The Fag Example

In my tireless research into movements of the past to see how they’ve worked, how they’ve operated, what their successes and failures have been, and what we can learn from them, I’ve found an example that is, in a way, relevant to us. Namely, the LGBT movement.

Even though we are disgusted and dismayed by the fags and their newfound societal legitimization, we need to accept the fact that we can learn from the successes from any movement, no matter how degenerate it may be.

The faggot movement has some surface-level similarities to our own in its beginnings. Between the early 1900s to the 1970s, the fags were in the same position as we are. They were complete social outcasts, facing crackdowns from the feds and police, having their gatherings broken up and those involved harassed, and more.

The Fags Strike Back:

What I found studying this movement’s history completely debunks the optics cuck argument that “We need to be secret nazis, we need to LARP as Conservatives and push Conservative talking points! THAT’S THE ONLY WAY WE CAN GET PEOPLE ON OUR SIDE WIGNAT!”. What I found was that rather than hiding themselves, they wore their stigma openly and when they advocated for their positions, they didn’t hide anything.

In fact, it was the very point of groups such as the “Gay Liberation Front” and other radical homosexual organizations was that they didn’t lie about who they were. In fact, they went out of their way to be blunt and open about their beliefs, and anyone who tried to stop them, i.e. cops or morally healthy whites, usually had their noses broken or their cars set on fire (or worse). In fact, the fags themselves had a term for it: “The Purple Hand”, named after the term “The Black Hand”, which was used by various early organized crime groups as a form of intimidation.

Groups such as the Gay Liberation Front went out of their way to use their Purple Hand tactics by beating up and dumping toxic ink onto journalists who reported on their activities. In cases such as the Stonewall Riots, the fags got one of their gay bars raided by the police, and as a response, the fags beat the cops up and chased them away. As a result of this, the fag neighborhood that the Stonewall club was in was completely radicalized. Initially, the fags were scared of the cops and vigilantes, and they kept quiet out of fear. After the events of Stonewall, however, the fags became further radicalized, more organized and more brutal in their attacks. The NYPD was largely unable to do much about it besides avoiding the fags whenever possible, due to not wanting to be the guy in the precinct who got his nose busted by a transvestite.

The same scenario played out in the case of the White Night Riots in San Francisco. At this time, Harvey Milk, a homosexual jew/city councilman, was assassinated by a fellow councilman, Dan White. When Councilman White only received a 7-year prison sentence, the fags of San Francisco rioted. They burned cop cars, beat up cops, smashed government buildings, etc. The San Francisco City Government panicked to such a degree that they quickly instituted reforms, handed positions such as Chief of Police to the fags, and gave more and more concessions, including the SFPD not raiding fag meeting places (even though these places were often used to rape underage boys), and more.

The Gay Liberation Movement as a whole even had major successes through their “Purple Hand” tactics, like their work against the American Psychiatric Association, which listed homosexuality as a paraphilia similar to that of bestiality, pedophilia, and the like. They didn’t get it removed by having the best arguments and optics. They didn’t get it removed by asking nicely for the APA to remove it. Nope, what they did was raid APA conventions. A well-known fag and Gay Liberation Front member named Frank Kameny openly threatened the APA leadership at one of their conventions, stating to them “Psychiatry is the enemy incarnate. Psychiatry has waged a relentless war of extermination against us. You may take this as a declaration of war against you.”. Seeing as the GLF at the time violently attacked journalists, police officers, and government officials who attacked the fag community, this wasn’t an idle threat and not long after this, the APA removed homosexuality from the DSM listing as a mental disorder. 

Besides the more violent elements of the fags, they also invested heavily within their own communities through internal social services, to strengthen community bonds and make their community and movement as a whole stronger. This included organizations such as theStreet Transvestite Action Revolutionaries” which provided food, shelter, and support to homeless fag youth. As a model, it just goes to show that when you invest in a community as a radical fringe group, that community invests back in you. While in the case of this group, it was a social services group meant for fag youth who sell their asses on the street, the model isn’t wrong. We, as a Pro-White Fascist Movement, should also invest in social services for our own racial comrades. A great place to start would be with the disaffected rural whites, who feel totally abandoned by their white brothers.

In Conclusion:

We can learn a lot from the early radical fag movements of the 20th Century. How they operated, how they carried themselves with their messaging, and more. There really is a lot for us to model off of here, and we can see today just how successful the fags became down the line decades later. On top of this, it was the radical and revolutionary fags who ended up winning in the end. The ones who refused to do what we would call today “optics cucking”. There were fags back during that time who fit the bill as parallels to the movementarians in our own movement. Demanding that the radical fags keep to themselves, don’t state the obvious, be polite and civil and beg those in charge to stop harassing them, shutting down their shit, arresting them and more.

But it turns out, shockingly enough, that simply begging and crying doesn’t move anyone. Sometimes it does need to take some radical action for people to understand your ideas and your goals. Sometimes, if someone is refusing to listen to you, it takes something breaking to get them to hear you. That’s just the way the world works, despite the movementarians’ best efforts to deny this reality. We are fringe extremists, racists, nazis, and more. There is no denying that or getting around that, and right now we are on the absolute bottom rung of society. Seeing as groups such as the fags are currently at the top of the pyramid at this time, it’s best to look into how exactly they got there to begin with, and they clearly didn’t get there by denying who they were, what they believed, and they didn’t beg and cry for the feds, police, journalists, and government officials to stop attacking them.

It’s insanely funny and shameful to me that transvestites and queers have more courage and common sense than the movementarian moderates. That a man who dresses up and pretends to be a woman as part of a fetish has no issues telling you what he is and will make your life hell if you challenge his deviant ways. Yet the movementarian moderate cries, bitches, and moans as this rotten system continues to destroy us, continues to attack us, jail us, kill us, and more. It’s absolutely pathetic and why I will never consider the movementarian moderate to be my comrade and equal. They’ll never accomplish anything besides bringing your own movement down.

Now is not the time for brass bands, marches in the cities begging Joe Donut on the sidewalk in the urban streets to come join us, lying about our beliefs in futile attempts to appeal to retards who oppose our beliefs by default and more. Now is the time to be open about our beliefs and to be as radical as possible. If this system wants a “War on Terror” brought home, we’ll give them a fight. I’m sick and tired of running away, of us just slowly dwindling down as we all slowly fade away. This movement is dying of stagnation. It’s a rotten swamp that needs to be drained and its contents replaced. All while the system plans to do what it did in the UK here. ZOG dreams of a world where holding our beliefs will result in a 15+ year prison sentence and more. It’s coming and all we can do is prepare, which, sadly, we aren’t really doing.

What kind of movement would you rather have?

A: A movement of American flag-waving LARPers, telling bystanders how we’re totally not nazis and racists, how we’re totally just here to just save America or whatever disingenuous bullshit line the movementarian menace comes up with?


B: A movement of radicals, with strong internal bonds that cannot be attacked by outsiders lest they face utter destruction.

We’re in the fight of our lives and I refuse to have it wasted on petty ego trips. Instead of spending tens of thousands of dollars on stupid marches, useless publicity stunts and the like (which no one outside the movement even gives a single fuck about). Why not spend those resources and manpower on strengthening our communities? Expanding our reach among the alienated Whites of America begging for a savior? Why not build a real radical and truly revolutionary movement? That’s what the fags did, and look how it has turned out for them.

Although the fags had an advantage over us, due to the systems’ blatant longstanding goal to legitimize disgusting faggotry, we can still learn from their example, even if we have to alter the tactics to a degree.

In the end, our actions at this crucial moment in history will determine what future we live in. All of that depends on us. Would you rather live in this shitheap society? Or work to build a Fascist future and a Fascist society? I know what I’m picking.

Hail Victory!