The Insurgent

Something that I see too common within our own community is not knowing what we’re even doing and falling into the trap of LARPing and ineffectiveness and worse. So I’ll be clear on what I even mean by this. We within the sub-community of the global fascist community, that is, the more revolutionary segments of that community, tend to be more extreme when it comes to both tactics and ideological matters, but also tend to screw up consistently in terms of actually knowing what the fuck we’re doing.

Literally anyone who’s been around this section of the greater movement can tell you that. What I do love about our slice of the movement is that we, as a community, pick ourselves up and try to learn from our mistakes, unlike the movementarians who’ve been doing the same useless failed tactics since the Third Reich was sadly destroyed many years ago. To improve ourselves is the goal here. This is what this post is meant to be. Hopefully, we can all learn from this.

Part I: Attitudes & Activities

The best place to start is with the mind. Childish and immature fantasies of leading this Mad Max tier organization against the niggers “AFTER SOCIETY COLLAPSES AND SHIT MAN! I’M GOING TO GET WARBRIDES AND SHIT MAN!” is idiotic and childish and only screws the rest of us over. Actually have a real plan of what you really want to do instead of just LARPing about all the negros you’re going to kill come your fantasy LARP version of a race war. Actually think this through instead of being an idiot.

Realistic plans for myself would be based on actual ideas around what an insurgency really is. Study their tactics and history. H. John Poole’s works on the matter are excellent. Study into insurgent conflict zones such as Afghanistan, Vietnam, Partisan activities in Third Reich occupied Europe etc. with questions like “What caused these events?”, “How did these people organize under such circumstances?”, “What was their attitude like?” and “What was their organization structured like and how did that lead them to success/failure?”

Asking these questions helps you maintain a good mindset and find your own successes in these matters by studying history and the failures and successes within it. Come up with new things. Be creative. We have books in the “Tactics and Manuals and More” section of the Library. Check them out.

Sticking with the same old tactics and modes of thinking will only screw yourself over as well as everyone else. It allows the system as well as other enemies to outflank you, as they know your next move. Always be unpredictable and invent new paths. Our ancestors did the same through their exploration, settlement, and colonization. We need to revert back to that mindset, rather than being stuck in familiarity and comfort.

As for activities, I highly recommend that our readers train with friends. We can accomplish this by giving realistic training and bonding with our friends in the cause as well. How? Physical training through means such as hiking, camping, and alike are great ways of engaging in this. Do jogs, walks through the woods, and other physical activities. As for combative training. I heavily disregard the idea that the late Atomwaffen Division tried through training their guys on clearing buildings.

While it looks cool for videos. You’re realistically not going to be doing those things. At all in fact. What you should be doing is practicing hit-and-run tactics, studying psychological insurgent tactics, and alike. In fact, you can practice hit-and-run tactics through the use of cheap paintball guns that you can buy on Amazon. Train with friends in the woods. To know what tactics to even use, I heavily recommend H. John Poole’s work “Tactics of the Crescent Moon” which can be found in our library. Educate yourself and invent new ways of doing things.

Part II: Uniform and Equipment

A massive issue for our movement as a whole has been that of uniforms. Too many of our own guys keep picking the typical military look instead of that of an actual insurgent. What do I mean by this? Simple. We must get rid of the damn Flecktarn! We need to stop all these purchases and the wearing of military uniforms. I know it looks cool. I’m a collector of the stuff myself. With that said, how is that in any way useful to a successful insurgency? Have you ever considered that?

Instead of buying Flecktarn Parkas and other LARP gear, heavily consider the purchase of work-related clothing. Brands such as Carhartt, Dickies, Duluth Trading Company, and alike come to mind. Why that over military clothing? Well, the reason is two-fold. First things first. The material is leagues more durable than German military uniforms. It’s designed for heavy-duty work and is built to last. The Bundeswehr doesn’t have to worry about that. If a uniform wears out, they can always make more. You don’t have that luxury. So while it is much more expensive, it is a good investment to purchase work-wear clothing over military surplus clothing.

My personal recommendation on the matter is the Carhartt Duck Bartlett with Duluth Trading Company’s Fire Hose Work Pants. Although I heavily recommend to our readers that they look around and shop around for the various workwear brands and look for what is good for their region and area. Many of these places, such as Duluth Trading Company and Carhartt, have physical stores all across the United States, so you can see these clothing items in person and find what is most comfortable for you and what is good for your area. Again, I’m aware that a $140+ Carhartt Jacket is far more expensive than a $40 Flecktarn Parka. That’s irrelevant. That Carhartt jacket, or any other workwear brand, will help you blend in with the crowd.

This especially applies in rural areas, where any future insurgency within the United States would take place. It makes you hard to pick out of a crowd. Which leads to psychological paranoia among your enemies as you could literally be anywhere. It scares the hell out of your enemies. Plus, it helps you relate to the locals better too, as how can you be a monster if you look like a regular person who lives in their town?

The Taliban, for example, used this tactic to their advantage. They exclusively dress in clothing that only rural Afghan people wear. The only combat-related things they wear is a chest rig and a rifle, along with other equipment that they can quickly stash away and look like a regular person on the street. With that said as well, the chest rigs they wear are not those of the US Army. 

They don’t wear those big, bulky chest rigs at all. It’s stupid to do so. They instead wear the PLA Chicom Type 81 Chest Rig, which you yourself can purchase for only $30 or even less. It’s made of cotton and is extremely lightweight. You can take it off in seconds due to its simple design. It can hold up to four rifle magazines and two small pockets for radios and other stuff.

One piece of military surplus equipment I also recommend is military surplus boots. Not for any real tactical reason. Just because they tend to be of similar quality to store-bought boots but cheaper. It’s really that simple. The same is true for inexpensive camping supplies, such as camping stoves. All of which can be found at Varusteleka and KommandoStore at a good price. Just don’t buy clothing in terms of jackets, pants, and alike for serious wearing. It’s a waste of time and money and downright stupid.

There is plenty of other equipment to consider as well, such as HAM radios, stoves, knives, and alike. I’ll leave that up to you, dear reader, to research for yourself. Just don’t be stupid and be realistic and practical.

Part III: Techno-Revolution

In our age of technology, we must take advantage of this situation. Learn encryption; learn data wiping; learn cryptocurrency and its uses. I could go on. While I do not claim to have perfect OPSEC or knowledge of useful tools. It doesn’t hurt to learn. With the age of the internet, we can learn just about whatever the hell you wish. We have progressed so much in terms of technology that we can create fully functional firearms in our bedroom with just a 3D printer and stuff from the hardware store. We live in an amazing time when we can effectively operate outside the system for practically anything.

There are now talks over ideas of banning organizations outright through the US State Department, barring people from their bank accounts if they say nigger online and worse. Now, thanks to the internet and the digital age itself. These aims are absolutely useless. They can ban an organization, but what prevents us from operating without organizations if worse comes to worse? Thanks to mass communication, decentralized organizing is possible. They can ban us from every major bank in the world. We’ll just open decentralized crypto wallets such as FeatherWallet and Electrum that one can run on their computer and own outright. Semi-related but also check out our Linux article on why you should only use a Linux distro as your OS for your computer.

In fact, I am a major advocate of the use of cryptocurrency. Not because of any stupid right-libertarian belief around “Dude, this is going to replace real money!” but because it allows us to operate outside of the system’s financial apparatus. We don’t need to run our money through some international bank where the system can simply freeze assets and also track exactly what you’re doing with your money. Considering the central bank is you with cryptocurrency (specifically using decentralized wallets that don’t require you to fill out your email, name, and SSN), and thus you are the ultimate controller of your funds, and can do what you wish with them.

Part IV: In Conclusion

In conclusion to all of this, I ask all of our readers to consider what was said and to be creative and inventive on their own time. Help us, as a movement, grow and expand while making it harder for our enemies to stop us. This is how we’ll win. I have hope for the future as it looks bright for us all.

Hail Victory!