Modus Operandi

A previous article discussed the new domestic “War on Terror” and went into how to approach political movements in this context. This article will discuss what YOU need to do to secure your own personal safety and identity in the wake of this new move by the system. Many people, even in this part of […]

The Insurgent

Something that I see too common within our own community is not knowing what the fuck they’re even doing and falling into the trap of LARPing and ineffectiveness and worse. So I’ll be clear myself on what I even mean by this. We within the subcommunity of the global Fascist community, that being followers of […]

3D Printed Guns

As a sort of announcement at my own request. The American Futurist will be adding the coveted and feared 3D Printed Firearm to its information collection available at the Library (3rd to bottom section). As a result as well, we will be accepting non-book items and materials for the Library as long as it meets […]

The New War On Terror

As the situation in regards to the current political climate within the United States seems to escalate as fallout from the Capitol Building Siege continues. One theme has popped up again and again. We are entering a new “War on Terror”. This time however the target isn’t far away Islamic Fundamentalists. It’s us. The Joe […]

In Response To Recent Events…

As many of our readers are aware. On January 6th, 2021 there was quite the event in Washington, DC. Thousands of Trump supporters went to protest the soon-to-be President Joe Biden for what they felt was a rigged election against the current President Donald Trump. Not long after the protest began, Trump Supporters stormed the […]

Movementarians Are All The Same

So ever since around 2017 we’ve been seeing a rise in a specific faction of Movementarians since the Alt-Right withered out after the shitfest in Virginia. Calling themselves, “America First Conservatives,” and modelling themselves around the proposed policies of Donald Trump and some of the ideas of the Paleoconservatives, they’ve become quite the little group […]

Brainwashed Nazis?

As a National Socialist, one of the most common claims that you hear is that we are “brainwashed”, “living in echo chambers”, etc. This claim is so patently false as to be laughable. I ask, who is the brainwashed one?: The man who accepts everything that he sees around him, who abides by any rule, […]

Rat Report

As a Public Service Announcement here at The American Futurist. We feel the need to warn our readers and the public of a rat. The rat we’re reporting on is none other than former member of the now non-existent organization known as “Atomwaffen Division”. Reserving your judgements of that organization and its past, whether positive […]

Answer the Call

On this day 36 years ago, Robert Jay Mathews fought bravely and died for his race. In the bleak face of comrade betrayal and overwhelming ZOG forces his resolve never weakened, for love of the Aryan race and hatred of all opposed burned in his heart so brightly that the insidious influence of fear could […]