Ding Dong the Good Goy is Dead!

Originally Posted at the time of Colin Powell’s Death, this article is an archive.

It has come to our attention here at The American Futurist that the former US Military Commander Colin Powell is dead. For those unaware, Colin Powell himself was a pretty famous military commander from the 1990s to the 2000s. Mostly due to the fact he lead the US Military in its charge to destroy Ba’athist Iraq for the crime of being against the Jewish World Order. First in 1990 with the Gulf War in which the US Military bombed Iraq into ash because Saddam invaded Kuwait in response to Kuwait actively stealing Iraqi Oil (In which it had to pay reparations to Iraq on until Kuwait decided to stop payments and continue stealing oil) along with other issues Kuwait was causing Iraq.

In fact the Gulf War itself was started on a lie. Telling Americans that they need to go to war with some middle eastern country because they invaded one of your Jewish puppet allies doesn’t really sell. So instead they had people give fake testimonies before Congress claiming to be Kuwaiti Nurses and more. Saying things like Saddam was having Kuwaiti Babies stomped on by soldiers in hospitals and similar lies. In fact the most famous of the liars was a Kuwaiti Girl who testified before Congress begging Congress to support invading Iraq and reinstalling the Kuwaiti Royal Family (who are Jewish Puppets). Claiming that Iraqi Soldiers murder babies in hospitals for fun and more. Turns out she made the whole thing up and she wasn’t even in Kuwait to see those things because she was the daughter of the Kuwaiti Ambassador to the US. Source here.

Collin Powell was one of the main commanders of this war. He didn’t only lie about reasons why we should go to war with Ba’athist Iraq once. Nah, he did it again a decade later. In 2003 claiming that Saddam had Weapons of Mass Destruction such as Nuclear Weapons and Iraq needed to be invaded and replaced with a Democracy (Jewish Occupied Government) or Saddam will personally kill everyone on this planet and invade the US or whatever nonsense. He went on National TV and before the United Nations stating over and over again how the US needs to overthrow Saddam Hussein. Seeing as this was post-9/11 America and George W. Bush had an 80%+ approval rating. Guess which option the US went with? Yeah we invaded Iraq and murdered over 1 million people.

On top of this, during our occupation we did abhorrent things to the Iraqi population. Such as Abu Ghraib in which US Military and CIA personnel tortured, raped and murdered Iraqi Civilians and their children for fun. Including but not limited to, raping the children of prisoners in front of them, shoving broken broomsticks through prisoner’s genitals, peeing on prisoners then electrocuting them with a car battery and much more. These people were literally just random civilians too. Not Ba’athist Insurgents or Islamic Jihadists. Literally the CIA and the US Military grabbed random Iraqis off the street just to rape their kids in front of them or shove sharp wood pieces into their genitals for fun.

Another fun fact to keep in mind with Colin Powell is that he was a Shabbos Goy. For those unaware, a Shabbos Goy is a non-Jew who does the bidding of Jews. In Colin’s case it meant as a youth shutting on and off light switches and turning on ovens for Jews during the sabbath. Of course Colin kept up this act and became such a good Shabbos Goy that he commanded attacks and removed the Jew’s biggest threat in the Middle East, Saddam Hussein. In fact pretty much every major politician in the US has been a Shabbos Goy in the fashion of doing things for Jews during Sabbath in their youth and now they’re all Shabbos Goys in adulthood. This time running the US as their puppets.

Colin Powell’s death should have been marked by hanging after being put on trial for his crimes. Instead he dies from old age and the poor health that comes with it. Am I mad over this? You bet I am. People like him and the other Jewish Collaborators who destroyed Ba’athist Iraq are free and despite all their crimes are allowed to live successful and rich lives. It’s a joke. It’s even more of a joke to myself to see the very same “Anti-Iraq War Activists” who stated how they hated the Iraq War and its crimes now celebrating evil men such as George W. Bush and now Colin Powell and how “well what they did was bad objectively but lets just move on guys!”. Bush and everyone else who collaborated in starting the Pro-Jewish Wars that were Iraq and Afghanistan should be put on trial and face the consequences.

The death of Ba’athist Iraq was a travesty. Iraq under Saddam Hussein was on the brink of becoming a super power in its own right. All of that dashed because of these Jews and the threat Saddam posed to them. Saddam in my humble opinion was the reincarnation of Nebuchadnezzar from the Old Testament brought back. Ba’athist Iraq was Ancient Babylon brought back to life. Which terrified the Jews. Since in the Old Testament, Nebuchadnezzar raided the Temples of Zion and conquered the Jews. He drank beer and wine out of their pots of gold and much more. To face such a man again was not on the Jewish Agenda. Especially when Saddam made it clear his goal was to conquer Jerusalem from the Jews in Iraqi State Media. Just as Nebuchadnezzar had done before. In fact during Saddam’s farce of a trial that saw him hanged. He openly declared the US and the Jews that controlled it “The Enemies of Humanity!” and in his last words before being hung cursed the Jews and wished for their downfall.

Hell is burning extra hot with the admission of Colin Powell in the pit, at least he has his fellow collaborator Donald Rumsfeld with him and hopefully George W. Bush is not far behind them both. I only hope that we as American Futurists can undo the wrongs brought unto the world by this demon. American truly is the Great Satan.

Hail Victory! Fuck Colin Powell! Glory to the Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party of Iraq!

As an addition and an insult to Colin Powell I’ll include some Ba’athist Iraq Music and Media for our users enjoyment: