Emerging Black Markets and the Role of Our Networks Within Them

Several years ago now I penned an article titled “Techniques of Organization in the Surveillance Era” (re-upload) which was published on American Futurist in 2020. In brief, the recommended methodology was that of peer-to-peer networks. Individuals were recommended to form small high-trust groups and then network with other small high-trust groups in lower-trust national scale relationships. In this way, small high-trust groups could function to take action while federations of small high-trust groups could coordinate through the benefits of network effects. There is no single point of failure and a number of national networks (whom I will not name specifically) have successfully utilized these strategies to commit to boots-on-the-ground action.

Tightly knit high-trust groups with the support of national scale low-trust networks appears to have been a successful. What were once small groups of friends (including some of mine) are now meaningfully useful networks that are of both the local and national variety.

The fact of the matter is that in the last two years since that article was published, useful national networks have formed. Most (if not all) of those networks have become adept at the use of encryption, maximizing operational security, and ensuring that contact lists are secure. Those that failed to develop themselves operationally have, in a socially darwinian sense, ceased to exist. Only those groups that are anti-fragile have become players. Given that economic disaster, inflation, and world war, are all on the horizon, it is time to discuss what those groups can do in this environment.


Local cell networks and national networks are positioned now to be of critical importance in the coming year or two. The fact of the matter is that we are entering an era of extreme instability in the West. Gas prices in the United States are above $4 per gallon, which is economically apocalyptic for most American transportation and consumer markets. Those increased energy prices translate to food, industry, heat, electricity, and nearly every other facet of live. Shortages caused by the COVID pandemic have become routine for most of us in the west. It is not abnormal to see goods missing from shelves or see price-hikes occur over several days. The inflation generated in 2020 and 2021 is coming home to roost in the United States and in Europe. Energy costs are becoming unfeasible.

Whether the average citizen is driving to work or experiencing rental prices that consume over 40% of ones annual income, the results of these market instabilities are going to be felt universally. There may be several responses from the leadership in the West to these changes, and several effects therein. At least one of the following is likely to occur in response to the fiscal instability:

  • Interest Hikes: Interest hikes are extremely likely. This may cause great suffering in the not-super-wealthy classes. Interest hikes will result in increases in mortgage payments, stress on the national housing markets, and the potential for a deflationary spiral. One that neither the US, nor the West is willing to suffer. It will also reduce the ease of borrowing and permanently price most of the population out of any hope of owning land.
  • Price Freezing: Price freezing may take place on some goods. Generally governments freeze prices when they can no longer support inflation. This leads to shortages and enormous markups in a resale market, be it black or grey. Price freezing is often a last-resort in times of extreme inflation and has never ended well. Buy the goods as soon as a freeze happens, then after the goods run out, resell them on the grey market to those who didn’t buy any when the getting was good.
  • More Covid lockdowns: Additional lockdowns by the elites would slow the velocity of money and thus reduce the rate of inflation while leaving the overall monetary supply roughly untouched. This is likely, but is going to get even more political push-back than it did last year. The “Freedom Convoy” in Canada is an excellent example. More political pushback is beneficial to our movements.
  • Conversion to digital goods: This is likely to be a decades long process, not a months long process so it’s very unlikely that all of the money sloshing around in the stock and futures and commodities markets can effectively be converted from physical goods to digital ones. This is the ultimate goal of companies like Zuckerbergs Meta. Digital conversion is the end-result of the modern financialization of everything as that’ll allow the jewish infinite-growth model of economics to persist that much longer. While this might actually work for normies, allowing them to live in the pod and eat the bugs, it’ll take too long. Extreme financial instability is upon us in the coming two years, not twenty. It doesn’t matter how many monkey NFTs are minted, it’ll be insufficient to hold back the proverbial fiscal cliff.
  • Systems collapse: The thing about bureaucrats is they won’t work if you don’t pay them. Inefficiencies in government systems are becoming extreme as boomers retire without training anyone and management can’t find any one with “25 years of experience” who will work for pennies as replacements. In this way many bureaucracies are collapsing internally, lag times are stretching from weeks to months, and the structure that keeps everything running is becoming impossible to navigate. A full collapse would occur when enforcement agencies officially give up on people actually being able to have the correct documents. We saw a preliminary version of this in 2020/2021 when many police officers ceased enforcing vehicle registration as it became impossible for individuals to register their vehicles in locked down government offices.
  • Food Riots: Possible if nothing is done at the executive branch of governments to prevent the rising prices from rending “being alive” to be too expensive for a substantial portion of the population. It’s unlikely as one of the above tools will likely be put into effect first. Distractions like foreign wars can only occupy the attention of the public when the public is able to live relatively comfortable lives, but not when they’re starving.
  • Conversion to cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies are coming to light as an inflation-hedge asset, particularly bitcoin. It’s very likely that a large amount of value will flow into the crypto markets. This isn’t to be confused with digital goods (NFTs or digital collectables in Zuckerbergs metaverse). Cryptocurrency will be an out for those who need to be able to exchange goods and services when not one major currency on earth isn’t inflating to oblivion.

The Place of Our Brand New Networks:

Chaos is a ladder. The newly formed robust, anti-fragile networks that have been developed by the dissident right are in an optimal position to take advantage of the coming instability. Most members of the dissident right now have the ability to communicate unseen, move digital and physical resources freely, and maintain a local high-trust environment. That’s all that is required for a small group, or federation of groups, to begin seizing upon opportunities within the new political era. Future success or failure will likely be rendered by how well we leverage our local networks on behalf of the cause during this period of fiscal and political destabilization.

Black/grey markets are likely to open up to us. Not in trades like illegal guns or drugs, but in things like price-frozen canned beans, flour, gasoline, and spare parts. If shortages become more significant then in-network distribution of needed materials is going to be highly advantageous. The ability to transact at a national scale through a robust network of trusted people is going to be critical. Should such markets open up, it’s advantageous for our guys to begin accessing them as suppliers and distributors. If you work in industry or a machine shop or in local distribution keep an eye out for where shortages form, and what the resultant political behavior is. If price-freezes occur (locally or nationally) immediately purchase a quantity of the good as shortages will follow. The resale market to your average person will be huge. Few organizations have the ability to move a hundred thousand dollars unmonitored from one side of the country to the other. Many of our groups can. Keep that capacity in mind as an inherently valuable asset.

Local political officers, and incumbents, are quite unstable in their positions. Local offices (school boards, county commissions, mayoral and sheriffs offices) are going to be ripe for the taking. Given the incompetence of the liberal-aligned executive branch of the United States, now is the time to make an end-run around progressive dominance. If possible, run for a seat. If not possible, look into organizations like the Young Republicans or your county central committee. Find out when they meet and show up. You don’t have to like these boomers, you just need their support. Your entire group doesn’t need to run for an office, just one is enough to get a foot in the door. While we’re likely to see bureaucratic systems collapse at the national level, local governments will still function after a fashion. The amount of federal oversight will drop and local chiefs, sheriffs, and commissioners will have far more power than they once did. If you can, seek one of those positions and use it. Members of our groups who haven’t been doxxed yet are obviously optimal to seize on those opportunities.

The left performed this same long-march-through-the-institutions, there’s no reason we can’t do it, and do it better.

Signs of the Times:

While I’d never ever ever recommend doing anything illegal, its important to note what other individuals and groups have done during periods of high instability. Learn what was done by groups that operate in the proverbial legal grey-area. There are blatantly illegal behaviors that occur in much of the third world like militia checkpoints, then there’s blatantly illegal activities that occur at home like gas thefts and mass looting. Regardless, these are the things that begin to happen as the ability of the system to enforce rules breaks down.

We’re specifically witnessing in blue states propensity to accelerate the destruction with poor neoliberal policy but general decoherence is occurring throughout the West. High taxes create black markets, shortages create grey markets. Learn how to use cryptocurrencies so that you no longer need to transact in US dollars. It’s quite likely that cryptocurrency will for a new notgeld on the far side of this economic chasm we’re plunging into.

While I do not anticipate that our networks will outwardly resemble that of moonshiners in the 1920’s, we must remember that the networks we’ve created in the last few years have inherent value. Being connected to them has inherent value. Keep abreast of opportunities that could be leveraged with a large group of people who are all on the same page. Money follows power, and power is in connections to other people, preferably of the skilled, armed, and trustworthy variety.

For once I get to say this and mean it: We’re all in this together.