A Letter of Support for Hamas

With the recent news from Palestine, specifically regarding the news around East Jerusalem and the recent missile attacks against Tel Aviv by Hamas, The American Futurist and its permanent staff as well as James Mason gives our open support towards the Palestinian Organization known as Hamas and we wish them success against the illegitimate state of Israel in what is quickly looking into becoming the 3rd Intifada. We see Hamas as the only legitimate government within the land that is claimed by Jews.

It is obvious and clear that Hamas and its allies within the Gaza Strip are the only ones fully willing to stand up to the Jews in question and openly address the Jewish Question. This includes pointing out Jewish involvement in the Media, Banking and Governments of many other countries of the world. While Hamas does have ideologically differences with The American Futurist, including but not limited to them being Islamic Militants. We still give our support and wish them the best in this new struggle.

Despite a blockade put on by Israel and its allies against the Gaza Strip after Hamas’s surprise 2006 victory and Hamas beating back a US-Israel supported failed coup attempt against them, they still stand strong and are only gaining more strength as a result. In fact as of last month, the Palestinian Authority, a Jewish Collaborationist Puppet Regime in the West Bank, has suspended elections in the region due to fears of a Hamas victory. The reasoning why Hamas gaining popularity in the West Bank is really simple. Anger over the Israeli Settlements and the PLO lead West Bank Government basically doing nothing about it besides issuing objections. For those unaware, the Israeli Settlements are Jews going into what’s left of Palestine and literally stealing land from the Palestinians for the sake of building a Jewish Ethnostate further. Usually by having the Israeli Military bulldoze Palestinian homes that have been there for generations.

Hamas on the other hand removed all Jewish settlements from Gaza after they took control in 2006 with one simple trick. They threatened to kill all the settlers if the Israeli Government didn’t come to collect their land thieving kikes. It worked of course. Now people in the West Bank, sick of having their homes taken away by greedy kikes while their Government does nothing. They’re now turning to Hamas. Which scares the hell out of the Jews, hence why they suspended elections in the West Bank to prevent that. The forced evictions and Jewish conquest of East Jerusalem as of now was just the straw that broke the camel’s back so to say. It was a breaking point. It especially blew up after Jews flooded Al-Aqsa Mosque with tear gas to flood the Palestinians out.

After that a fire broke out near the mosque as well. For those unaware, Al-Aqsa Mosque (the third holiest site in Islam) is on the site of where the Jews want to build their Third Temple. Israeli Zionists don’t hide the fact they want the mosque destroyed so they can have their Jewish Temple built there. So we might see them actually do it this time. Which would light a giant fire in the Islamic World and start an interfaith war against the Jews. Which would be interesting to see play out if these Jews became ballsy enough to go through with destroying the mosque.

With all of this stated given our support of Hamas, with all honestly the sole reason for support of Hamas is simply due to them being Anti-Jewish. That’s the main concern of ours. We see it in our interests in this now 82 year old war against the Jews to ally and support other anti-Jewish organizations. Including Hamas who the Jewish world clearly hates with a burning passion and wants destroyed despite constantly losing in every attempt to snuff them our and only giving them more strength. Just like we’re fighting against Jewish Occupation of North America and Europe, they’re fighting against a Jewish Occupation of their own which is much more brutal and open than our own. We wish them the best of luck and they are a ray of hope in the world that you can successfully stand up to these Jews in the modern day. That it isn’t all a lost cause.

Hail Victory! Hail American Futurism! Hail Hamas!