The American Futurist State of the Union

The American Futurist will have its own State of the Union to discuss future developments for our project and to discuss various issues around the project, such as stagnation. Let’s begin.

More than just an opinion piece publication:

The American Futurist Project needs to be more than just an opinion piece publication. While this website will continue as an ideological newsletter, we will be expanding by August into other media forms. Soon, we will launch our news website featuring news coverage from a Revolutionary Fascist perspective.

A news website for Revolutionary Fascists is sorely needed. It fills a needed gap. National Justice has been essentially abandoned by Eric Striker. The Daily Stormer isn’t even racialist anymore. While this news website will begin with articles, we plan on expanding to video media, documentaries and more. This is essential for our movement. The proliferation of information will keep our movement growing and strong.

Stay tuned! Hopefully we will get that going soon!

Store Additions:

We plan on adding more hard-to-find books and booklets to the store. Finally, we plan on making the store its own website separate from The American Futurist. There, you can browse and buy a multitude of different hard-to-find books and booklets. This is a long term goal, but hopefully by the end of the year we will accomplish this.


We will diversify beyond articles by starting a podcast run by myself. This was decided by 90% of votes in a poll conducted on our Telegram. We plan to have that ready by this early Autumn.

Back to Basics:

The American Futurist really began with RopeCulture, Ironmarch’s in-house publication that lasted until late 2017. It only ended when Alexander Slavros, the owner of Ironmarch, disbanded Ironmarch and consequently RopeCulture. RopeCulture was a Revolutionary Fascist Publication similar to The American Futurist. It focused on a variety of topics revolving around Fascist Principles and Revolutionary Tactics.

RopeCulture disbanded and several months later Cameron Denton, under the name Vincent Snyder, founded SiegeCulture, a similar publication with the main topic being James Mason and his book SIEGE. This lasted until 2020 when Cameron Denton was arrested by the FBI. His arrest happened right as Cameron started to reform SiegeCulture away from being “The Edgelord Publication” by removing the Dark Foreigner artwork, changing the messaging, and attempting to build SiegeCulture (then SiegeKultur at the time) into a serious Revolutionary Fascist Publication. Instead of focusing on being the edgiest guy in the movement, the focus became serious ideological discussions around tactics and more. Sadly, he was arrested. Everything fell onto myself because I was second-in-command of the publication and was one of the main writers.

We had many internal talks on what to do about the situation. In April of 2020, the decision to rebrand was made. Naming the publication “The American Futurist” after The American Futurist Workshop on Ironmarch, we attempted to build something brand new. Carrying on Cameron Denton’s legacy of a reformed, serious publication both ideologically challenging and inventive, the project continues.

As of today, we’re going to make major shifts with our propaganda, essays, and general media. We are moving away from exclusively focusing on James Mason and SIEGE. Instead, we are moving back to our roots with RopeCulture. We are a serious, revolutionary Fascist publication that likes SIEGE but we don’t revolve around SIEGE. We don’t renounce SIEGE. SIEGE is a solid book worth its salt. It is a great contribution to this movement. However, we believe it’s a bad idea to limit ourselves to a single book and contribute to a cult of personality around its author. This limits the creative potential of our community as we press forward boldly into the future.

We’ve noticed this with article submissions and how many in our community think. Everyone, and I’m guilty of this too, has been limiting our potential by exclusively focusing too much on SIEGE and its ideas. Rather than using SIEGE as a stepping stone, it’s treated like the Bible that must be taken dogmatically. SIEGE is something to study, consider, learn from, but ultimately we must build upon it something unique, powerful, and new. Treating SIEGE as the Bible severely limits creativity and the expansion of our ideas. This mindset has gotten annoying and has greatly stagnated our community.

The American Futurist is not denouncing SIEGE. That’s idiotic. SIEGE is a great book. We’re simply no longer going to obsess over it. Instead of constantly talking about SIEGE and James Mason, we’re going to return to RopeCulture standards. We’re going to focus on studying the heroes of the past, giving them air time and recognition as we continue to develop and grow as well. We will also produce new works that can’t be compared to anything else. We feel as though we have been incredibly successful in bringing SIEGE to the forefront of the movement and influencing the movement towards revolutionary thoughts and actions, more than we anticipated when we started many years ago. Now it is time to elevate other works, actions and heroes to this same level as we have done before. 

We plan on studying many individuals such as Dennis Mahon, Dr. William Luther Pierce, George Lincoln Rockwell, Robert Mathews, Henry Ford, Madison Grant, Ted Kazcynski, Benito Mussolini, F.T. Marinetti and many more. They all deserve to be recognized. They all have something to teach us. In many cases, excluding Rockwell and Dr. Pierce, these heroes are not given enough well-deserved recognition within the movement. We plan to republish their works so we can further build upon their ideas as we continually improve and build our worldview and movement.

We’re hoping this inspires more creativity and contributions to the Fascist Worldview. We believe this will create more original works of and inspire the next great wave of people within the movement.

Reaffirmation of Independence:

The American Futurist reaffirms that we are an independent publication. We are not a part of nor do we serve any organization or individual. We are not the National Socialist Order, James Mason, Atomwaffen Division, The Base or anything of that sort. This isn’t a denouncement of any other organization. It is only a reaffirmation that The American Futurist is an independent publication. While we may have contributors who are a part of various organizations, or are themselves individuals of note, this doesn’t mean that we’re a part of them.

We personally feel that this needs to be reaffirmed as people have been claiming that we’re X’s publication, when, in fact, we’re independent.

The American Futurist in Real Life:

Besides the media aspect of things, we plan to expand further on doing more real-life outreach and organizing. So far, we’ve only had staff members attend conferences. We must expand our reach further and faster. Nothing must be beyond our reach. We must have a good network of good, intelligent individuals within the movement working together towards the common goal of total victory. So far, to the dismay of our enemies, we are still growing.

In Conclusion:

We see 2022 as a great year for us. We’ve seen the steady growth of our ideas and brand. With our new reforms, future improvements, and coming installments, we only see our growth accelerating. We take joy in the fact that our ideas have pervaded the entire movement, ideas that were once fringe are now ideas that are now required to be taken seriously because of our influence. As our influence continues to grow, so too shall we and this cycle shall continue. White revolution and nothing less is the only answer for what we face and this requires creativity. We hope our readership is just as excited as we are! Soon, nothing will be able to stop us!

If the powers that be couldn’t stop us, then who can?

Hail Victory!