Today, we’re pleased to announce the launch of The American Futurist. There have been many months in development and planning, and this is only the first step of many. The goal of this website is simple: To provide a medium for Radical Fascist propaganda, and to spread the ideas of many Fascists, including the ideas of James Mason. Through this website we will empower fellow fascists by helping their ideological advancement. Unlike other Fascist/NS/White Nationalist publications, our staff is our user base. Any user can submit self-made media to be posted. It can be articles, artwork, music, videos, video games, etc. We’ll host it, as long as it’s pro-white, and in line with our worldview.

With this structure of decentralized staffing, we are decentralizing the information war itself. We shall give opportunities to those within our movement to express their own pro-white perspectives, to find in themselves the writer or artist that they hadn’t seen before. 

This creates an issue for the Jewish System itself. Forcing them to fight the hydra, and to play an endless game of whack-a-mole. The fact of the matter is that propaganda is just as important as anything. It’s as important as guns. Propaganda brings forth new followers and new propagandists.

We have archived everything from Siege Kultur, the old SIEGE website.

At this time that website is considered defunct and no longer in function. But we are not a rebrand, we have taken everything that was good about that site, and we shall improve on it in every possible way. We will take the good, and forget any negatives.

The first step in fixing a problem is addressing that you have a problem. Many mistakes have been made, though they were made by people with only the best intentions. We’re not going to go into detail over these issues. Everyone already knows them by now. 

We don’t plan to act like any other site has in the past. We shall not be dogmatic about the inner workings. Whatever works will be promoted, and whatever doesn’t work will be forgotten. Dogmatism has been the downfall of many other endeavors. We shall adapt, and we shall overcome.

Hail Victory! Heil Hitler!