Techniques of Organization in the Surveillance Era

One of the critical discussions that must be had at this juncture of Western History is a discussion of organizational techniques, particularly in regard for the Far Right. One thing is certain; that without a system of organization it will be impossible to coordinate, pool resources, or operate on a national scale. The ubiquitous nature of surveillance combined with the pervasive influence of Marxist extremists in the West leaves relatively few options for functional coordination and organization. There are many hindrances to becoming organized, from alphabet boys to blacklisting and personal threats. As an individual who only recently graduated with a PhD, I can state that it is not in my interest ever to be doxed by those who hate us. So it makes trust and organization incredibly difficult without simultaneously making myself a target. With that in mind, we will examine a number of historical methods of organization and attempt to identify those avenues still open to us.

Organization Methodologies

In the movie Imperium a telling line among the neo-nazis as presented was; “[When you’re standing in line with your brothers], look left, look right, one of these guys is a snitch.” While somewhat basic in presentation the fact of the matter is that the alphabet agencies have been working hard to infiltrate any right wing group with a meaningful presence upon either the social or political stage. The atmosphere of distrust this has created among the ultraconservative movements has effectively prevented any organization among those who possess either financial or political backing.

Historically there have been methods of organization that are no longer functional today. There is the Political Movement method of organization. Such organizations require local support and strong leadership. George Lincoln Rockwells’ American Nazi Party, for example, was organized as a classical political movement. They gave speeches, they had marches, and they had an inner circle of individuals providing a backbone of support for the movement. Unfortunately such organizations generally require a cult of personality, and with a leader discredited or assassinated (as was the case with GLR) the movement has a great deal of difficulty finding any traction. 

Another method of organization has been that of Utilitarian Interest Groups. Such groups often form as charities or interest groups with specific well defined goals. Groups like PETA or the NRA represent the Utilitarian Interest Group method of organization. Often they begin with well-connected leaders who then use that political influence in order to drive interest and achieve financial support through the donations of high profile individuals. Such financial donations are sometimes morally laudable, but they require a strong public profile. As such, Utilitarian Interest Groups will only ever be found organizing along the lines of already acceptable political discourse, or as relics of bygone politically acceptable ideals. In the modern era, ultraconservative movements are not within the Overton window of political dialectic, and as such Utilitarian Interest Groups supporting White racial interests are impossible to form.

Local militias are an excellent support arm for ultraconservative movements, but they tend to be isolated. Any that grow too large take on the appearance of a Political Movement, and quickly find themselves subverted by alphabet boys, or their leaders in prison for some trumped up charge… or both.  The 3d printed firearms movement is an excellent example.  Though the information is still shared and disseminated, any who could claim a leadership role are now behind bars.  The localized militia structure also does not support the organization of resources on a mass scale due to their niche isolation.

So what methods of group organization does that leave available to the ultraconservative political movements? Indeed, in the modern era, sticking ones’ head out of the Overton window is libel to end with a lost head. Bank accounts closed, fired from a job, blacklisting, etc. Those are all common tactics used to prevent the formation of such organizations or groups before they reach a critical mass and begin making real political waves. Seventy years ago when George Lincoln Rockwell created a White interest movement, he did so in an environment where the (((powers that be))) had a very slow reaction time. In the modern era, however, not only is there ubiquitous propaganda deployed by our enemies, but there is also a very quick reaction time whenever individuals dare to stray outside the narrow border of approved, far-left, ideas.

How (((They))) Did It

In looking at how difficult it is for far right conservatives to organize in the current era, we should also keep in mind that our enemies were not always the purveyors of culture the way they are now. Indeed, it took them decades to create a political environment supportive of their aims. In 1950, the McCarthy era, they were nearly rooted out and destroyed in totality by a single errant politician who began noticing what was happening. If only the boomers had listened to him.

It is through slow influence and subversive secret organizations that these Marxists, jews, and degenerates managed to construct an era of political dominance for themselves. There was very little talk of a ‘party for national jewish interests’ or the presence of a ‘national communist association’ in the Hollywood elite. Our enemies used against us natural assumptions we make of honesty and fairness in others. It is against the Caucasian spirit to assume deceit and lies in those who surround us, but in this case that ancestral blindness has cost us our very homelands. Too much trust in the wrong people allowed these subversive tentacles to take hold of our civilization like mold slowly creeping beneath the siding of a home. Beneath the surface numerous groups became quietly organized by building secret societies for themselves, and now that we have realized how far it has gone, the foundation of our civilization is already cracked and decaying. A house divided cannot stand, nor can a house rotten at the foundation.

It is through the method of subversive organization and secret societies that our enemies managed to claw at the structure of the West. Our culture, our history, and our children, are now forfeit to hostile foreigners residing in our own homelands. They have, through secretive institutions, destroyed the most powerful ethnic groups in all of human history, and we didn’t even know it was happening until it was too late. George Lincoln Rockwell noticed, numerous others have noticed, a growing number over the decades. But each time the individual can be suppressed, blacklisted, and ejected from the culture with extreme prejudice. They truly hate those defending western civilization, to a degree that I, personally, have difficulty understanding.  

The Secret Society Model

That method that they used, the Secret Society method of organization, isn’t something we should ignore though. Secret societies turned a powerful, righteous, and self-correcting civilization to blind subservience to foreign interests in only a few decades. That method of organization works, even in what was self-evidently a hostile and dangerous environment. One thing that the modern era has done is create an environment where we can speak to each other quickly across vast distances. This is useful to our enemies, the ruling elite, because it allows them to react quickly to any emergent structure that dares oppose them. It is also, however, useful for us.

So I propose the following; we build our own secret societies. Trusted individuals that do not need to live in close proximity, but whom you know closely and intimately. Build a small group of like-minded people, find each other, and speak in encrypted chat rooms. Expand the circle slowly, only permitting trusted, vetted members into the inner circle. If you are careful with your invitations then the risk of a glow nigger entering your party becomes negligible. It is the duty of every Western Nationalist to begin building and expanding such groups of trustworthy, like-minded people, as we have relatively little time to fix things before our homelands are lost forever.

As these small organizations and associations expand, and become comfortable pooling their resources for the greater good, it is very likely that they will begin bumping into each other. Suppose one individual is invited to two such groups, now both groups are aware of one anothers existence. More so, both groups will be aware that they’re using the same high-trust model. I imagine spiders webs of secret organizations growing across the West, as each grows, the likelihood that they merge goes up. Until entire continents are covered in a crisscrossing lines of contact along which resources may flow for the common cause. 

Effectively, cells are organized without a single leader, but with only local leaders so there is no vulnerable central structure. Our organizations and goals will have differences, we must move past those to a common goal. We will have difficulties trusting one another, we must surpass that by carefully vetting anyone seeking entry. If all of us are selective with our invitations, and if all of us can create high trust secret organizations, however small, then when such organizations meet, they can work for a common purpose. Our enemies have succeeded in making every classical method of organization nearly impossible in the modern world… but not their own method of subversion. We can use their techniques, of quiet pooling of resources, subversive hiring of our allies, and the quiet pushing of like-minded people into positions of political and economic influence. It is not fast, nor it is flashy, but it does work. And in the modern world, with so much on the line, we must be willing to do what works.

The Tenants of the Secret Society

Trust is paramount. Rather than the low-trust meme culture of the internet, we create the opposite of that; a high trust, close knit association of those with similar interests and ideas. Academic think tanks, are an excellent example of how these will function. The basic tenants should be as follows;

  • Only those who share the political ideal of restoring the White West are to receive an invitation.
  • Only those whom you’ve met in person are invited to the society.
  • Only those whom you have a long history with, online or offline, and whom you truly know, are invited.
  • Only invite those whose political ideologies have become set, this generally requires they be older than the age of 25 to 28. Younger invitees may become security risks as their political ideas are still much more malleable. 
  • Only invite those who have resources or the promise of available resources that can be used to move forward the groups goals; Political influence, wealth, academic influence, etc. Graduate students are an ideal group to target, as are those in media who are just now getting their career moving, or venture capitalists or day traders.

If we each do our part to begin building secret local networks of ultraconservative subversives, then it may only be a relatively short time before we can organize millions of dollars towards common goals, or projects, or as support for more public allies of our cause. I’ll see you there.