Violence and Terror: The Death of Movementarianism

After the recent Patriot Front mass arrest in Idaho, came the ideas from a conversation with a friend. By the way, I predicted last January that this would happen

We talked about how as a movement this will affect us ideologically and tactically. We came to the conclusion that the movement as a whole is on the edge of evolving into a full blown revolutionary and radical movement. We think the movementarian elements will be slowly weeded out.

Why though?


If the system is brutally cracking down on harmless things like Patriot Front protesting pride parades, it makes movementarians worthless. If your meek activism results in your life being ruined, what’s the point? 31 men have had their lives ruined from doxxing so that they could take a few pictures for Gab and Telegram, then leave. My message to movementarians – to quote James Mason here –“shit or get off the pot!”.

Currently, the charges against the 31 men have just been state charges. However, the FBI themselves have confirmed that they’re bringing federal charges against these 31 men possibly in the near future. All for simply trying to counter-protest a pride parade by waving some American flags for a video. Tactically, this is one of the most harmless things to the system. Yet, the system is saying that even this pathetic display will no longer be tolerated but will instead be mercilessly crushed.

This oppressive heavy-handedness is not exactly shocking. After the Buffalo shooting, we at the American Futurist expected this. Why? We felt that due to the propaganda pressure from the Media, Congress and Presidency, that the FBI will act to make an example of one of the major groups in the movement.

We weren’t sure which group it would be. Until now. The system is clearly choosing to go after Patriot Front and crucify them publicly for the sake of “stopping white nationalist terrorism.” This is all a show so that the feds stop being nagged by the other arms of the system to do something. This oppressive and unjust pressure from the system will come if a group achieves meaningful action or not. We need to make sure our actions are meaningful and not pull any punches.

These crackdowns on peaceful, harmless protests will force a shift to revolutionary rhetoric, behavior and ideas within the movement. This has been another major blow to the movementarian arguments regarding reformism and mass movements. If you end up in prison for waving an American flag on a sidewalk for 5 minutes, you might as well go to prison for something more extreme. This is especially true if the FBI really nukes Patriot Front with long, decade-plus sentences. What would you rather do? Go to prison for 15 years because of you pissing off some fags by waving an American flag or for committing arson against legitimate system targets? Both would have the same amount of prison time. Except, you actually would be more likely to get away with the arson than the flag waving. Remember, most crime goes unsolved. Don’t fall for the CSI/Law&Order television psy-op that you can’t do anything without getting caught. 

Political Cartoon from the 1800s from the Irish Republican Movement detailing the evolution of their movement due to systemic crackdowns on what was harmless and perfectly legal activities and what motivated them to become revolutionary and hard-line.

When it comes to that point, the only people who won’t be in favor of revolutionary tactics would only be against it strictly out of cowardice rather than tactical disagreement. If you’re going to prison for decades for movementarian activities, you might as well go do something more effective. Make It Count.

These Events Are Hardly Surprising:

The system’s violent crackdown on the most peaceful of movement organizations is hardly shocking to us. This system is violence. You cannot meet it with peaceful means. This is the flaw in the mindset of the movementarian. They do not understand how the system actually works: violence. They still think they can wake the masses up and get elected President. They still think they can win over a majority of White America. They believe that being against violence and revolution will somehow make them look better and give them a pass from unjust system oppression and anti-White legal warfare.

Patriot Front is the textbook movementarian example. PF banned any discussions about violence or revolution within their chats. Even talking about legally owned firearms is banned. You’d get kicked out for mentioning the perfectly legal 2nd Amendment.

They thought if they don’t even discuss anything they feel might be “bad optics” for discussion then the system will ignore them and they would be totally safe. In reality. it did nothing. Ironically, despite movementarians relentlessly shit-talking the late Atomwaffen Division for a few arrests, PF did even worse. AWD had less than ten arrests in the span of 5 years. Patriot Front has had more arrests than Atomwaffen Division ever had in one fucking day.

The system does not give you special benefits for restricting your language. They don’t care that you have perfect optics on the block. To the system, you are an existential threat to their continued corruption. At all costs, the system must destroy you.

Remember. This is the same system that destroyed entire countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan for simply disagreeing with its global hegemony. This system that starved hundreds of thousands of innocent children to death in Iraq in the 1990s. They did this by blockading food and medicine on Iraq as punishment for opposing the US and Israel. This is the system of Ruby Ridge. The system will go to your house and murder your wife and child as punishment for trying to leave their system. I can go on and on with these examples. Why, I have to ask, is it so fucking hard to understand that you can’t win peacefully? You can’t win by begging the Jews and white traitors to hand their stolen power back to us. I can’t fathom why anyone in the movement can’t fucking understand these concepts.

In Siege, specifically “Mail Order Revolution”, James Mason brings this up as well. How can this, the most evil, corrupt, and violent system on the planet, be destroyed by votes, marches, and national elections? They’re not going to just shake our hands and hand over everything to us and tell us it was a fair fight. No, even if one of our guys was about to win the Presidency, the system would just arrest or kill them, do massive crackdowns, and declare martial law.

For instance,the Pentagon themselves has openly stated that they’re ready to pull a military coup anytime the system feels threatened by whomever is in office. The system has safety checks in place. In Congress, they have the ability to purge anyone within Congress they don’t like or find threatening. Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene learned this firsthand when she made far right comments; she had to apologize, was removed from every single committee, and was even almost purged from Congress itself. This same thing happened to Congressman Steve King. He made Pro-White comments and was removed from every single committee in Congress and lost all the political authority he had.

Trying to reform a system this violent and corrupt is frankly retarded. We live under foreign occupation. You can’t get rid of a foreign occupation by nicely asking the occupiers to hand over power and leave. This doesn’t happen. No one has overthrown their occupiers through asking nicely and saying pretty please. It will never happen. The occupiers will just kill you and your family like at Ruby Ridge or infamous Waco. Mass movementism was never an option in the United States to begin with. Especially now, when our occupiers are purposefully flooding our country with non-Whites in order to dilute White political power to prevent us from ever ascending to power.

Despite this, the movementarians refuse to recognize the truth of the situation. They legitimize the system by playing within its rules and giving everyone false hope. They pretend we can be elected and that the Jews and traitors will shake our hands one day and give everything to us. Or they pretend that we will be allowed to form our own ethnostate somewhere. Delusion; absolute delusion! There is no future for us and our people so long as this system lives.

On Violence:

I am not opposed to concepts such as violence. Politics is violence. I see violence as the only way that we can end this occupation of our lands and people. If they won’t allow us to take power legally and if they shut us down using sneaky tricks, what other option is there?

There are no other options.

Most people would agree that if someone is attacking you on the street, then using violence to stop them is legitimate self-defense. So why would movementarians claim to be against violent actions in the face of violent repression by this system?

This system uses violence and intimidation against us all the time. If you don’t behave, they come to your house to scare you. Or, they bust in your door and throw you in a metal cage for a set amount of time. If you’re problematic enough, they will burn you alive like they did to Robert Matthews.

In the face of such violent oppression, I’m not allowed to speak in favor of violent self defense? I’m supposed to be some pacifist telling people I’m in favor of “Peaceful Ethnic Cleansing”? Politicians shriek that “White Supremacist Extremists are the most violent and biggest threat to the world!” Then, those same politicians level cities to the ground, kill millions, and starve children to death because of geopolitical differences with their political leaders. The hypocrisy is self-evident. These same murderous politicians have thousands of nuclear weapons capable of exterminating billions. Nothing I or anyone else in the movement could do compares to what the system has done and will do until it is stopped. What does some dead politician or banker or a blown up office building even compare to things like what the system does?

Violence against the system is self-defense against a brutally violent system’s actions. In this case, it is never immoral. It isn’t immoral for someone to use violence against someone imposing their violence upon them with no justifiable reason.

It is simply a question of effectiveness and tactics. I wouldn’t recommend you stop a mugger with a banana. I likewise wouldn’t recommend you engage in minimally effective violent actions such as the Buffalo shooter. While I may be in favor of radical action, I am not in favor of action that will do more overall harm than good.

For a violent action to be justifiable, James Mason has said many times: the benefits must outweigh the costs. A few dead blacks isn’t worth going to prison for the rest of your life. Make it count! There are plenty of ways to strike devastating blows. Be creative.

The system is waging total war against us. It is killing our people, with the goal of our temporary slavery and permanent extinction BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. Do you really think that the solution to this reality is to wave a sign on a street corner or put a sticker on the back of a stop sign that nobody will see? I’m sure Sun Tzu would spit out his drink if he heard of such a pathetic display and lack of will towards guerilla engagement. The enemy has set the rules of engagement; meet them there. Don’t let them have a constant advantage by refusing to engage in the most effective ways possible. Fight fire with fire. Don’t waste your life with impotent ego-inflating activities.

The late Pastor Richard Butler of Aryan Nations remarked on the question of political violence. We would love to achieve a peaceful resolution via parliamentary politics, without the steep sacrifice of many men. Yet this is not even an option. We are not going to have our own political party and win through voting. We can’t vote our way out of this problem. This is an occupying, hateful, and illegitimate system that wants our parents dead from opioids, our daughters to race mix, our sons to become queers and us thrown in a jail cell or dead. Oh, and they think it’s funny. How do you reason with such people? How do you deal with such people in a manner that is civil and legal? You can’t.

To quote Dr. William Luther Pierce “WHITE REVOLUTION IS THE ONLY SOLUTION!” .

Shifting Sands and Predictions for the Future:

Where will the movement go in light of this? For myself and many others at The American Futurist, we feel it’ll just follow the Charlottesville playbook, but on a much grander scale. For those brand new to the movement, pre-Charlottesville was a pretty dismal time for the movement ideologically. It was a time many movementarians would love to return to. During this time, our ideas were extremely fringe and relegated to Ironmarch. Books like Siege were practically unknown to most people. Atomwaffen Division was nothing more than 30 guys spread across the country.

However, after Charlottesville, things quickly changed. Movementarian ideology got a bad bloody nose from the whole ordeal. Overnight, the concept of “Let’s do marches to win Whites over to our side!” got destroyed on international news. Many in the movement quickly went one way or the other. Many doubled down on movementarianism and started LARPing as American Patriots, such as Nick Fuentes, Patriot Front and American Identity Movement. Or they quickly adopted Pro-Siege attitudes and realized that marches and political parties don’t work at all.

A future system crackdown on the overall movement looming. Specifically, the system is targeting the loudest, most public groups like Patriot Front. It will have the same effect. People will have to radicalize further towards us or flee the movement entirely and run back to the Republican Party. If simple flag waving can land you years in prison, then it’ll force out all the moderates, tourists, losers and similar scum. Only allow the most radical and dedicated will dare to continue the struggle. The weak won’t stick around and risk jail time for having our ideas; they will flock somewhere else. Good riddance! I’d rather have 4 quarters than 100 pennies. Let the Republican Party have those rejects for all I care.

What we’ve predicted has now come to pass. Last January, I predicted what would happen to Patriot Front. The predictions about an upcoming Domestic War on Terror seem to be starting as was posted here. The best possible action we can take is simple. Keep our heads down. Make our actions count! Only do things if needed. The worst possible thing to do is something stupid and meaningless that gives this crooked system the perfect excuse to throw you in a cage for many years or, maybe, your whole life. Either way, we’re going to be in interesting times, although it seems, in many ways, we’re already neck deep in interesting. Stay safe out there!

Hail Victory!