On Rationality

Among Fascists there is a rather erroneous notion of truth. This is reflected in slogans re-iterated to the point of meaninglessness such as, “1+1=2”. This is misinterpreted to reinforce a cult of rationality  which is intellectually vacuous and must be rebuked. 

Anyone familiar with IQ fetishization among some in our sphere will know that Jews are “intelligent”. Intelligent in the sense that psychometric testing says they are. While some will clamor to say that high Jewish IQ is fabricated, this is just meaningless revisionism to justify an incorrect basis for racial science. Intelligence testing has always been a Jewish science, the idea originating from William Stern, a Jewish psychologist. Although public education may promote the misleading idea that the National Socialists valued IQ, it was then, and is now, a bourgeois concept. In fact, the National Socialist regime banned intelligence testing. IQ testing was seen as a tool for the Jews to fortify their hegemony over white gentiles. 

The National Socialist idea of race has always been metaphysical and anti-positivist. The Jewish spirit is inherently materialistic. The Talmud, the source of Jewish law, is a reflection of the Jewish spirit. Most critiques of the Talmud have to do with their attitude toward gentiles, which is rather slavish as we do not owe Jews the same humanity as others feel they owe us. 

Jewish law is incredibly legalistic. This is a far more worthwhile critique, although on first glance it may seem innocuous. The Talmud governs nearly all aspects of Jewish life. Paradoxically, this reflects the Jews’ lack of innate morality. They must reinforce their ethics through repetition rather than intuition. 

The Jewish psyche is schizophrenic. This brings us back to the idea of rationality. The Jew is an intellectual creature. You will rarely see a Jew doing physical labor. Their success lies in the abstract. After all they are rootless. Blood and soil is an alien concept to the Jew. It is no wonder why they dominate academia and finance. These are all abstractions. The Jew as the eternal revolutionary will intellectually undermine any notion of truth. Reason is a game of semantics, values are something to be turned on their head. 

It is really no wonder why in our cosmopolitan culture there is a general sense of alienation and meaninglessness. System indoctrination rapes our natural sense of values. Nietzsche called it the trans-valuation of values. Rather than define it through negation, we ask: what is the truth? Simply put, the truth is that which is lived. Our intuition, our natural sense of what is is what guides us. For this, Fascism is an affirmation of life. It is no wonder now why few are capable of grasping the truth, as mass morality is necessary for conformity in the Jewish system in which we now live. What SIEGE advocates is TOTAL DROP-OUT from the physical and spiritual clutches of the system. Only by abandoning this false god can one fully live according to the truth.