A topic that comes up again and again in our circles is the concept of “Race War”. Now, what does that really mean and what would it look like? There are plenty of ideas out there, though most are based on fantasy and not fact.

In reality, a race war would likely not be an epic racial holy war akin to Lord of the Rings in its level of desolation. For one to see a racial war in action, one only has to look at The Troubles in Northern Ireland. The Troubles could and should be classified as a racial conflict.  During The Troubles there were clear cut lines in communities and constant hatred and conflict. 

Having two diametrically opposed groups living in the same area and sharing the same land results in what a Fascist, or any reasonable person would predict, intergroup conflict. So The Troubles began. With this conflict the two communities solidified their areas and drove out the other. This means if you were a Catholic Irishmen waltzing into the Protestant areas then you might not walk out alive, and if you did, you’d likely be battered and bloodied.

It didn’t matter if you were an IRA member or not. It didn’t matter if you were friends with Protestants. Natural thinking ruled over liberal thinking and if you were from a different tribe, you were not welcome. Like any racial conflict, you were born into your side. Your uniform is something you’re born with and you can never take off. Like any conflict, if you betrayed your side then you’d be dealt with accordingly.

In The Troubles this means if a Catholic Irish girl was dating a Protestant boy then she’d be tied to a lamp post, beaten brutally, her head shaved and a sign around her neck declaring her as a traitor to her own tribe. And that’s if she was lucky.

Riots would often ensue during the conflict as between Protestants and Catholics. It didn’t matter if you picked sides or not. You were on a side and you had no choice. During these riots there were cases of Catholic mobs destroying Protestant neighborhoods and vice versa. It didn’t matter if your neighborhood was a stronghold for the IRA or not. You were their racial enemy and you had to be dealt with. As simple as that. 

We saw this here in the US in 1992 in Los Angeles. The riots that The Blacks and Hispanic populations in LA started introduced total anarchy and chaos under the pretext of the Rodney King beating. King was, unsurprisingly, a nigger crackhead who was beaten by police officers after attacking them. In this riot they looted and burned stores to the ground. They dragged whites from their vehicles and beat them within an inch of their lives.

They went into Korean neighborhoods and attacked them due to racial tensions between the Koreans and the niggers and spics. Torching their stores to the ground after looting them. Koreans in the area had enough and began forming Korean Militias and defending their neighborhoods from these racial aliens. Whites sadly didn’t do the same thing, at least not on the same level. In fact many whites during the LA riots were incomptent and stupid. 

One example that gets me was a white truck driver. He was driving his semi-truck through the riots. A group of blacks jump in front of the truck in an attempt to stop him. He, not wanting to harm them, and seeing them as ‘fellow citizens’, stops. The group of blacks then dragged the truck driver from his truck and relentlessly beat him right on the street. They taunted him and tried to cave in his skull. 

What was his mistake? He saw those thugs as ‘fellow citizens’. He didn’t go with his natural instinct and see them as what they were. Racial aliens. If he did, then he would have continued driving and the niggers would have scampered away and he wouldn’t have gotten beaten nearly to death. 

You may ask why this is relevant. It is to show you what a racial conflict looks like through example. None of this fantasy trash of epic racial battles like in a fantasy novel. None of that. A race war is brutal, it can start at any time. The LA riots lasted several days before the military put it down, but The Troubles lasted for decades and its embers are still burning. You don’t have a choice in the matter here. You are part of this conflict whether you like it or not, and you are already wearing your uniform.