It Must Happen Now!

If you are on this website, you most likely do not respect any “conservative” party or its beliefs. These parties exist simply to preserve the status quo, and do not represent OUR interests in anyway. Unfortunately, there are still many within a pro-collapse mindset who do not understand the full consequences of having a conservative in power. They see the neo-liberals and socialists as an escalated point towards collapse, but still move on to prefer conservatives taking the reins. Why is this? They have a concept which is sound in theory, but fatally flawed. This concept is what I call postponement syndrome, they want the implosion to happen, but they simply want more time to prepare. Time is a powerful tool, and you can use it for anything you want. From stockpiling guns & ammo, to networking and building up organizations, there are many uses for it. The problem is that time is not just our tool, but the system’s as well, and unfortunately, the system is better at its utilization of time and has infinitely more to gain from it. Time is truly the systems greatest asset. 

The system that we live in is a cancer, there is no more effective way of defining it. Like any cancer, the longer it is left untreated, the harder it is to remove, and the more damage is caused. Every remaining element of what was once OUR system is being destroyed minute by minute. The genetic aspect is clear, every day is another white man or woman betraying themselves via miscegenation. The mental and physical aspects of ourselves are in an even worse state. Constant propaganda is streamed endlessly, and the typical American diet continues to reflect the cattle we are being turned into. Our broadened white cultural identity now consists of nothing but watching certain TV shows and being mild-mannered. Go to a man in Houston or Atlanta and you will no longer hear the once strong accent or attitude which was still prevalent even just thirty years ago. Every month a new forest is torn down to build more copy and pasted OSB houses. Every minute, second, and millisecond of delay we allow is actively encouraging this metropolitan hell we find ourselves in. 

Every piece of technology which has been produced since the middle of the second industrial revolution has been made with the purpose of making us more reliant on an ever-growing system. This concept was discussed in SIEGE and is not new on its own. What is new is the extent to which it is being carried out. Any given segment of the technology industry can easily be cross referenced with whichever dystopian novel you pick and found to have some resemblance to what is described. Amazon’s RING service has turned every house in the country into a surveillance system for the state (if you doubt this; simply turn to your local news channel and see how much crime footage involves these door cameras). Cars, phones, analytical software, apps, whatever sector you can think of is a centralized tool which can and will be used against you. Any element of life which was free of constant outside influence has been corrupted by this technology. There even some with a National-Socialist mindset who believe technology will somehow save us, that “transhumanism” will lead to so ideal world where the white man is back on top, that designer babies will surely be Aryan. There is no context where this technology helps us, it only makes the system stronger. 

Lastly, the government itself is only getting stronger. The military, once a bastion of tradition and a potential asset for any movement based upon truth is now being filled to the brim with minorities and women. Meanwhile, the police force is being filled with veterans and ex-mercenary men who look like they are out of soldier of fortune. Conservative policies only lead to more complacency in the masses, and in turn the strengthening of the government. Our remaining civil liberties are under constant threat from the increased dominance of the aforementioned tech companies which increasingly have more control over the marketplace of ideas than any other organization in history. In twenty years-time younger people will romanticized the “freedom” era we live in now if things continue on their path.

    Theodore Kaczynski put my concept here well:

“Suppose the system survives the crisis of the next several decades. By that time it will have to have solved, or at least brought under control, the principal problems that confront it, in particular that of “socializing” human beings; that is, making people sufficiently docile so that their behavior no longer threatens the system. That being accomplished, it does not appear that there would be any further obstacle to the development of technology, and it would presumably advance toward its logical conclusion, which is complete control over everything on Earth, including human beings and all other important organisms.”

The crime wave, drugs, and general depravity of the world around us was seen to be at its apex and near collapse point by James Mason in the original run of SIEGE. Things have gotten worse overall but are somehow getting more visibly stable. If we continue to pussy-foot and hope for delay, the system will only become more totalitarian and concrete in its methods.