AMAB: All Moderates are Bastards

Many of our comrades mistakenly believe that moderates are on our side. This is certainly a mistake, and in fact moderates are our enemies. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with debating moderates and maybe even converting a few. However, as it stands your average moderate will certainly not come over to our side. It’s more likely that a leftist would convert than a moderate.

The average leftist at least knows that the system is bullshit, and has simply come to the wrong conclusions, while the moderate embraces the system and falsely believes that reform, not revolution, is the way. It is clearly a mistake for any to try and form a ‘coalition’ with these people. If someone isn’t willing to put down their life for this cause, if someone can’t accept that this system is rotten to its core and needs to be destroyed, then they are a part of the system and should be treated as an enemy.

Historically, in various different revolutions, moderates have backstabbed the true revolutionaries. Moderates often defected to the counter-revolutionary side. And why have they done this so many times? Because most moderates are cowards. They seek reform and to work within the system because they’re petrified of revolution;they can’t stomach any conflict. The mind of the stubborn and unchanging moderate is always female in nature.

As for a historical example, I give you the example of Post-WW2 Germany. Many of the Waffen SS and Hitler Youth fought to the death, even after it was clear that the war was lost, because they were dedicated radicals and revolutionaries, utterly committed to National Socialism. The Allies had trouble fighting these remaining forces. So what did they do? Simple, they had the moderates in the Wehrmacht hunt them down and kill them. In fact this was a common occurrence, so much so that our enemies to this day venerate the Wehrmacht as “fighting for their country” while portraying the SS as “psychopathic traitors to their nation”.

This isn’t meant to condemn the Wehrmacht, in fact most were solid and didn’t collaborate with the Allies. They simply went home. It’s just an example of the treason of moderates and how they’re a danger to our cause as a whole. The same applies to the infamous “Operation Valkyrie”, which is a textbook example of what happens when you have moderates in your cause. The conspirators within this plot planned to kill Hitler with a bomb and start a coup to remove the NSDAP from power, and they specifically targeted the most revolutionary party members, i.e. party leadership and the SS. 

Thankfully, Hitler survived. The traitors were found and rightfully shot. While Valkyrie was just one example of many of moderates trying to murder Hitler, it’s the closest they came to actually doing it. The treason of the various Wehrmacht troops post-War and the treason of anti-NS moderates during the war should remind all of you that moderates are not our friends.

One final example would be  the infamous “Satanic Panic” regarding the Atomwaffen Division back in 2018. For those who don’t know, various members and non-members were claiming that pedophiles, rapists and drug addicted homosexual satanists had taken over the organization, and some stories even claimed that  they were working with the FBI or even Mossad. All of this is untrue. While some members dabbled in occultism, this was well known for years and no one had an issue with it during that time until certain members found it convenient as an excuse to start trouble. 

They spun up a story with non-member and noted Mexican named Vex, real name  Ethan Hendricks, about how there are “pedophile satanists who rape and murder animals!” and whatever trash they came up with next. In regards to those who didn’t join their pearl-clutching crusade, they proceeded to then find their info and give it to journalists for doxxing purposes. 

Moderates are cancer and associating with them and attempting to work with them will only get you burned or worse. So stay among revolutionaries and radicals only. Debate the moderate if you must but never work with them. They’re just as much our enemies as the rest of them are. It’s as simple as that. 

Hail Victory! AMAB!