Guide for Foreigners donate to Azov Regiment:

Donating to Azov Regiment:

Here is the official cryptocurrency wallets of Azov Regiment from this post here on their Telegram.


ETH (ERC-20)

WARNING: All of these cryptocurrencies can be tracked. However it isn’t that hard to avoid this through our short and simple guide on donating through cryptocurrency. If you don’t give a fuck about this then just donate directly, although avoid donating through exchanges unless you want to get a ban on your account, always use a hard wallet. Although it is currently not illegal to give money to them too.

Basics of hiding your cryptocurrency donation:


Step 1: Get the cryptocurrency of choice

Buy Litecoin at an exchange such as Coinbase or however you want to buy your crypto. After you get this, transfer it to your hard wallet such as Exodus. Hard Wallets being of course wallets that you yourself have on your computer and is controlled and operated by you only.

Step 2: Clean your Crypto of you

You need to clean your Crypto of you, since if you buy Litecoin (or any other cryptocurrency that isn’t Monero) from an exchange then move it to a hard wallet then send to Azov Regiment, you can be tracked. All they need to do is go into the blockchain then trace is back to the exchange you bought it at and subpoena them and now they have your info. However this is pretty easy to mitigate, just use ChangeNow to switch your Litcoin with Monero then having ChangeNow send it to a Monero Hard Wallet you created with a Monero Wallet which can be found here on the official Monero website although the official Monero wallet is buggy as fuck from our experience although apps such as Exodus work well as well. Although please do not use Exodus for anything besides Monero if you’re sending Monero there.

After that, we’re going to use ChangeNow again. This time you’re converting your Monero into Bitcoin and that Bitcoin sent to Azov Regiment isn’t going to be linked what you bought at the exchange since you didn’t buy that Bitcoin at an exchange anyways, you bought Litecoin and even then you exchanged it into Monero first then converted that Monero into Bitcoin. If you want to be extra autistic, use the Tor Browser and switch identities between transfers. However for this, you MUST have a special hard wallet specifically meant for donating to Azov Regiment and ONLY THAT. With Electrum this can be done pretty easily by just making a new Bitcoin wallet file entirely, then after you’re done, just delete the wallet file off your computer. If you want to be extra secure (we recommend this), just have it where only the wallet files created by Electrum are on a USB stick and NEVER on your hard drive. After you’re done, wipe the USB stick through your disks application on your computer and formatting it by having all data overwritten with zeros to ensure no recovery, do this a couple times to be extra safe.


Congratulations you just donated to Azov Regiment without it being traced back to you. If you don’t give a fuck about this however, you can just donate directly, however we still felt the need to add this info for those who do give a fuck and don’t want to be linked giving these funds to them.

Hail Victory!

Currently we made the decision to no longer give links to foreigners wishing to join Azov Regiment since our readership age tends to be 16-18 and tend to not have military experience. So we don’t want to throw inexperienced 18 year olds at Azov’s Telegram more than they’re already experiencing. If you really want to join up and you do have military experience, then you can find such information on joining through their various Telegram pages from there, it’s not that hard to find. The issue is of course is that Ukraine is probably going to fall within the next coming weeks as of this writing and after that there will be an NS insurgency from what we’ve been told, however we don’t feel it’s responsible for us to burden Azov Regiment or any other Ukrainian NS organization with a bunch of inexperienced American 18 year olds who will just end dead anyways, as we’ve already lost people over there already through Russian Air Attacks that were experienced men. We feel it’s better if we keep our youth here rather than sending them to an almost certain death when they can be of better use to our cause here in the US rather than in a foreign country fighting a foreign war with no experience and being a burden to the NS there. It would be irresponsible of us to do something like that.

If you really want to help out if you aren’t experienced militarily, then the best thing you can do is donate money through the various crypto addresses we’ve given and that’s basically about it unless you have combat experience and can help out militarily. We apologize for the inconvenience here but at the same time after a long time thinking on this, we do not feel comfortable with just giving out this information like with the demographics of our readership.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at [email protected]