3D Printed Guns

As a sort of announcement at my own request. The American Futurist will be adding the coveted and feared 3D Printed Firearm to its information collection available at the Library (3rd to bottom section). As a result as well, we will be accepting non-book items and materials for the Library as long as it meets our standards. With that stated, we will host links to information on where to exactly download the proper .STL files and alike along with links to general advice on 3D Printing Firearms along with other future additions to the new “Firearms Information” section of the Library. So stay tuned for more information in that section as time goes on.

As a warning, we ask our users to not engage in illegal activities. We, The American Futurist, are not responsible for what the users of this website do with the information provided. We assume that those who construct 3D printed firearms and their accessories are doing so in a legal matter and will not use them to harm other individuals or themselves. Those who engage in such activities do so at their own risk and on their own choice. As the federal court case between Defense Distributed and the Federal Government has shown. 3D printed files pertaining to the construction of firearms and their accessories is covered by the First Amendment of the Constitution. We, The American Futurist, are also not hosting any of these materials on this website. These materials are being hosted on 3rd party websites not affiliated with The American Futurist. We’re simply linking them to our readership for strictly informational purposes.

Besides the general information regarding to the new section within the Library and a general legal warning pertaining to these items of information. The 3D Printer of our recommendation and from my personal experience has been the Ender 3 Pro which is open source and you can purchase on Amazon for just under $250 although there are a few physical stores such as Micro Center (excellent place for cheap computer parts by the way) that carry them as well and sometimes for cheaper if they have them in stock. I also recommend changing the nozzle on the Ender 3 Pro from the factory .4mm nozzle to that of a .6mm nozzle which are pretty cheap to buy and easy to replace. The factory nozzle tends to be shit and .6mm nozzles are better from my experience.

With that stated we wish our readers that attempt to enter this hobby good luck to their attempts and knowledge of this information.

This has been an announcement from myself and on behalf of The American Futurist!