Old Blood – an Ode to the Future

The 1980s and 1990s. Decades of action dedicated to the liberation and white self-determination as it pertained to the federal government, abortion, and general outlook of the United States. When we look back at the 80s and 90s, much of what transpired was absolutely fucking nuts. So much so, it seems eons away from our current position within the contemporary American political and socio-economic hellscape. What made the decades so volatile?


For one, the enemy in America was not centralized as much as it is now. You had your run of the mill political traitors, but they had no real muscle on the street, and the far left enclaves operated with reduced traction and influence in comparison to today’s live-streamed “proletarian rebellion” fakery. For two, the two decades acted much like a garden, nursing seeds of resistance all bearing varying characteristics, but almost always leaning towards Christian Identity related militancy, a militancy that had the feds shitting their pants. Never before was there a recorded resistance and action network so fluid but, more importantly, dedicated to real world action. Because of this, we can then understand the intensified efforts to curb and suppress any organization with even a fractionalized semblance of these groups from the past.

Finally, and for three, much of the push back and counter-intelligence and surveillance wasn’t in the form of a malnourished twitter leftist, lazily doxxing low-level movementarians… no. The push back came from federal agencies who had no qualms about killing you or your family, and being awarded the highest honors in the fed community by the likes of Janet Reno. It was the start of a literal internalized American conflict that continues to this day, and whose participants and belligerents are often forgotten or outright discarded.

In the current age, while communists and the generic flavor of the deranged orchestrate around the comforting aura of opportunism when attacking pro-life centers around the country, we are reminded of people like Paul Jennings Hill, Scott Roeder, Eric Rudolph, and Shelly Shannon, who took the fight directly to the doorstep of abortion doctors operating in predominantly white localities, switching them off in the parking lots of their own clinics.

Of course, these people of action were thrown under the bus by their mainstream political cousins, who thought that killing those doctors who were butchering white kids daily was “not the answer”. Nothing much has changed in that regard, as we are still seeing a lack of backbone from our distant cousins in the collaborationist conservative camp. Our politicians have always been unable to accept what needs to be accepted and unwilling to do what needs to be done. Furthermore, our daily “saviors” refuse to name the enemy, and by doing so, only amplify their cowardice. This is why we say wholeheartedly, “There is nothing to the right of us but the wall!”.

We are then reminded of men surrounded by pine and roving hills of green in the Pacific Northwest. Men like David Lane, Robert Jay Mathews, David Tate, Richard Scutari, Bruce Pierce, and Gary Lee Yarbrough, men of The Order, or Brüder Schweigen, again, men of action. I do not need to expand on the activities they were involved in; just know that they did what they did to try and lessen the grip. Just as we have federal informants bent on taking down groups of organized white men, so too did the 1980s and 1990s have their fair share of turncoats.

Despite being accepted into the brotherhood on the basis of being a Spaniard, Tom Martinez decided to willingly give information to federal authorities, ultimately landing all members of The Order in federal prison on conspiracy and RICO charges. It only takes one weak link to sever a chain. This universal fact was true then, and it’s true now. Memory of the aforementioned should be emphasized a great deal, because if we allow our ilk to rot in communication management units without analyzing their efforts, their faults, their triumphs, their potential, we then become nothing more than bastards of world truth, a movement with no origin, unable to navigate the future intelligently, and ultimately doomed to failure.

When we look back at our cause, beliefs, and movement, there is a constant stride for learning. We still have residual issues present, but we have seen a dynamic shift in the revolutionary methods of racialists over the years, and it is of great importance that these men of action are not forgotten in the nexus of our revolutionary history. So, how is this article going to be received? Evil racists giving a nod to “domestic terrorists”?

I then ask the system’s pawns, adherents, and useful idiots one question. What about your heroes? What about your ideologues in this corrupt and filthy system? Scour various social media platforms, and you’ll see left-wing pundits calling for murder, riots, and resistance without the batting of an eyelid. Embed yourself in social media spheres and witness people giving odes to people like the Shining Path of Peru, the Weathermen Underground, the May 19 Communist Organization, the ongoing Naxalite and Nepalese Maoist insurgencies, rioters, and opportunists grabbing a Gucci bag rather than a book—ad nauseam. We then, too, will give an ode to our revolutionaries. We too will give an ode to the old blood.