Atomwaffen Returns?

In response to current events, a site that we previously supported, “Das Paradies”, is  no longer supported by The American Futurist or James Mason. This is due to their announcement of a “reformation” of the Atomwaffen Division. We do not support this whatsoever, and we have also contacted James Mason for comment who is currently livid over this scheme by Das Paradies.

For clarity’s sake, due to journalists like Jake Hanrahan baselessly implying that Brandon Russell is involved, we feel obliged to state that this is patently false. Das Paradies and this new “AWD” reboot are run by a former AWD member and an associate of his. Our only real connection to them is that a few of our contributors built the Das Paradies website due to their lack of knowledge about web hosting and design. They marketed Das Paradies as “a site for camping and survivalism!” to us and to James Mason to get an endorsement, but it is now clear that this was a dishonest claim, made only to underhandedly get our endorsement, in order to lend credence to their foolish “AWD Revived” endeavor.

The former member had come to us and to James Mason last spring asking us for an endorsement, as he wished to “restart” the Atomwaffen Division. James Mason refused and said that he was an idiot for even desiring to do such a thing, and we gave a comparable response. The former member was mad, but relented and agreed not to do it. A month ago, he approached us and James asking about Das Paradies. We agreed since it sounded like a worthy idea and built their site for them and gave them tips.

After our announcement, and after giving them generous assistance in regards to running and maintaining their website, they pulled this backhanded stunt. They went against our explicit wishes on the matter, announcing a reformation of the Atomwaffen Division. They manipulated us, they manipulated James Mason and in general acted like complete scumbags over this. We built their website for them, had James Mason endorse them and more, and this is how they repay us.

We, The American Futurist denounce this treachery and are ashamed and embarrassed to be taken advantage of in such a manner, and we’ll make sure that it won’t happen again.

Let it be known that The American Futurist and James Mason both denounce this. James Mason will post a video on his odysee channel this Wednesday on this matter, explaining why this is a ridiculously foolish idea. Brandon Russell is not involved in this new Atomwaffen Division(or any group) either, despite implications by Jake Hanrahan and other journalists.

If they wanted, they could have announced a group with a different name and we wouldn’t have cared, or maybe we’d have supported their venture. However, they instead chose to go against us (and against common sense), simply for a bit of cheap free press. James Mason himself has remarked that this group has no future and will likely fizzle out within a few months (if that). 

James Mason has also stated that all of us should freeze this group and the individuals that it consists of out of their social circles, as they have shown themselves to be untrustworthy. We want to reiterate that this “relaunch” has only two members and no support.

We cannot clarify enough how silly of a move this is. These people have manipulated and moved against us for the sake of reviving something with no future. They are a small group who have alienated fellow comrades and have taken efforts to discredit and disavow us. Not only is the revival of the Atomwaffen Division branding dangerous for them, it is also incredibly naive and shortsighted given how tainted that branding is. The initial reaction to the limited press this has gotten is nothing but negative, “honeypot”, “feds”, “glowing”, “satanists” are just a few examples of public responses thus far. The move to create this new group will gain them nothing while making everyone involved look stupid or worse.

The choice to disband that the remaining AWD leadership made in 2020 was clearly the correct choice. AWD ran its natural course, went out with a bang, and is still remembered to this day, and will likely still be remembered 50 years from now. And, as much as we all loved AWD, no group name is worth risking imprisonment for. If you want to found a new group, pick a new name. AWD was a great thing that had a great life, but you cannot revive what is dead.

This has been a public service announcement from The American Futurist!

Hail Victory!