Stop Using Windows

To quote from the immortal words of Terry A. Davis, “The computers went wrong when you made them for niggers, that’s when it went wrong. […] The white people are like ‘it’s a command line what’s your point?’ The niggers are like, ‘no we don’t like a command line’. Here’s the difference between a white […]

War is Politics

To define the 20th century in a word would be “change”. World War II marked an end to total war. No longer were all civilian and military resources mobilized for army against army pitted on the battlefield. A change in consciousness swept across the world, one that would, for the most part, destroy the last […]

Cop Lives

Police are a sacred cow to the right wing: the symbol of law and order; the upholders of the status quo. Even beyond the typical conservative, there remains a tendency to view the police as a necessary evil. In the idyllic civil war fantasy of the right wing so called revolutionary, the police and army […]

On Rationality

Among Fascists there is a rather erroneous notion of truth. This is reflected in slogans re-iterated to the point of meaninglessness such as, “1+1=2”. This is misinterpreted to reinforce a cult of rationality  which is intellectually vacuous and must be rebuked.  Anyone familiar with IQ fetishization among some in our sphere will know that Jews […]