The American Futurist Second Anniversary!

We’re a bit late as we were founded April 15, 2020, however we wish to celebrate our second anniversary! It has been a great two years since our founding, this publication has grown to an extent to which we wouldn’t have imagined it to grow where we now have a monthly 15,000 readers and growing.

When this publication was founded in 2020, it was founded out of necessity, due to the arrest of Cameron Denton (known as Vincent Snyder on SiegeKultur or Rape in Atomwaffen Division) just a few months prior, we lost access to SiegeKultur as the FBI took it from us during the raids and arrests of February 26th, 2020, The American Futurist being a shelved idea of Cameron’s, we launched it. While it wasn’t known as The American Futurist in Cameron’s mind, Cameron himself thought that SiegeKultur as a publication needed revamping and retooling.

We needed to change our image for the better and purge certain negative elements from our sub-movement if we’re to grow as a political movement and not just remain as the pariah we once were. So with the help of myself, Tim Turtle, Rusty Shackleford and Ryan Arthur, it was launched, The American Futurist with the Hook & Hammer symbol of this site being designed by Tim Turtle. We only expected this publication to reach maybe several thousand at most and be happy with that, but we’ve gotten more attention that we could dream of.

We’ve faced a lot of hardship in the past two years, from harassment of our staff by various groups and individuals to the United Nations stealing our original .xyz domain to governments world wide declaring us a terrorist organization despite the fact we haven’t done a single attack or killed anyone. It shows we’re on the right track and we’ve only been growing because of it, we’re now we’ve been stepping off the internet and attending conferences and working with activists and organizers in real life to achieve our vision of a Fascist World, there is no where to go but up at this point.

We thank all of our readers for helping us with this vision and we hope for more years to come! You’re what makes us possible!

Hail Victory! Hail The American Futurist!