Gun Control: A Lesson in Media Trickery

With the intense current news cycle shilling gun control, there has been one especially noteworthy takeaway.

Specifically, how the system gets things it wants done. In a “democratic” society, we see that when the system wants something, they first have to rile up and manipulate the masses into rabidly wanting it. For months, we’ve been bombarded with news story after news story of every single gun related death ever. It is an endless flood on every Jewish propaganda dump—I mean television broadcast. This isn’t by accident. It’s a key point of the system’s propaganda method. Repeat the bold lie and ignore the truth until all the lemmings can think or know is the lie.

Human brains are not very good at math. Instead, people generally go by what we see and how they feel about it. This principle applies especially to the lemming class that makes up the vast majority of our society. This isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it can be really helpful. However, this natural instinct can be easily manipulated to someone else’s subversive ends.

In this case, despite gun related crime decreasing and actual mass shootings being statistically irrelevant, killing less than 200 people a year. Despite the facts, your average person wouldn’t believe you; they saw the Jewish propaganda—I mean news—with the kike lies showing endless gun related crimes. Therefore, since they saw it on the news, in their lemming minds, it must be common.

After the two recent mass shootings in Buffalo, New York and Uvalde, Texas, we’ve been non-stop flooded with stories regarding the most benign of gun related things. Before these two shootings, even the fake news usually wouldn’t report on such banal things. They might keep it local instead of giving it prime national coverage. We’re seeing major reporting on insignificant things like DeShaun shooting his ex-girlfriend over child support payments or someone blowing their brains out in a gas station parking lot. These are things no news outlet should give a fuck about. They usually don’t. Yet, these now get regular national news treatment.


Why is the media doing this? Simple. As I write this, Congress is set to pass a “Historic Gun Control Bill”. When you read between the lines and the lies of this bill, it does nothing to curb gun crime whatsoever.

All this bill proposes is to give hundreds of millions of dollars to the FBI to curb stomp our movement. It gives even more powers to the corrupt FBI and others for things like “Red Flag Laws”.

A few years ago, we saw with former Atomwaffen Division leader, Kaleb Cole, that the FBI will just use the excuse that you’re a big bad evil Nazi (for further information on the injustice of the Kaleb Cole case then click here and here). Then, with “Red Flag Laws”, they will prevent you from having firearms. Now, prepare yourselves for this on a larger scale.

This bill also has provisions barring people from gun ownership permanently if they ever went to a mental institution or juvenile jail between the ages of 16-18. This will likely be abused to go after young NS and fascist individuals; they are setting up a reporting system in schools where teachers and other students can snitch on you, forcing you, with no due process, into a mental institution if they find you “threatening”. In other words, Ms. Spinster and the faggot kids can go snitch on how you’re this dangerous evil mass shooter to get your gun rights taken away permanently if you say something like nigger or faggot.

Your average lemming is cheering on the greatness of these oppressive laws. The lemmings will probably think that the system has lowered gun crimes because the news, having accomplished its purpose of manipulating public opinion to pass tyrannical laws, will stop the artificial media onslaught of banal gun crimes.

The system has increased its security measures to protect itself from people like us. It’s setting up more snitching systems to identify and oppress us. It will use these measures to disarm us and, probably, do even worse to us once the system thinks it can. The media is pushing a specter of “White Supremacist Terrorism” just as they pushed a similar specter of “Islamic Terrorism” during the 9/11 era.

Never mind the fact that you’re more likely to drown in your bathtub or die in a car crash than be a victim of any sort of terrorism. In the era of infinite “democracy” and “human rights”, things like facts and truth become “hate facts” and “hate truths”.

We’re in interesting times and these interesting times calls for interesting measures on our end to protect ourselves from system tyranny. Stay safe out there.

Hail Victory!