The Evangelical Menace

With the news regarding events such as the overturning of Roe v. Wade and talk of further actions by the Religious Right of the United States which is mostly comprised of Evangelical Christians. This rebirth of the Evangelical Movement within the United States has been something that has been on the rise for several years now since their fall from grace back in the mid 2000s with the rise of Left-Wing Progressivism and their cultural victories around things like gay marriage and other social pet projects of theirs, along with major figure heads of theirs such as Ted Haggard being exposed as a closeted homosexual. The movement had a massive decline for a while.

That was until Donald Trump came to office in 2016, in which while Donald Trump may have not been an Evangelical himself, he appointed many Evangelical Powerplayers such as Mike Pence, Mike Pompeo and others to extremely powerful positions within the United States Government. This guided much of US foreign and domestic policy, with many Evangelical church leaders meeting with Donald Trump, and both Pompeo and Pence putting pressure on Trump to pursue Evangelical-friendly (and by consequence, jewish-friendly) goals.

Keep in mind that the system is not a monolith. Like in any political structure, there are factions. While these factions may all disagree on many different issues, they’re still all pro-jewish. Think of the system like a ship with different captains all fighting for control of the wheel. All of these captains are aiming towards various directions that all lead to a giant jagged bed of rocks that’ll destroy the ship and you, so the end goal, no matter which captain is in charge and was authorized by the shipping company, will still result in you crashing into the rocks.

With these developments have come some within our own circles (mostly movementarians) expressing hope, especially with many prominent Evangelicals bragging about how things like gay marriage are the next thing to be axed. The issue is that this is nothing more than a false hope. In fact, it’s worse for us if the Evangelicals win than if someone like, let’s say, the social democrats such as Bernie Sanders takes over. Let me explain.

What Evangelicals Believe and Us:

Evangelicals are jew loving death cultists:

I’m not going to go into the complete history of the Evangelical Christian movement, since that’s a waste of time and irrelevant. What is relevant is what exactly they believe. In simple terms, Evangelical Christians are a branch of Protestantism that more or less believes in most things that other Protestants believe in. Certain aspects of their beliefs separate them from most Christians. Most unique being their absolute love and devotion to jews and the illegitimate state of Israel as well as their belief in American Exceptionalism. The belief, of course, being that the United States government is a shining city on the hill and a country created by God himself.

These two major beliefs put them at odds with our worldview right off the bat and put us in opposition to them due to our opposition towards jews and the United States government. On top of this, Evangelicals themselves are nothing more than a jew worshiping death cult when you actually study the absolutely insane things that they believe. For example, Evangelicals worship the illegitimate state of Israel because they believe that the land of Palestine should be a 100% jewish ethnostate in order for Jesus to return. Taking from the Story of Esther from the Old Testament, I’m not joking with this, Evangelicals unironically believe that because this story was about how evil and bad Ancient Persia was due to Persia’s conflicts with the ancient jews that this means the US needs to declare war on Iran and, in some Evangelical schools of thought, the US should use nuclear weapons on them for being a threat to Israel.

This wouldn’t be much of a concern until you realize that much of the State Department and Intelligence Community are run by these jew loving lunatics. Individuals such as Mike Pompeo (former CIA head and Secretary of State) have openly stated their views regarding their belief that Iran needs to be attacked because of his interpretation of a niche Old Testament story. In fact, two big players in the Evangelical Movement, Mike Pompeo and Mike Pence, were both responsible for the assassination of Qasem Soleimani due to his support of anti-Israel groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah.

Evangelicals are anti-White:

Evangelicals aren’t just a wacky sect of Christianity akin to people who whip around rattlesnakes while speaking gibberish. These people have serious political power and sway within the system and are a faction within the system. Besides their openly pro-jewish policies, Evangelical Churches are also one of the biggest importers of non-Whites into the United States. More often than not, they bring back various types of racial mongrels from places like Latin America and Africa on their mission trips. Helping them out with legal costs of getting US residency and more.

Evangelicals aren’t the only group of Christians that do this. In fact, the Catholic Church and many Eastern Orthodox churches also do this too. This is due to the fact that these churches are not stupid and know that fewer and fewer Whites are going to church anymore. So it is financially beneficial to them to import as many non-Whites as possible in order to keep the funds flowing. Where I grew up, for example, many of the Catholic and Protestant churches relied on Central and Eastern European migrants to keep their churches afloat. Now that their children don’t care to attend anymore, these churches have begun heavily appealing to blacks and mestizos instead just to make up for the cost.

Evangelicals (as well as many other sects of Christianity) have opposing views to our own and will actively hinder our efforts politically as they offer to those who might join us a false hope that praying and waiting for Jesus to come back will fix everything. This isn’t even an anti-Christian point to make, as even devout Christians such as Robert Mathews (who was devoutly Christian Identity) made this point as well in his famous “Call to Aryan Warriors” speech in which he pointed out that the biggest opposition to people like ourselves in communities (White Rural Communities) that are open to our message is always some pissant pastor telling the townsfolk to avoid the big bad nazis and how things such as racism are bad and against Jesus. Which brings me to my next point.

Evangelicals and the Environment:

Another core belief of Evangelicals that puts us in strict opposition to them and their movement is that regarding their beliefs around the environment and how humans interact with it. To put their beliefs simply, they do not believe in any environmental protection whatsoever. They do not believe in animal rights and welfare, they do not believe in regulation of industries to protect ecosystems and habitats. It is a belief that Evangelicals borrowed from judaism due to their constant love of jews as these holy people. They just adopted their worldview that animals and the environment are just material things to be used at our will.

In fact, it is a belief among Evangelicals that animals do not have souls and therefore cannot suffer. They are nothing more than inanimate objects that imitate life but are not alive. As for the environment, with issues such as pollution and protection of ecosystems from destruction, Evangelicals believe that these things are not to be regulated and protected. That God created the world for us to do with as we please and that when we die, we go to heaven anyway, so who gives a fuck about the world left behind for our children to deal with. very selfish and, might I say, jewish mindset to have. 

These beliefs alone, at least to myself, qualify more than enough to make someone my enemy and have myself be in strict opposition to such groups that propagate these beliefs. Combine this with the anti-White beliefs and worship of jews and alike, such people are scum of the Earth.

Evangelicals Winning Will Destroy a White Revolution:

Let’s say tomorrow that Evangelicals take over the United States and institute an Evangelical Theocracy within the United States. They institute all the laws they want to institute and go towards the goal of a US Government based around the whims of Mega Churches and their interpretation of the Bible. This would absolutely destroy any chance we have towards a revolution of our own. As Robert Mathews pointed out decades ago, these Evangelical lunatics just act as false hope and undermine our goals by giving those who might join us with false hope and bad ideas. 

The reality is that a US controlled by Evangelicals is just going to end up with us becoming a Christian Saudi Arabia, with basically no difference to today’s modern United States, with the exception that everyone is thumping a Bible and there are no gays. It’s still heavily materialistic and consumerist. We still have the rising non-White population to contend with, and, of course, the jews are still in charge and making the decisions. This time, instead of liberals and social democrats acting as collaborators, Reactionary Evangelicals are.

This will destroy us if this succeeds, because at this point, what desire would people have towards revolt who are open to us when they have a system of half measures already in place? Human nature will gravitate towards the path of least resistance. As such, if there are half measures and concessions in place, the desire for revolution will shrink. I again bring up Robert Mathews stating how the biggest obstacle he ever had in alienated White communities wasn’t the US Government or the Media or else-what but some pissant Evangelical who marched in to counter-signal Robert Mathews and his message with messages of prayer and reform rather than righteous rage and revolution.

As a historical note, communist jew Lenin himself pointed out how moderates in the various greater leftist circles of Russia, with their half measures, are always the biggest obstacle to any and all revolutions. In his case, it was the moderate social democrats who nearly destroyed his efforts towards his goals of a marxist revolution in Russia with their provisional government, which was sucking away all the Russian leftists who desired revolution and putting them towards left-wing reform, and it was only through luck and their incompetence that he was able to recover and win. For our own non-jewish political projects, I’d rather increase our chances, not lower them by having reformists take over. 

In fact, personally I want more Bernie Sanders types to win national elections, I want them to achieve their goals of things like abolishing the Senate and Electoral College, effectively stripping away what’s left of White rural political power within the United States within the national electoral system. It’ll increase alienation, anger, and outrage within these communities as they lean more and more towards a White Revolution with ourselves taking over. We must oppose all forms of reformism, no matter what form they take. Revolution is the only solution.

In Conclusion:

The conclusion to be made from all of this is that we as Fascists must oppose the rising Evangelical movement at all costs. Evangelicals and their allies are not our friends, nor will they help us achieve our goals. They are in strict opposition to most things we hold in our worldview, outside of them not liking homosexuals, which if your bench mark for supporting someone is “they don’t like the gays!” then you have some pretty low standards to begin with.

The only support we should give is to that of our own goals and ideas, not to those of our enemies, no matter what. We must seek revolution, we must seek the complete overthrow and replacement of these rotten and illegitimate systems. We cannot do so by clapping along as the Evangelical marches in and declares a Judeo-Christian Theocracy, which will only hasten the annihilation of our race, lands, and ourselves.

Remember, and I cannot stress this enough. White Revolution is the only solution!

Hail Victory!