and more dedicated in our resolve. Not only shall we remember our fallen comrades, but also our many heroes and POWs who along with myself sit in jail and prison for their actions. They must never feel forgotten and should feel the warmth of support from the movement on the outside. Nothing shall deter us from our duty in this eternal struggle — not death nor prison — because no matter what happens to us, we are always comforted by the thought of knowing we did the right thing in fighting this wretched System.
So I say Hail to our fallen and imprisoned comrades! For without them Victory would not be possible!

-Brandon Clint Russell
17th May 2020


The coronavirus came to America from China in the beginning of 2020 and has caused havoc ever since. A flu-like virus that mainly affects the elderly, this virus has brought world commerce to nearly a screeching halt. After I started paying attention to the virus I realized that only good can come of this for us, and this happened in three ways, and continues in these ways;
1) The economic impact is the greatest blow that this virus has struck on the world, all but halting many economies. The long term affects of this will be seen for years to come, with millions of people in America and around the world without jobs. The government’s reaction was to thoughtlessly inject TRILLIONS of dollars into the economy, this almost certainly will lead to hyper-inflation down the road. The economic collapse we’ve been wishing for may eventually precipitate out of this. 2) The demographics affected the worst by this virus are mainly Jews, Blacks, Latinos, and other non-Whites. I’ve seen countless times in the newspapers the whining and complaining about this fact. 3) The global interconnectedness that allowed the virus to spread so quickly is being reconsidered by many countries. Many governments are closing their borders and refusing to allow immigrants into their country. Some governments are using this to capitalize on anti-immigrant sentiment — turning refugees back at the borders, many returning to their hovels and squats in refugee camps to spread the virus like wildfire amongst brown would-be invaders, who lack adequate medical supplies.

All of these factors are very good but are self-evident for anyone to see.
What I’ve been saying since the hype over this virus started in this country and people began being forced to stay at home is that this will bring countless people to our movement. But the reason for this isn’t necessarily any of the three major impacts of the coronovirus listed above, but rather something more simple, so much so that it might even be looked over if not careful.
The simple fact of the matter is — and this is what I correctly predicted — that many millions of people have been stuck at home without work and without much to do but search the internet. After enough time people get bored visiting their lame ass usual websites and begin to drift into “forbidden” or “taboo” territory on the internet (ie White Nationalist/National Socialist sites). This was bound to happen on a large scale given the circumstances of everyone bored and stuck at home, combined with the fact that it has been beaten into peoples’ heads that anything Pro-White is forbidden. Naturally people want to see what all the fuss is about. And they did.
“Engagement with violent extremist content online in states with extended stay-at-home orders grew 21 percent in early April compared with the eight previous months according to Moonshot CVE…”
-“The Coronavirus Becomes Latest Battle Cry for U.S. Extremist Groups” The New York Times, May 4th 2020
“What success these groups have had in finding fresh recruits is not yet clear, but research indicates a significant jump in people consuming extremist material while under lockdown.”

People without a job to lose (because they’ve lost it due to the coronovirus) are not as limited by social constraints of the fear of losing their job (obviously). Without these social constraints, people are more open to and susceptible to extreme avenues. This is exactly what happened in Weimar Germany following World War One and led to the rise of Adolf Hitler.

Many people also can’t help but notice that historic well-poisoners The Jews have been spreading the virus more than anybody else, just as they did with the measles outbreak last year and I also commented on that. I constantly see article after article in the newspaper about how Jews in New York, Israel, and elsewhere have consistently ignored preventative measures to stem the spread of the virus, and have been handled with kid gloves for this (wouldn’t want to be anti-semetic afterall) while others are jailed and fined for the same thing. But I can’t complain because as I said earlier, the Jews are one of the demographics hardest hit by the coronavirus.

A couple of months ago I read an article that was complaining that there was still a lone edition of Mein Kampf available for sale on Amazon (the horror!). But what struck me about the article was that towards the end it stated that the Amazon sales rank for Mein Kampf went from around 50,000 to 3,000 since the coronavirus lockdowns started. This massive uptick in sales of Mein Kampf is great for us! Just imagine it, thousands of ‘average Joes’ stuck at home, curled up under a blanket with a cup of hot coffee, reading Mein Kampf!

Not only is it clear that people are drifting towards our movement as a result of this lockdown, but people are starting to feel a pent up anger and rage over the circumstance and more.
“Various violent incidents have been linked to White supremacist and anti-government perpetrators enraged over aspects of the pandemic.”
We have seen many protests starting to happen and even violent outbursts from people. So much so that the Jews at the SPLC made this statement: “There is a big concern right now –including from people who work in counterterrorism — that it’s an opportune time for these accelerationist groups to strike.”
I don’t blame them for thinking this, The System is in a vulnerable position right now.

I must note here that the perceived biological impact (ie deaths) resulting from the coronavirus pales in comparison to the economic devastation and this will have long lasting consequences that will only drive more people to our movement. Millions of White men, angry that their governments ruined their livelihood and businesses over a hyped up flu, are now jobless. Historically –as mentioned above– this type of anger has always resulted in a growth in this movement. It would have been better if the state wide lockdowns lasted longer but as of writing this — 10th of May 2020 — it seems that many of the states are moving towards reopening with some of the most populous states New York and California less quick to open things back up. However there may be a supposed “second wave” of coronavirus infections, who knows…

This whole “crisis” is a very compounding issue. How this has affected Africa is a very good example of this as I shall explain: Africa is already a very poor shit-hole continent that has never been able to take care of itself — this we already know. But the special scenario of the coronavirus could possibley lead to millions starving to death there. The devestation that coronavirus has caused America and Europe has forced aid organizations to return to their respective countries to care for their own citizens. The closure of countless restaurants and other businesses in the food industries of America and Europe, causing there to be such little demand on the farmers that they are letting their crops rot on the fields (and certainly not shipping any food off to far away Africa). Africa is now forced to feed itself from its own crops, but that isn’t quite possible either because a massive swarm of locusts are destroying their crops. In this example we can see how the coronavirus compounds already existing problems and creates new ones that The System has a hard time juggling.

We have yet to see how The System will deal with the rage of all those awakened and angered in the aftermath of this. I think they’ll have a difficult time with that. While the rest of the world panics and hurts from this virus, our movement will emerge from it stronger and more numerous than ever.

Brandon Clint Russell
10th May 2020.