American Sewer Politics

There is an outward lie being shoveled around, even with the current happenings occurring. Within the contemporary American political dichotomy, you have two ends of a sewer pipe. One coated in blue paint, and the other coated in red paint. With the recent shootings and the responses trailing those shootings, we are again seeing both ends of this sewer pipe in play, and in real time. Though, these are only a few situations stimulating the corrupt system found in American politique. Whether these situations are orchestrated or are happening by chance, we must understand the nature of ALL things, to be better in tune with our environment and mental status.

The outward lie being echoed is that there is a resurgence of American resistance and the spirit therein. This could not be further from the truth. What we view as the “right wing”, or “conservative” manifestations are actually lukewarm opportunistic collectives who hide behind movementarian mouth-pieces, the saviors of the day, the leaders of tomorrow – etc. whom are totally devoid of self-reliance and resiliency through hardship. American resistance during the revolutionary war meant something entirely different than today’s definition of resistance. In today’s terminology, “resistance” is trying to outlive the leg pressing on your neck. The bid for time. The grasping for power at the molecular level, rather than grasping for power in its entirety. The desperate act of keeping the mold together, while the mold is steadily melting. The right side of the sewer pipe has long created for itself avatars, the second, third, and fourth coming of Christ, ANYTHING and ANYONE that would provide a dilution to the sickness on the streets.

This was observed with the cultish following of Trump, and was even more evident when he lost the presidential race to a bumbling retard like Joe Biden, honestly or not. When the loss was finalized, a desperation filled countless conservative collectives. If one were to peer into conservative-ran spaces like Gab for example, you’d see white people groveling at the feet of what they consider the one true hope of “reclaiming America”. This is the maze. This is the rat race. This is the hunk of cheese hanging by a thread at the end of a long and useless journey. What of America in its current form? What would be reclaimed under existing operational parameters that would no doubt be residual, even if you did get blue man out of office at the local and national levels? Kikes exist within the frame, in the background, within the pillars, within the structure beams — like termites eating away at the foot of civilization. The picture is much bigger than this, and right wingers are the first to rush their scans and see only a sliver of that picture. For any progress to be realized, it all has to come crashing down, and when it does, we have to make sure we are prepared to reform and reclaim the helm. We have to be solution-oriented in the here and now, and strictly preparatory rather than exist as some stagnant think tank shilling for a revolution without the proper material conditions.

Communists speak of favorable material conditions for revolution openly. They call an element of it “class consciousness“, the moment where the working class realizes, en masse, that capitalism alone has been the single most destructive mode of function in existence. The absence of which would lead the working class down reactionary roads, thus collapsing the revolution before it even gains traction. Even with leftist ideologues increasing in popularity, we see the same tactics being deployed. Mass propaganda efforts and recruiting drives into organizations that fall within the several shades of red, whether it be Marxist, Trotskyist, Anarchist, or low key race consciousness from black liberation groups. Even THEY realize the time isn’t right, but the systems pendulum swings heavy in their favor, which only adds cardiac pressure to the chest plate of American conservatism, which leads us closer and closer to an American FLATLINE.

With that being said, let us delve into the left side of the pipe. The refuse build up. The part of the pipe with no evacuation port. No air release. The part of the pipe MEANT and DESIGNED to hold shit in its inner chamber with no forward progress. The habitual clog. On a basic level, Democrats/Liberals along with their fringe counter-parts in the Marxist and Anarchist camps are viewed as natural, political, and social enemies to anything decent. While this may be true of their many characteristics, what they are, in actuality, are propellants to eventual collapse. The elements that heighten the contradictions. Daily. The food shortages, the rising gas prices, the constricting attempts at ludicrous gun control, the outlandish disruption of peace through riots and protests, the looming threat of inflation, the orchestrated appointment of weak district attorneys leading to a reign of crime, the targeting of Supreme Court justices, drag queen shows for the youth — ALL of these are mere embers near a pile of hay, and should be viewed by us as amorally as possible, no matter how disgusting and revolting it may all be.

An ever resounding retort will no doubt arise in regards to all of this, and we’ve heard it time and time again. “What do we do then!? What’s your big idea?! What’s your plan?! Just let America go to hell?!”. A universally applied tactic can answer all the aforementioned quite easily. This answer we can pull straight from James Mason himself when he said:

With the Roman Empire, as rotten and corrupt as it had become, those being conquered by that System did try running out with sword and flame against the odds. We know how they wound up. And nothing changed. The idea was to survive and to go on as a remnant so as to be able to influence, even to MAKE the future once the current filthy and rotten System collapsed.”

Militant insulation and preparation is your true resistance. Whether Republicans stave off the rot for another 4 years in the coming election or not, the rot is there, ever encroaching and never stopping. Salvation, then, comes from the ashes of ruin.

This is by no means a gauge of time. Breakdown is evident, and civil discord is off the charts, which are telling signs that trying times could be right in front of us. American politics is exactly as described above. A tube of shit, devoid of the pulse of culture, people, and purpose. At some point, the contents of the vessel will keep compounding and compounding until there is simply no room, and the vessel will burst, thus releasing hundreds of years of pressure buildup in the blink of an eye. That moment is when everything you know and everything you’ve prepared for comes into play, and actually bears importance and substance.