Propaganda: An Idiots Guide to Basic Messaging

An issue seen too much within the greater movement is an issue of propaganda, that being no one knows what the fuck they’re doing nor how to get a basic message across, it’s down right embarrassing to see the attempts made (and failed) by the movement in terms of the propaganda made and it needs to stop now. Since the 2010s, most of our propaganda efforts as a greater movement have been just downright embarrassing, while I myself am no perfect expert, we can still do better.

The Movement Refuses Good Propaganda:

The movement largely with some exceptions absolutely refuses to see propaganda as an actual field to take seriously and to study, instead rather just sticking to conventional wisdom within the movement regarding how messaging should work that has in all seriousness only hindered our efforts to disseminate our ideas and in reality is the reason why we’re so small and politically ineffective within the United States.

Ideological Cuckoldry:

It is common among many groups to play down their ideas of Racialism, Fascism and other ideas regarding our ideology and worldview, however this is just idiotic because lets just bring up the example of the current crop of Optics Gang Individuals such as Nick Fuentes or the now decaying rotted corpse that is left of Patriot Front, we can see a common thing with both of them, they play pretend as American Patriots and don’t even mention their racial politics much. In other words, portraying themselves as Paleo-Conservatives in rhetoric and ideology.

The justification for this from what I’ve been told by these individuals is “We’re only doing this so we can subvert the Republican Party and the Conservative Movement to become National Socialist like us Tim! You’re too smooth brained to understand our 4D Chess!”. Except one issue, this strategy never works, it’s been tried for over 60 years now and it has accomplished nothing, due to the fact that lying about your beliefs to “Gain power and establish Fascism” never works because our enemies aren’t retarded. Groups such as the ADL, the SPLC and others can easily see right through you, everyone knows people like Nick Fuentes, Patriot Front and alike are National Socialist aligned and just lying to sneak around, because of this you’re an actual retard if you think you’re fooling anyone by it, to quote George Lincoln Rockwell on the matter “you cannot out sneak the master sneaks”, sorry but no one is fooled.

Even if somehow you were never found out as one of us, what use is this tactic anyway? I’m certain there are plenty of Republican Politicians both on the National and State level who agree with us politically but what use do they serve when you really think about it? All they do is promote the ideological and rhetorical ideas of our opposition, that’s it and they serve no other purpose. Since on their platform of power and authority, rather than talking racial policies and promoting Fascist ideology and rhetoric, they promote system talking points like rambling on about transvestites in women’s sports or other reactionary distractions rather than focusing on the bigger picture. They serve the system and its interests, not our own interests. The same follows for groups within the movement as a whole, like Patriot Front, Nick Fuentes and alike, these groups are useless and in all regards are counter-revolutionary and only serve to promote the system.

I want you to look at the image above, what message does this convey? Is there anything racialist about this? Anything promoting Fascist ideology? There isn’t any, for myself I’ve always used Patriot Front as an example of bad propaganda, it’s just empty platitudes and nothing more. There are no ideas to be had, nothing to say at all really, this is something I’d expect on a 4th of July holiday card at the dollar store rather than on a political movement’s propaganda.

This isn’t even the end all be all of Patriot Front’s shit propaganda skills, take a look at their “manifesto” here and you’ll notice something reading through it, it’s just empty platitudes and lazy writing. Now compare that shitheap to any political literature that has changed humanity for better or worse, whether it be The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith, The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx, Mao’s Little Red Book, Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler and more. What do they all have in common? What they all have in common is the fact that none of them spoke in empty platitudes and fluff, Adam Smith, Karl Marx, Mao Zedong and Adolf Hitler were all passionate individuals and put serious thought and effort into their writings and weren’t just lazy sacks of shit who bullshitted their way to the top through platitudes and fluff. That’s what cuts the unnoteworthy and forgettable from the revolutionary and exemplary and the best way to find out if a group of your ideas is really worth your time and effort.

Substance within the movement’s messaging and propaganda really is lacking, even many of those claiming revolution, because they have no teeth. They have nothing behind them, so no one cares. A quote from Vladimir Lenin that is one of my favorites really sums it up on this “If we are not ready to shoot a saboteur and a White Guard, what sort of Revolution is that? Nothing but talk and a bowl of mush.”, groups like Patriot Front and even Nick Fuentes on occasion preach revolution and change but at the end of the day, what backs them up? Nothing, nothing at all, they’re all talk because the moment you bring up anything serious around them, they freak out. They freak out when they face real systemic discrimination and attacks, they freak out if the FBI shows up at their house, they freak out whenever they see any real revolutionary organizing within the movement and will slander and smear you, it’s pathetic.

I personally have had the FBI visit me over my affiliations and words in attempts to scare me, I’ve had Antifa harass myself and also my family over my views, I’ve had journalists harass myself and my family over my views, many of my friends went through the same ordeals yet we’re still here and that’s what scares them the most and makes us a “serious threat” to national security, it makes us so much of a threat that we’ve had the United Nations steal our previous domain over us being a “terrorist website”. This is strictly due to the fact unlike individuals and groups such as Nick Fuentes, Patriot Front, the National Justice Party and alike, our ideas and the fact we’re constantly looking into new avenues of seeking our political worldview put into reality rather than marching around like idiots begging people in the cities to come join us or bothering people on the streets of Chicago with fliers that’ll end up in the trash, that scares the shit out of many of our enemies. If you’re not getting any pushback nor are you having the system hassle you over your views and activities, then you’re not a threat to the system, it’s really that simple.

If your propaganda is that non-threatening to the system that you never get any serious pushback, then you need to rethink what the hell you’re doing and get to having something people can talk about.

The Messaging Is Boring And Gay:

This all bleeds into effective political organizing, if your propaganda, activities and alike are just so God damn boring and unnoteworthy and downright generic that no one even notices you outside of maybe the SPLC and/or the ADL writing a quick write up about you just to get some filler content, then why should anyone else care about your ideas outside of the niche group of weirdos who find you waving a flag and having some sign with a boring slogan on it saying “SAVE WHITE PEOPLE!” and other non-threatening slogans that have been worn out more than a crackhead prostitute during the super bowl to be this effective thing that’ll wake everyone up.

Look at this image, it’s the National Justice Party doing a protest in Waukesha, Wisconsin after some nigger ran over some white kids at a parade. This “protest” is gayer than a pride parade in San Francisco, why though? Look at their signs, it’s boring and banal, it’s just effeminate whining rather than righteous rage. There is no passion here, as far as the public is concerned, it’s just a bunch of weirdos with weird signs standing around rambling nonsense. Easily forgettable and no one cares, no lasting impression, nothing. It’s just a shitty attempt at getting people in Waukesha to side with your politics as you co-opt a tragedy for your own gains, which in itself, using a tragedy such as this to promote your political agenda as a solution to preventing this isn’t itself bad, what is bad is how downright lazy and uninspired it is at the attempt.

The way to promote your ideas and getting them talked about isn’t having you and your gay friends march up and down the sidewalk whining about anti-white hate. No one cares, if Mike Enoch wanted to actually influence the town and better yet the nation, he could have openly stated how the nigger that killed those children in Waukesha was in fact a criminal nigger, openly call him what he is. Better yet, have a stuffed effigy of the killer and have him hang from a noose with a sign around the neck stating “Death to Anti-White Negro Scum!”, then take a photo of you and your men together like the photo below with the hanged effigy.

I’m being completely serious and I am not joking, if you want to be talked about then here you go. You don’t get people seriously discussing your ideas if you do not create controversy. I know this all to well myself, I’ve personally written multiple articles that have gotten the ire of movementarians, both in my criticisms of Patriot Front back when they were the golden child of the movement and criticizing them was considered taboo (which all my criticisms turned out to be true by the way) then recently with TRS indirectly attacking me due to my Pro-Azov Regiment and Anti-Putin stance regarding the Russo-Ukraine War. However, through these controversies, my ideas were discussed and debated upon and taken into consideration, from that our audience grew and more and more people came to my point of view on things, my propaganda efforts were and are successful.

As a propagandist myself, I look up to other propagandists as examples to learn from and follow, even though all the time they promote ideas contrary to my own. One of the top propagandists I personally look up to is that of Roger Ailes, Roger Ailes being basically the man who invented Modern Conservative Propaganda and was the mind behind Fox News as a concept (which was an idea of his going back to the Nixon Administration). When it comes to headline grabbing propaganda efforts, he himself said it best when he said “If you have two guys on a stage and one guy says, “I have a solution to the Middle East problem,” and the other guy falls in the orchestra pit, who do you think is going to be on the evening news?”. This is the issue with most of the movement, they unironically think that just blandly stating their ideas is somehow going to convince everyone to become like us, the issue is that most people could give a fuck less about your boring and inoffensive slogans. If there is no controversy then there is no discussion to be had and then at that point what use is your ideas then if no one even gives enough of a shit to even consider talking about them?

As long as you’re being talked about and debated about, then at the end of the day that’s how you get converts, not by slick arguments or debunking retards on livestreams, no, that’s not how most people’s minds work in a psychological sense. In fact the idea that everyone is swayed by good arguments, facts and logic is a liberal concept from the Enlightenment and a part of the equality lie. Most people are swayed by narratives which benefit them the best in any given moment, if you deny this and you’re just wrong plain and simple. Study propaganda and group psychology when applied to politics and just going outside and talking with the average person and you’ll find that most people don’t give a fuck about facts, studies, debunking or debates, they care about narratives and where they can place themselves within it and how it benefits them.

This currently is why if you try to appeal to well to do cosmopolitan Whites in major cities and suburbs, you’re a fucking idiot. Why would they have any interest in systemic change when you offer no benefit to them whatsoever? You’re death, you’re a plague, you’re offer nothing but destruction in their eyes. The system provides them their food, shelter, security, material needs and stability, what incentive do they have to change over to your system? Because it’s the “right choice”, give me a break, who gives a fuck about the right choice when all it leads to is the system blacklisting you and you becoming a societal pariah? The fact of the matter is, is that we’re extremists, we’re fascists, we’re nazis and we’re racists, everyone knows that and knows the societal costs related to associating with us. That’s why it’s so ludicrous to me to see people of similar politics to myself hell bent on appealing to Whites who are benefiting from this system then getting frustrated when none of them want to join then coping and stating “well just you wait! they’ll join me any day now! they just need to read my fliers and listen to my ideas!”, except they have heard your ideas, they know them all too well, they just don’t care because adopting your ideas means death, to them adopting your ideas is the same as purposefully infecting themselves with a deadly plague.

That is why, us as extremists, mustn’t appeal to the Whites who are happy with the system and benefit from it, instead the exact opposite is needed. We must appeal to the Whites that the system doesn’t care for and has abandoned, the rural areas, the coal countries and the rust belts. Disaffected and alienated Whites who hate the system at our disposal and people who are nothing but receptive to ideas such as ours, we do not do it by holding up plain signs with gay and boring slogans however, no, to quote Mussolini on the matter “Let us have a dagger between our teeth,a bomb in our hand,and an infinite scorn in our hearts.”, if you don’t give enough of a shit about your ideas and your beliefs then why should anyone else?

No Principles:

A bigger issue to tie into all of this is the fact that generally speaking, a lot of the movement doesn’t actually have any real ideological principles to cite, no real goals on things. Just a vague set of ideas like being “Pro-White” and that’s basically it. Beyond that everything else goes so you can fake your way to the top without actually holding any serious ideas worth discussing besides being racist and not liking jews that much because of some vague reasons you can’t really cite. Personally, I have ideological principles. I even wrote a whole book detailing them called The Futurist State, I can explain fully to you the basis of my ideas and why I believe them in an original and sound manner. However the same sadly can’t be said for certain people in the movement who went pressed can’t really explain their worldviews, they can only repeat talking points given to them.

In propaganda terms, these people are called “Useful Idiots”, they serve no other purpose other than being units to be commanded for someone smarter and more capable than them, nothing more. They’re followers, not thinkers or leaders. Not that these people don’t serve a purpose in our movement per say, however they shouldn’t be taken seriously and any attempts at them leading or trying to be thought leaders should go down the drain. If you want a prime example of what happens when a useful idiot becomes a talking head/thought leader then look at Eric Striker’s debate with politics live streamer Destiny on how this turns out below.

This debate is absolutely painful to listen to because Eric Striker is a retard and can’t properly explain his ideas because he has no serious principles to him. All he has to him is a vague set of reactionary ideals that he picked up from others and acts as if that’s a serious worldview, hence why it falls apart completely at the most basic of questioning by Destiny because Destiny is a principled Liberal who fully understands and can explain his beliefs around Liberalism. Compare this to that of James Mason’s debate with Bob Larson back in the 1990s, James Mason isn’t a follower nor a useful idiot. When asked he can perfectly tell you in detail his ideas and worldview in a concise and competent manner.

Those in charge of messaging should never be people who can’t even tell you the basics of their own beliefs outside of a few vague platitudes with no passion behind it, that’s always a red flag and always turns out in failure. If you ever wonder why groups of the movementarian variety fail on a constant basis, this is why. It’s because those in charge of its messaging and propaganda are followers and useful idiots in themselves who didn’t earn their position and are just massive narcissists thinking themselves better than everyone else so they don’t have to learn from experienced propagandists such as Edward Bernays or Roger Ailes, for them all they listen to is themselves in their delusions and their lack of principles. If you refuse to be humble and learn from the pioneers before you, then you’ll never become good at what you want to do.

Learn How To Take Good Photos:

A massive problem that absolutely annoys the hell out of me is the issue that many people within the movement are completely unaware of how to take a good photo of themselves. I do not know why but there is just a massive refusal to consider making good propaganda through photographs, instead laziness and half assing rule the day and you get garbage that is used by our enemies as a way to make fun of us. One of the worst things possible ever in terms of political activism isn’t being hated or even having people being apathetic towards you, the worst possible thing is to be made a laughing stock. Someone who is the end of every joke and even worse if you’re too narcissistic thinking yourself the next fuhrer to even notice everyone making fun of you. You go from a political activist that people take with some seriousness to the town idiot that everyone has a good chuckle at.

Just look at this photo below:

I got this from the TRS website just from the most recent episode of Strike and Mike. See anything wrong with this? Mike’s picture at least looks normal, in fact it looks pretty alright. However, question for the graphic design guy in charge of TRS’s graphics, why the fuck would you use a photo of Eric Striker that makes him look like he has down syndrome? Granted, these photos used are just screencaps from speeches done by the National Justice Party, not specific photos taken for usage for this piece.

My response to that is why? Why on God’s name would you be so fucking lazy as to not put in the effort to take some good photos? Better yet, why would you not even bother to take a good photo of Eric Striker and use that? Why use the down syndrome photo. It’s not like there aren’t half-way decent photos of the guy out there like below.

pol/ - Politically Incorrect » Thread #211886281

It really just speaks to the issue of the movementarian mindset, the issue of retrying the same old tired tactics due to the lack of inspiration and just general laziness, at least in Atomwaffen Division we knew how to take good photos when we did photos for propaganda purposes.

See how this photo looks like a normal photo? Does anyone have Down Syndrome in this photo? This isn’t the only photo, however this is just to bring up an example here, taking good photos of yourself and your friends isn’t that hard. Image is everything and this includes you and what you do about it, learning such skills such as how to work a camera for example and how to take a good photo isn’t some hard to learn skill either. I’ll include below the book “The Command To Look” by famous photographer William Mortensen, which for many Atomwaffen Division photos, it was used as a guide for many photos made that are now used by the media as they’re iconic in their own right.

The Command to Look: A Master Photographer's Method for Controlling the  Human Gaze: Mortensen, William, Dunham, George, Moynihan, Michael, Lytle,  Larry: 9781627310017: Books

Please, I beg you all, learn to take good photographs and don’t make yourselves out looking retarded in your photos, I will gauge my eyes out with railroad spikes out of spite so I don’t have to view another garbage photograph from the movement that looks like it’s a class photo for a special ed classroom due to it being taken at such a shit angle ever again.

I’ve outlined the basic issues I’ve seen within movement messaging, however, rather than just sticking to pointing out issues within propaganda, I also wish to point out good examples of propaganda, something that makes an actual impact. Most of the movement mocks/hates Atomwaffen Division, however despite its faults, its propaganda game was on point. It’s the very reason despite it being nearly two years since Atomwaffen Division’s end that we’re still discussing them and why enemies of our race whether it be various world governments, the media, antifa, moderates and alike still discuss it.

Promote The Truth Without Fear:

Personally for myself, while Atomwaffen Division failed in its goals, that of overthrowing the system, it succeeded through propaganda and ideology. Most of the movement, despite a lot of them having a seething hatred towards us, SIEGE, James Mason and alike, are forced into adopting at least some of our rhetoric, worldview and aesthetics whether they like it or not. This is something I’ve noticed, whether it being Patriot Front, The National Justice Party and even Nick Fuentes, some of our rhetoric has been adopted by them. Granted they do this while massively talking shit on us, however the point still stands. It’s why Atomwaffen Division is and will forever be remembered and it makes our enemies seethe.

Simply just look at the propaganda posters below and see the difference between them and what you see above with the Patriot Front stickers I posted above.

Look at this poster and tell me what you see? Well we can see Adolf Hitler with Swastikas and a message stating his disapproval along with messages at the bottom “No Degeneracy, No Tolerance, Hail Victory”. The messaging is clear as day from what you can read in that photograph, that we stand with Adolf Hitler and National Socialism the mixed that in with Hitler’s disapproval of whatever this poster was put onto. There is no vague messaging here and no beating around the bush, it gets straight to the point and doesn’t waste anyone’s time. This also came with a slogan within Atomwaffen Division propaganda which was mostly at the end of videos but also in some posters as well, that slogan being “Join your local Nazis!”, something that of course riles up those who I complained about above, yet despite that fact every single one of these optics cucks who constantly lie about their political beliefs for reason of cowardice will rive in pain and seethe in anger over you stating such things, screaming things such as “I’M NOT A NAZI/FASCIST, I’M A RACE REALIST WHITE NATIONALIST STRASSERIST WITH CONSERVATIVE CHARACTERISTICS, NOOO! STOP IT!”.

It makes you look weak and you aren’t clever nor are you fooling anyone, Rockwell himself even remarked on this when he commented how you can never outsneak the master sneaks (Jews) and anyone who disagrees is just being arrogant and thinking somehow despite the decades of failure with this approach, somehow their attempt will be different this time, what is it about trying the same thing over and over again and expecting different results being insanity again? What we need more than all is strength, strength above all else and strength as our image. People are naturally attracted to strength and confidence, not weaklings and cowards who are too afraid to admit the truth about their own political beliefs, this speaks to an entitlement of the cowardly and weak as well, to quote the late Osama Bin Laden on the matter in a quote I feel completely fits this point “When people see a strong horse and a weak horse, by nature, they will like the strong horse”.

To repeat, we are extremists, we are radicals, we are fascists and everything else that comes with it, to deny this point, to deny any of this for the purposes of appealing to the masses is fool-hearty and a waste of time. We will get more people, good people, on our side appealing to what we are than appealing to what we aren’t. If you want to see an example of the types of cowardly weaklings that come about when you appeal to the weak, the cowardly and the afraid, watch the below video of an Identity Europa member in 2017 at Charlottesville, Virginia when confronted by Antifa and Blacks, he takes his shirt off and apologizes and begs for mercy, who the hell wants someone like this within your circles? If they can’t handle Antifa and some Blacks, how can they handle the system?

Now take this video then look at the propaganda that Identity Europa back when it was still active put out:

This right here is the typical Identity Europa Propaganda Poster, take a good look because they’re all the same, a picture of a European Art Statue with some gay slogan written on it. Could you tell that this is a Pro-White group by chance? Anything by the poster? Anything at all? No, of course not because that’d mean you’d have to state your actual beliefs with will, something these people don’t have, hence how you get pussies such as Mr. NoShirt in the video above representing their group.

The issue of cowardliness among movementarian optics cuck types is something I know all myself too well, back when I was within the now defunct group Atomwaffen Division, despite the performative denouncements of us by various “Alt Right” organizations, they were absolutely fucking terrified of Antifa, totally and completely, so what was their solution? For Atomwaffen Division to show up and do security for them, show up with guns at their events, keep them safe because of the projected image of strength we showed combined with the fact that Antifa largely did fear us because there has been nothing else like Atomwaffen Division before or since.

Cameron Denton (aka Rape) at the time who was leading Atomwaffen Division refused, he refused to allow Atomwaffen Division to do armed security for events such as events held by Anti-Communist Action who begged us to help them in 2018 to scare away Antifa and wisely Cameron refused to do security for or allow any active members of Atomwaffen Division to attend the Unite the Right Rally, despite the begging of certain organizers for UTR to Cameron due to them being absolutely afraid of being attacked by Antifa, all and all an extremely smart move in hindsight due to the legal hell that’d put everyone through since easily if Cameron was an egomaniac, he could have said yes in order to boost the prestige of Atomwaffen Division among the movement but instead he refused and allowed the cowards to deal with Antifa on their own and take the legal hits on their own if they’re so hellbent on doing things that’ll attract trouble like that.

However, a lesson to be learned by this short story and something that will stick with me until the day I die is how absolutely untrustworthy and downright cowardly moderates are, how they will stab you in the back to suit their own agendas and that being an agenda of cowards. Stick with your own and only show an image of strength and you will attract the strong and the brave, not the weak and cowardly.

In Conclusion:

To conclude this article off, I want all readers of this article to use the examples and experiences that I myself have been through and learned and take it and apply it to your own projects. Learn and grow, don’t just be stagnant and stale since stagnation means death.

I’ll include some resources below regarding further learning on the subject.

Resources On The Bare 101 Basics:
Livros | Salta Montes