Urban Exporing

A fascist group of any kind is nearly impotent if they do not train together in physical activities that involve teamwork, combat, and thinking on your feet. Airsoft and paintball is great for minor combat training, martial arts are good for hand to hand combat, hiking is great, but there’s still a need for another team building activity in your squad. Urban exploring fills that niche nicely. When exploring abandoned places you will learn to be one as a group, everyone must help one and other to make it through whatever abandonment is being explored. It is also a great way to get equipment that has been lost or left behind in years past. Urbex appeals to me as a Fascist for the amount of teamwork needed for it to be possible.

Urban exploration, or urbex for short, is something that has quickly become one of the most thought provoking and favorite hobbies for me and my friends. It involves the exploring of abandoned places like warehouses, schools, radio stations, old hotels and a plethora of other interesting locales being slowly reclaimed by nature. There are many good times to be had from the things experienced whilst out exploring these relics of the not so far gone past.

The first time I tried this out was with one other comrade at an old, run down, abandoned truck station with brick, dryer than a desert, and layer of dust a half-inch thick. My first thought when we started to see things that were left untouched by anyone but nature was “wow, look at what it must have been like back when this place was in operation.” This thought became more and more prominent once we unsealed the office that was very well preserved, as it had been shut tight some time ago. Within the office of the truck station were all sorts of record books, car manuals, dictionaries of all sorts, C.B. Radios and vintage photographs. Looking at the photographs of the very same place we were at, but new and showing the stations former glory from thirty years past gave one a sense of how easily abandoned and lost to everyone human creations can be.

When done with the friends in your group, urbex has an innate cohesive element that helps you all bond together. You must to work as a unit to get from place to place, sometimes you might have to pull each other up to higher spots, bust rusted doors open, stand guard, etc. It offers great experience in terms of acting as a group, as one solidified unit. This is important, because it increases the efficiency of the group’s organisation skills and operating procedures. For any fascist group this is of the utmost importance.

There is some basic essential equipment you’ll have to take with you to help traverse the environment more smoothly. These are the things you will need that can be found in practically any home. Most places that are abandoned are very dirty and there are sharp objects everywhere that may snag and rip your clothes, so you should bring cheap but durable clothing. A good pair of durable combat or hiking boots are also a necessity, and you certainly need a long sleeve shirt, and perhaps a jacket. If you live in the south or a humid climate mosquito spray is a another major requirement, mosquitoes are a fucking pest and they will sting like hell and ruin your day. You need to have flashlights with you at all times, as well as a cellphone. The last thing you want is to get stuck in the middle of nowhere without a way to get help. Handheld radios can be convenient, so if you have them bring them along.

Always consider potential dangers when you’re out on an expedition. Rule number one, never go alone, always go with a group or another friend, the last thing you want is to get stuck or hurt alone without help available. The second most pressing danger in your mind to look out for should be the structural integrity of whatever you might be exploring, you don’t want to fall through a floor, trip over a pothole, or fall on some rusty rebar. The third danger to keep in mind is the squatters, some mentally ill and drug addicted people live in abandoned locations, bring a knife, and go with a group, these people are absolutely insane, and you don’t want to run into them.

In today’s world there is no more frontier, but we do have the lost world of yesterday to explore. It is analogous to the world we live in today, this modern world, boundaries in our spiritual and physical lives seem to restrain us, but with urban exploration we have found a kind of new frontier, the frontier of bringing what was forgotten back into view.

I think that anyone that is able bodied and has good comrades should seriously try it out sometime, it’s a serious gas.