Regarding the Church of Satan

Questions continue to be raised concerning my own stance regarding Anton LaVey and his Church of Satan. Probably now is the time to get all of this clarified and down on paper, once and for all.

This isn’t a condemnation nor is it an endorsement. I neither disown nor do I embrace either the man or his creation.

He – it – simply were. Objects of interest in a world beginning to pull apart. The biggest consideration is that I went with Commander Rockwell at that time and no one else.

There had been that blurb in that final issue of “The Stormtrooper” in the summer of 1968 which pointed out that the government permitted a Satanic burial in a federal cemetery but had refused Rockwell’s.

It was written into the opening of “Siege”, the book, that I had gained my own, first and real introduction to LaVey and his Church of Satan right at Party headquarters in Arlington late in 1968 when I bought the LP album, “Satanic Mass”, from another Party comrade. “Looks weird.” I commented. “I assure you, it is.”, came back from the seller.

Much later, after I had gotten it home back in Ohio and was able to play it, I found that it wasn’t all that “weird”. Lots of great Wagnerian music along with that of Beethoven providing the-background for the reverberated voice of LaVey himself as he read out his own material. The accent of that voice struck me as being Jewish, which it was. Word had it that LaVey was at least partially a Rumanian Jew.

But hitting the nail on the head is just that, an accuracy. And he had plenty of those contained in his album.

Lies inculcated as a child around its mother’s feet, although LaVey never specified as to just what those lies were.

He struck a chord with his assault upon the state of the modern Christian Church. Did his own take on an upended version of the “Sermon on the Mount”. What I loved best was his philosophy toward one’s own enemies. In those days I was counting enemies and not friends.

When, during the summer of 1983, I had met my assembled enemies “in the valley” and had defeated them against all odds, the mood this placed me in could only have been expressed by LaVey’s own words on the subject. And so this amounted to the most lengthy, by far, quote ever printed in “Siege”, the newsletter.

Around 1990, through the auspices of my new publisher, Michael Jenkins, himself a member of LaVey’s Church, I received in the mail a printed copy of LaVey’s “Satanic Bible” straight from the source and within it was a most generous and complimentary inscription. This has been reprinted in “Siege”, the book.

Out of this came the now infamous videotape of the clash between me and the televangelist, Bob Larson, which took place in the summer of 1993. “Neo-Nazi Satanism” was the heading Larson chose for the thing. Of course the game of Larson and all such is to set up an “evil” so that he can attack it on air and thereby hopefully squeeze more money out of his listeners. Both sides were so happy with the results that we both distributed the tape to our respective memberships.

Going now off memory, I really don’t think that the subject of Satan was even brought up. Plenty of Hitler and Manson but no Satan. I’m glad of this. I still wouldn’t have disowned LaVey but, instead, would have launched into what I am now about to launch into.

I was saying then and I’m still saying now that the Church has gone to hell. One more of our own institutions that has long since begun to fail us as a people and is doing far more to aid our own enemies in destroying us. But in 1993 I still wouldn’t have had this snappy comeback: Nothing of a lasting nature can have begun life as bullshit. But all things left in the hands of man over long periods will eventually wind up as bullshit.

That is the key as I was to discover later that same decade.

LaVey certainly got the bullshit part but I don’t think he perceived the rest of it. Even if he had, as a Jew, he could have done nothing with it. I, for all my young life, had also sensed the bullshit, empty, part of it. It WAS weak, it WAS nowhere and it LOOKED TO BE a recipe for racial and national suicide.

And so I not only never entered into it, I rejected it.

LaVey’s approach was this: Perhaps the opposite number of all this -Satan – was worth a second look after all. Strength, vitality and smash your enemy square in the face. Deny yourself nothing. Hard to argue with when left with only those facts easy at hand.

But LaVey – as much as I liked and admired him – was basically an atheist and his group was basically a sex club. His was an interesting alternative viewpoint but he wasn’t at all racial. I was saddened when I learned of his death.

I wrote into a book on the subject that is nearing a fresh reprinting that some texts do indeed seem to be “sealed” as though by magic. Two of these books are “Mein Kampf” and the “Holy Bible”. They are found commonly, everywhere, in all languages. But who really READS them? And of those who might, how many COMPREHEND and UNDERSTAND them? They are effectively thus SEALED.

Perhaps as a quick promo for the upcoming book, I saw and then went on to demonstrate – to PROVE – that these two otherwise “sealed” books are actually exact PARALLELS. It’s uncanny and it can get the hairs on the back of your neck standing up. But there was the foundation of the first Church which went on to give us this final cycle of civilization: White Civilization.

But, my, how things can and do get lost with time.

I also wrote much about the “real” Satan, or at least the allegory thereof. If you’re busy looking for a Red Devil, with horns, a pitchfork and a long, pointed tail, you’re not only going to come up very disappointed but, while at it, wasting your time this way, you stand to fall victim to the REAL evil that is passing as the “new normal”. Not only that, but what is universally elevated to the very pinnacle of highest and finest of “ideals”. And THAT is how Satan works in REALITY.

A thousand bullshit diversions await you out there but to find the TRUTH these days is practically an impossibility. What does “Satan” mean, anyway? Literally, the “Accuser” or the “Adversary”.

The entire thrust of the Bible, both testaments, has to do only with the fate and destiny of Israel. And Israel is a PEOPLE, not a place. And it is WE who ARE Israel. And what does “Israel” mean? Literally, “A Prince Ruling with God”. It is WE who still rule this earth but, sadly, with the Jews existing as a parasite within our nervous system. Every bit of this strange story is outlined and where the secular narrative leaves off, the rest is prophesized. And 99% of that prophesy has since been fulfilled.

When I saw that about twenty-five years ago, that’s when I stopped worrying.

Some things within the Bible are allegorical. Bram Stoker’s novel, “Dracula”, is an allegory of the Jews. The “Serpent” in the Garden of Eden is allegorical. Later on in the book, the Serpent is identified as Satan. And toward the end of the book, Satan is identified with the Jews. (You can go and read this for yourself but you can also go and climb Mount Everest.)

Am I dreaming this or are all the forces at work in the world today set against the White race? Am I dreaming this or are all these self-same forces guided and controlled by Jews? The Accuser, the Adversary. All of this finds its origin set before “the foundation of the earth”.

Truth so old that it has become mystified. I try to de-mystify it. Evil? That means only confusion in all things. Good? That signifies clarity or purity in all things. These are never subjective terms. But they’ve been TURNED that way in more recent times. People can lose sight of the truth or, just as often, agents of confusion can be sent in to help things along in getting knocked off base.

God – or evolution – created RACE. There is no race to compare with the White race. The White race today is threatened with EXTINCTION through miscegenation – or race-mixing. That began in the Garden of Eden. (There never was any mention of any “apple”.) Civilization after civilization has come and gone because of this. Always there was a remnant and a fresh place to go and start again. Today there is none. End time.

So who or what then is leading this drive? It has long been fully documented that it is the Jews. And what’s behind them?

I’m not a religious nut nor am I a “Bible-thumper”. But anyone should by now realize that this world situation is bigger than what comes across on the nightly news. In that “nightly news” element, we lose. But in the bigger element – of REALITY – we win.