Oliver Cromwell: The Demon

Studying history is always of great importance. It helps you learn the source of things and where things started from. A historical figure that constantly pops up as the source for many of the societal ills we face today is a man by the name of Oliver Cromwell. Well who is Oliver Cromwell? Oliver Cromwell […]

March! North America!

Done in the music of “La France de demain” BOLD CAPS = CHORUS Oh North America see your beauty!From the Rio Grande to the Arctic!And we will work to make this land whole!As the sons of settlers!We work to preserve our race!For without it we are lost! March! North America!March! North America! With our greatness,There […]

Here was a Führer, when comes such another?

National Socialism, as practiced in Germany, was totally reliant on the personality and beliefs of one man, Adolf Hitler. This has caused many post-war National Socialists to ‘wait for a Führer’, hoping that one man will come and suddenly start our National Socialist revolution, single-handedly destroy the current jew system, and usher in a new […]

Wear the Mask Bigot!

In the current political pandemic, it seems that everyone has their opinions about what you should, and should not be doing with your body, your time, and even your face. Numerous lock down protocols instituted by various misguided governors and executives have created a hodge-podge disaster of a response. Among all the confusion there is […]

Cop Lives

Police are a sacred cow to the right wing: the symbol of law and order; the upholders of the status quo. Even beyond the typical conservative, there remains a tendency to view the police as a necessary evil. In the idyllic civil war fantasy of the right wing so called revolutionary, the police and army […]


The Atomwaffen Division was founded and maintained by ardent National Socialists. We all understood the kike plan to destroy the Aryan race. It burned in our hearts. We all came to the same conclusion: this can not last, and it can not continue! Otherwise, the Aryan race would be destroyed for all time. This, we […]

The Noble Savage

With the rise of movements like Black Lives Matter, the topic of tearing down statues of ‘Colonialist Oppressors’ is in the news. I’m often drawn to the writings of the Enlightenment, which is where this insanity started. One thing that started as a result of the enlightenment, is the phony idea of the ‘noble savage’, […]

Two Can Play At This Game!

A topic that should be addressed as an example of the system’s double standards and the dangers of ignoring them is the Atomwaffen Division arrests of last February.  For those who don’t know, several members of the now defunct Atomwaffen Division allegedly mailed threatening posters to journalists and others who had been relentlessly harassing them. […]