A topic that comes up again and again in our circles is the concept of “Race War”. Now, what does that really mean and what would it look like? There are plenty of ideas out there, though most are based on fantasy and not fact. In reality, a race war would likely not be an […]

Hellas: A Birth of a People

Throughout the ten thousand years or so of human civilization, hundreds of mighty empires have come into fruition and eventually faded away, due to famine, plagues, civil and internal collapse, or due to being defeated by another foe and annexed. Every one of these societies had a rich and deep political foundation on which the […]

A Guide to Bladed Instruments

Introduction: Knives are man’s first tool, and even today one of the most important for a variety of tasks. While many people are fine with cheapo gas station knives this guide is to help you pick out a quality knife which could last a lifetime. It will discuss different important aspects of knives to consider […]

Eulogy of the Martyrs

May 19, 2020 marks the 3rd Anniversary of Jeremy Himmelman and Andrew Oneschuck giving their lives in defense of their comrades.  They discovered a plot by a cowardly person who does not deserve to be named, and they were viciously murdered for it. For that, we all owe them an eternal debt, and I owe […]

Savitri Devi – 114th Year Tribute

  “Creation and destruction are one, to the eyes who can see beauty.” – Savitri Devi High Priestess of Hitler Völva of Ragnarök Who triumphed over the darkness of despair In proud, burning defiance Spitting in the face of the Beast Champion of Nature Speaker of the Cosmos Dharma’s Ambassador Wisdom radiant Inspired by the Sacred […]


What a fitting term to describe the modern fetish of the cinematic anti-fascist warrior which is pathetically consumed by the drooling lemming masses left, right and center. On one hand there’s the do-gooder Captain America who, through a serum invented and administered by a literal kike scientist, is transformed into a Zionist show-dog starring in […]

We need to abolish gender

Gender, the idea of it, needs to be abolished. Before you get up in arms, I’m not some sort of pinko-communist leftist. As I’m sure you know, a main way to exert control is to control the words within a discussion. You can’t lose a debate if you’ve picked what can and can’t be said, […]

On Rationality

Among Fascists there is a rather erroneous notion of truth. This is reflected in slogans re-iterated to the point of meaninglessness such as, “1+1=2”. This is misinterpreted to reinforce a cult of rationality  which is intellectually vacuous and must be rebuked.  Anyone familiar with IQ fetishization among some in our sphere will know that Jews […]