Brainwashed Nazis?

As a National Socialist, one of the most common claims that you hear is that we are “brainwashed”, “living in echo chambers”, etc. This claim is so patently false as to be laughable. I ask, who is the brainwashed one?: The man who accepts everything that he sees around him, who abides by any rule, […]

Rat Report

As a Public Service Announcement here at The American Futurist. We feel the need to warn our readers and the public of a rat. The rat we’re reporting on is none other than former member of the now non-existent organization known as “Atomwaffen Division”. Reserving your judgements of that organization and its past, whether positive […]

Answer the Call

On this day 36 years ago, Robert Jay Mathews fought bravely and died for his race. In the bleak face of comrade betrayal and overwhelming ZOG forces his resolve never weakened, for love of the Aryan race and hatred of all opposed burned in his heart so brightly that the insidious influence of fear could […]

War, The World’s Only Hygiene

In the words of F.T. Marinetti “War, The World’s Only Hygiene”. What do these words mean? Well, theymean as they say. War is the world’s only hygiene. It can cleanse races and societies and make themstronger. This is a proper rebuttal to those revisionists who whine “No More Brother Wars!” in referenceto the World Wars […]

Animal Welfare

Just as we care about our race and the environment at large, so do we care about Animal Welfare. All of this goes hand and hand. During the time of the Third Reich there had been many great advancements in this goal. From the banning of animal testing to putting limits on hunting and fishing […]

The Place of Jews in the Bible

Christianity has long since found itself hostile in Revolutionary Fascist/NS Circles, mostly as it is perceived as a Judaized religion that weakens resolve. While this is the case for many nowadays, as the Church loses its bite and is infected with certain politically correct elements, it isn’t always exactly the case – many have tried […]

Oliver Cromwell: The Demon

Studying history is always of great importance. It helps you learn the source of things and where things started from. A historical figure that constantly pops up as the source for many of the societal ills we face today is a man by the name of Oliver Cromwell. Well who is Oliver Cromwell? Oliver Cromwell […]

March! North America!

Done in the music of “La France de demain” BOLD CAPS = CHORUS Oh North America see your beauty!From the Rio Grande to the Arctic!And we will work to make this land whole!As the sons of settlers!We work to preserve our race!For without it we are lost! March! North America!March! North America! With our greatness,There […]