Hellas: A Birth of a People

Throughout the ten thousand years or so of human civilization, hundreds of mighty empires have come into fruition and eventually faded away, due to famine, plagues, civil and internal collapse, or due to being defeated by another foe and annexed. Every one of these societies had a rich and deep political foundation on which the culture was built upon, to ensure the prosperity and safety of the nation itself.  To go in depth about every specific geo-political reform around the world would be far too much for this text, so we must look upon our very own people, the Aryan race, and how the idea of Universal Order began to take shape

During the Hellenic and Latin times of old, the political scene was quite advanced among these two peoples. The Greek peninsula was ripe for trade across the Mediterranean through the Aegean Sea and the Ionian Islands, creating a market for exchanging not just goods, but culture and knowledge. With the ease of trade with northern Africans, notably Egypt and Carthage, the Greek language itself began to take shape. The Phoenician language, fused together with the Semitic tongues of civilizations between the Tigris and Euphrates, had considerable impact on the creation of the Greek language, which in turn would become the lingua franca of civilized nobles of Europe.

The geography of Greece is full of harsh mountains and terrain, thus making large connected states counter-intuitive. Due to this detriment, kingdoms were often limited  themselves to one large city. The more modern term would be city-states. Each of these city-states had their own hierarchy, mostly consisting of the royal family and priests who had the most power, far above the artisans and peasants. This hierarchical structure was the first political norm of civilization itself, and it persisted almost to the modern day. It is this natural distinction of power that is essential to the Fascist Truth. 

Mythology and religion were of the utmost importance to the Hellenic people, as it should be for all Aryans. Feasts and sacrifices were a nearly daily occurrence, and the belief in the supernatural and in fate can be seen in several works of poetry, most famously Homer’s epic: The Odyssey. This key factor of a religion that promotes Universal Order in all things is the essential part of a sense of unity among the city-states of Greece. Without the will of the Gods upon Aryan warriors our movement will crumble into dust. 

One festival, which celebrated the lead deity Zeus, collected athletes across Hellas to compete in games. Today we know these as the Olympic Games. The games were both athletic and political. During the Olympics, city-states would announce alliances, mass-sacrifices for the gods in exchang for victory, etc. This festival is a  peak example of Hellenism, synthesizing culture, politics, and even ways of thinking into one collective event. 

The most influential city-state throughout the peninsula was without question Sparta. These militaristic people are a shining example of not just Hellenic might, but of Aryan will as a whole. Boys trained from ten years of age were pitted against each other to further their camaraderie and ferocity. Women were homemakers and bearers of children. 

Military discipline was rigorous, for the entire Spartan culture evolved around warfare. Spartan wives told their husbands prior to battle: “Come back with your shield, or on it”. This noble ideal of Victory or Death is the most underlying foundation for all Aryan nationalist that should be honored at all causes.

This show of culture and ingenuity of the ancient Greek people far surpasses any modern nation. The value of the Arts and tradition, the advancements in mathematical and scientific theory, the creation of European traditions and honour cannot be compared to any European nation today. Since the early twentieth century, our people have gradually fallen into a degenerate wasteland; entrapped by material lust and pleasure. Morals have fallen into a pit of greed, selfishness, cowardly and dissonant muck. 

Youth have fallen into the brainwashed id Zionist-Bolshevik idea of  “equality for all mankind”. With this fall the youth, the burning sword that our ancestors have carried for millennia has no bearer; dimming the light of the Earth. We, as nationalists, cannot let these foul Jew mongrels take away the sacrifices of millions of our own people for their own gain. We shall either rise to fulfill the sacraments and blood oaths of old, again making the Aryan people the greatest power upon this world, or we shall succumb to a deathly demise; a world of vile filth and sorrow. 

We must take the sword, just like the once mighty Greeks did, and rise atop the corpses of traitors and take our rightful place among the stars! To do that is to fulfill our destiny, and for that we shall never falter, never tire, never surrender, and never lose hope! Hail our people! Hail victory!