Cop Lives

Police are a sacred cow to the right wing: the symbol of law and order; the upholders of the status quo. Even beyond the typical conservative, there remains a tendency to view the police as a necessary evil. In the idyllic civil war fantasy of the right wing so called revolutionary, the police and army will defect when the state becomes intolerably evil and conquer the leftist or perhaps Marxist or even Jewish rot in society. This kowtowing to the existing authority as being the solution to society’s evils is pure cuckoldry.

All cops are bastards. Although very much a leftist phrase, the message is clear: there are no good cops so long as they maintain the current system as it stands. It does not matter their intentions, or even if some are ideologically sympathetic to you. This is very much obvious with federal officials as they directly protect the interests of the smarmy traitors in D.C. Many people can’t see the same contradiction with state governments as if they more directly support the interests of the people. McVeigh held this delusion and it got him arrested. Ask victims of red flag laws if cops care about the constitution. Ask the people who had their guns confiscated during Katrina if the army won’t enforce unjust orders. Ask the people illegally searched after the Boston bombing if rights matter when shit hits the fan.

Just because a local government makes a pretense of maintaining your “rights” doesn’t mean they should earn your support. They are still an extension the federal government and ultimately will submit to their authority if challenged enough. The conservatives play this game far too much. They think “progress” can be challenged and we can return to some picturesque utopia of the recent past, even though the social conditions then are what brought forth what we have now. You saw this reaction with Reagan, and again with Trump. You simply can’t reform the system by operating within the confines of liberal democracy, and with the way the system is structured you most definitely can’t seize the apparatus of the state by other means. The whole system must come down.

Cops are therefore opposed to the public as opposed to doing a public service, because they uphold the system which is antithetical to the public as a whole. Beyond this metaphysical notion of cops they represent a very real issue too. Their position is to enforce social order and upholding the status quo above else. To the naive, this may mean it is in their best interest to try to stop social ills such as robberies. In fact, social ills such as these are necessary to justify their own existence. Although crime is an eternal facet of human existence, modern policing itself is less than 200 years old. Ask anyone who has been a victim of a crime such as a robbery, mugging, burglary, or hell even a rape. Very often police will simply write it up in a report and not investigate it much further. Even when the perpetrator is known, police are known to not push forth with charges under the pretense of “investigating it further”.

Look into clearance rates for various crimes. Murder, perhaps the most taboo offense someone can commit, has the highest clearance rate with only 62%. In cities this rate can be as low as 1 in 3. Just about 1 in 10 burglaries are solved and in those cases its usually done by repeat offenders. This goes against the notion mass media portrays of cops as being highly capable and competent wherein only the smartest criminals are capable of evading the law. Simply put, cops are more concerned with maintaining the illusion of power than enforcing real social order. Protests are a challenge to the legitimacy of the state and will warrant an incredibly militant response. Crime does not hurt the state, it justifies it. This justification is being used to make the enforcers of the state more militarized and to curtail more rights. You aren’t a citizen; you are a serf of a Jewish system.

Cops make their presence extremely public to maintain their illusion of power. Most of their time is spent lingering on busy roads waiting to pull someone over for a basic traffic infraction. This is where a lot of their drug arrests come from. This often turns mundane offenders into proper criminals. It’s far more effective to tackle the symptom to justify oneself as an organization than destroy the root of social ills, especially when you are exacerbating the social problems itself.

One thing cops will absolutely never tolerate is a challenge to their authority. Leftists like to note their resistance to oversight communities, but nothing draws the ire of cops more than vigilantism. In media the story of a vigilante cop is extremely common, but actual vigilantism is usually portrayed to the level of fantasy with superheros and even then they usually cooperate together with law enforcement. Nothing makes cops look more extraneous and incompetent than civilians being able to do a far better job than them. Take for instance the recent phenomena of pedophile hunters. In many cases law enforcement including district attorneys have told these vigilantes to stop and refuse to prosecute any entrapped pedos lest they legitimize these civilian actions. Keep in mind often time these pedophiles are not limited in their deviance to merely trying to groom children and it is invariably not an isolated incident. Hell even a police chief was caught by pedo-hunters posing as a 14 year old boy.

Vigilantism is even more taboo when vigilantes choose to socially cleanse people who otherwise would be protected by the dysgenic system. Serial killers such as Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, the night stalker are all household names. They targeted rather indiscriminately and give the notion to the public they are all at risk of their predation. I doubt on the other hand that even you, the reader, have heard of cases such as the snowtown murders or the case of Wolfgang Abel and Marco Furlan. Suddenly what was once an indiscriminate and alien evil is something that challenges the legitimacy of the state itself.

Most people posture how they would kill pedophiles or fulfill any other sort of hero fantasy. Yet, when crime is so prevalent and the masses are left to wallow in anarchy under a tyrannical state, then why haven’t more people decided to go around their artificial means of control? The Jewish system’s power does not lie in strength as Jews are incapable of real strength. The power of the system lies in the atomized illusion of power. Once this illusion is shattered nothing remains of the system.