The Greatest Generation

This is a term that’s been heard more over the course of the past twenty years or so. It’s something which struck me at the beginning as it contains connotation and now, after all this time, I want to get all of its implications solidly down for all to see and understand. That group being […]

The Media

Unlike in the past, I’ll not tell you now to disregard the nightly news as this piece directly addresses it. And I’m not going to continue to fall into the error of past decades by citing to you every kind of statistic demonstrating how the mass media is own and operated by Jews. For one, […]

Fifty Years Onward!

As the old cliche goes, I remember it as though it had been yesterday. Friday, August 25th, 1967. About midday. My family and I were on our way from town to the house in the country. Dad had stopped at the corner market just outside of town for the obligatory case of beer. When he […]

One Hundred Years of Failure?

It was during the summer of 1967 that Commander Rockwell wrote his second book, “White Power”. He had then a much easier go of it than he had in getting published his first book, “This Time the World”. Such was the degree of development of his American Nazi Party over the preceding five years or […]


Those familiar with prison life will instantly recognize “P.C.” as synonymous with “Protective Custody” or “Punk City”. But the more recent application of P.C. has been and is “Politically Correct”. Everyone knows this. However it seems no one pauses to ask the important question: Politically correct according to who, to what? This is one hell […]


Once more I ask you to dismiss the nightly news and whatever you may have thought you knew about Russia. Whence came Russia? For all intents and purposes, Russia is or was a colony of Sweden approximately as North America is or was a colony of Great Britain. The name itself arose from the Varangian’s […]


What properly to make of Trump? I’ll start with my own initial impressions. These days I’m finding myself needing and wanting to break free of the habit of watching the evening news on television. This bothers me about myself because I never used to do it. Never, that was, until about a year ago when […]


As it is, Before we begin, let us open with a quote extracted from one of the greatest National Socialists alive today.      “The sword has been drawn, there is no going back.” – Brandon Russell Confusion is and always has been the number one evil that yields only enemy results. We shall silence all misinformation, […]

Gnosis of Existential Apartheid

As it is, The countdown of this Earthly cycle, as prophecized by Saint John of the Apocalypse, is coming to a very violent close. What we have said before is no empty platitude nor hand wringing reactionary assertions. SIEGEKULTUR are Prophets. Like those in the Bible, the Prophets that will not be heard, that will […]

The Judgement and The End

As it is, The book of Matthew is a significant book in the Bible, as it gives us a descriptive account of the death of Jesus Christ. What is outlined is no other than the consequences of two of Christ’s anomalies; having the truth in his possession, and surrounding himself with those also in possession […]

Mark of the Beast

The Apocalypse of St. John the Apostle (or, The Revelation) is a major book in the Bible, in fact, it is the last book of the New Testament. What is depicted paints a damn-near portrayal of the current trends that are a culminating build up since the fall of the Third Reich. What we have […]

No Response?

I am compelled to end the ongoing and ever relenting state of affairs surrounding the Movement today. In essence, we have been notified of a Movementarian renaissance currently taking hold – the fear of people who advocate for SIEGE running amuck in their social circles and becoming a bad influence on the direction of their […]