A Guide For Ukrainian Readers

A Guide for Ukrainian Readers:

This guide is meant for Ukrainian Readers of ours so we can help them out to the best of our ability with the resources provided, this will be in both English and Ukrainian although the books provided will only be in English but we’re sure you can find Ukrainian Versions of these books that we couldn’t find or translate them for your friends who cannot read English. All of these books and more can be found in our library. Please use Tails when accessing these books and be sure to have Tor Bridges turned on as well and NoScript at the minimum.

The Golden Book of Chemistry: A simple book on the basics of Chemistry and how to set up a makeshift laboratory.

The Poor Man’s James Bond: How to build explosives, makeshift firearms and other devices of interest DO NOT USE THE ANARCHIST COOKBOOK, THAT BOOK IS SHIT AND HALF THE RECIPES IN THERE EITHER DON’T WORK, WILL GET YOU HARMED OR WILL GET YOU KILLED!

On Guerrilla Warfare: A Book by Mao of the Communist Party of China explaining in detail his tactics of insurgency against the KMT that brought him to victory in China

Tactics of the Crescent Moon: a book on the insurgent tactics of Islamic Insurgents throughout the centuries and why they’re so successful

War of the Flea: A Broader Study of the Tactics of Insurgency

Psychological Operations in Guerrilla Warfare: A book by the CIA documenting in detail the psychological operations most successful for insurgents

Book page image

Fry the Brain: A Book on Urban Sniping and its effects

Russian Military Rank Insignias:


3D Printed Firearms: The link to the resources containing the files for 3D Printed Firearms by Deterrence Dispensed PLEASE USE TAILS AND TOR WITH NOSCRIPT AND BRIDGES WHEN ACCESSING THESE



The proper filament settings and filaments to use and more for 3D Printing Firearms so you don’t fuck up your print

Infographs on how to build IEDs and how to disable Tanks from the Government of Ukraine for civilian usage as well as some others we’ve personally added:

You can make the images bigger by right clicking on them then clicking “Open Image in New Tab”

You can find more of these types of recipes for success in the Poor Man’s James Bond we linked above!

This is about it for the guide as this is just meant as a basic guide for you to use this information as you please. This guide is for education purposes only of course, we’re not saying explicitly to use this information as a Ukrainian to carry out attacks against the mongoloid occupiers that the Russian Federation has sent to occupy your homeland. Remember knowledge is power!

Hail Victory! Hail to the people of Ukraine!