Fundraising Success!

As an announcement from The American Futurist. Our fundraiser to get the funds needed to make copies of SIEGE has been a success. We’ve received over $800 in donations from many of our users within days of our post. Which is nothing short of amazing. We all thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this funding. From this point onward any donations given to use through our donation page will go towards site maintenance and other projects unless specifically requested through email that you want to give money towards the store.

As stated, the SIEGE we’ll be selling will be a new edition. Which will contain images and a new intro. We haven’t yet settled on a price point yet as we’re still factoring in other costs and what a fair price would be. However it’s going to be under $40 easily in price. Which is better than the current prices of SIEGE that are over $150 and sometimes reach $500 or more. Which is absurd and James Mason himself has stated he wants to end and break up. As another point, the new edition of SIEGE will be released here for free in PDF form as always.

How sales of SIEGE on this site will work is simple. We’re going to do both mail order and email order. Mail order being simple that you fill out a form and send it with money to our PO Box and we’ll have your order shipped out. Email order being similar except you email us your information and what you want ordered and you pay with cryptocurrency (either Bitcoin or Monero) and we ship out your order from there. The reasoning for this is to protect customer information since we haven’t figured out completely in making a web store’s ordering process secure enough to our satisfaction and last thing we need is customer information leaking. With that said also we heavily recommend users invest in getting a PO Box before ordering as that way we don’t have your name or home address whatsoever and you can receive your order without issues.

We cannot say this enough but thank you to all who donated. Expect the store to be active on site by next month. If you have any questions or concerns email us at [email protected].

Hail Victory! Hail American Futurism!