The Hero and The Coward

A statement that we at The American Futurist felt was needed was to announce to our readers an update to The POW List. Usually when we update it, which up until now has been just us removing names of people who have thankfully been released. Such as the Rise Above Movement POWs. We do so […]

The Informant: A Measured Response

A filing by Kaleb Cole’s Lawyer has told us what we already know- Joshua Caleb Sutter, aka SwissDiscipline, is an FBI informant. This ‘man’ is a prime example of an arch-traitor: the kind of person who will shake your hand and call you his “comrade” and “brother”, all while plotting your arrest and incarceration. And, […]

Remembering Terry Davis

On this day, three years ago, Terrence A. Davis, a computer engineer, was struck and killed by atrain, aged 48. Terry was best known for single-handedly programming his own operatingsystem, known as TempleOS, a tremendous feat, which Terry accomplished after years ofdedicated work. Terry believed the operating system would allow him to communicate with God,and […]

The Boiling Frog

Imagine that you’re an everyday white American man in 1950. You’ve been back from the war for five years, and you’re married with two daughters and a son. You received an interest-free government loan on your beautiful four-bedroom suburban home, and you support your whole family with a 40-hour a week job at a factory. […]

Anti-Zionist Jews aren’t your friends

Within the greater movement at large, there is a subsection of that movement which values “Anti-Zionist Jews” as allies. Since they’re against Israel so they must be good right? This idea is dead wrong and only shows such a person not having a single understanding on how Jews operate, their internal factions and fights and […]

A Letter of Support for Hamas

With the recent news from Palestine, specifically regarding the news around East Jerusalem and the recent missile attacks against Tel Aviv by Hamas, The American Futurist and its permanent staff as well as James Mason gives our open support towards the Palestinian Organization known as Hamas and we wish them success against the illegitimate state […]

Effectiveness of Terrorism

The following is a screencap of an 8chan post by an anonymous user detailing to an exact what terrorism is, its tactics and how its applied by even groups that most people wouldn’t see as terrorist entities such as the ADL. It was felt that giving the direct image rather than transcribing it is better […]